Vlkanova and Mejdr – a torn thorn from the heel! Why does Slavia need them so much?

Source: SK Slavia Prague In the penultimate round of the Fortuna League, Slavia hits the grounds of Baník Ostrava and must maintain three points in order to maintain her chances for the title. Although Baník no longer has anything to play for, he is always very uncomfortable at home, which Ondřej Lingr knows well. Defeat … Read more

Beaudoin played with a torn ligament in the final against HV71

In the second final match in Jönköping, Charles David Beaudoin had to step down. One of the final series’ most notable incidents took place when Tommi Huhtala handed out a late tackle that took a toll on Björklövenbacken. So bad he hurt himself. Seriously. Immediately after the season ends, Beaudoin opens up about the injury … Read more

Ukraine, a cat is saved from a building torn apart by bombs: “It had been there for two months”

A gutted mansion in Borodyanka, Ukraine. Russian bombs ripped through the walls of the apartment building. Some apartments have been canceled. Others remained standing, but totally damaged and from the street you can see everything inside. In the deathly silence, a desperate meow is heard. On the seventh floor there is a cat who, having … Read more

Index – FOMO – Steven Spielberg says Squid Game characters have been torn apart by fans

The Hollywood producer took part in the awards ceremony of the American filmmakers PGA on March 19, at which he not only appeared but also expressed his opinion on the a huge success Korean Netflixabout creation. Although the speaking director praised the creators, he can now explain the unfortunate sentence, as the huge Squid Game, … Read more

corpse of a woman torn to pieces, the hypothesis of the professional killer

Nothing new, at least for now: we continue to investigate, search, analyze. We try to understand who the victim is, when and how she was killed, when she was taken to Paline di Borno: it is here, we recall, that on Sunday afternoon the dismembered corpse of a woman, perhaps aged 35, was found. and … Read more

Drama in Utena: “Lietkabelis” torn by three points

Panagiotis Kalaitzakis played a wonderful match after a long race with Martyn Gecevičius for the title of the most productive player of the match, but other Lietkabelis basketball players also gained important points at a crucial time. Lietkabelis (19-5), who won, remains third in the LKL championship, but Vilnius Rytas has already surpassed the number … Read more

The first victory was torn apart by the Croats after only two overtime

Croatia (1/3) won the first victory in Group C of the World Cup qualifiers. The Croats left after two extensions 105:98 (14:21, 12:20, 24:18, 29:20, 26:19) broke the Swedish (2/2) basketball players. With 27 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Sweden still took the lead (79:77), but Philip Krushlin equalized the score at 79:79 during … Read more

“Almost €2 per liter… It’s much too expensive”, a pipe was torn off!

Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2022 at 11:40 a.m. By Bruno Beckers We were queuing this Friday evening at the gas pumps in Verviers, just before the increase planned for this Saturday. At the Kermadec roundabout station, for example, there was a queue. And an incident: the pipe of a pump was torn off. This … Read more

With a torn piece of cloth, Handa Artichel completely loses her mind, excites the audience, and shows her chest clearly.. in the rudest photo session on the planet!

2022/02/11 It’s 01:45 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite The Turkish actress, Handa Archil, topped the social networking sites, during the past hours, after she published a group of recent photos of her bold photo session, through her official account on the Instagram website. The star of the series You Knock on My Door appeared … Read more