The city was destroyed! Severe storms and tornadoes hit Mississippi, at least 23 dead.

At least 23 people were killed and dozens injured. After thunderstorms produced strong winds and tornadoes hit the US state of Mississippi. On Friday evening (March 24), hundreds of villagers were left without shelter. According to local officials on Saturday (March 25), In addition to the number of deaths and injuries mentioned above Four people … Read more

The town is destroyed! The American tornado “wiped the town off the map” and 26 dead Biden: The scene is heartbreaking | International

Many places in Mississippi and Alabama in the southern United States were ravaged by rare tornadoes on the evening of the 24th local time. A large number of buildings were razed to the ground, and some small towns were almost “wiped off the map”. As of the 25th, official data showed that the death toll … Read more

“He was a very happy child.” The tornado also killed a one-year-old girl and her father

Perhaps the youngest victim of the tornado is only one-year-old Riley Herndon. She would have celebrated her second birthday in a month, but on Friday, a storm almost completely destroyed her family’s mobile home and the girl did not survive. Her thirty-three-year-old father, Ethan, also perished with the little girl. Their bodies were found by … Read more

Mississippi Tornado: ‘A Street of Destruction’

At least 26 people have so far died in the violent tornadoes in Mississippi. Now there are warnings of another storm on the way. This is what it looks like in the small town of Rolling Fork in Mississippi after the tornado passed by. Photo: SEVERESTUDIOS.COM/JORDAN HALL/REUTERS/NTB 26.03.2023 11:43 Updated 26.03.2023 13:27 On Friday evening, … Read more

Giant tornado on the sun 14 times Earth

NASA’s observatory that tracks phenomena around the sun has captured video of a giant tornado at the surface of the sun. The tornado started forming on March 14, and on March 18, a massive explosion occurred, creating a cloud of magnetized gas. Boiling plasma was thrown into space, reports include SpaceWeather. “The swirling column of … Read more

A Solar Tornado 14 Earth Times High Throws Plasma Clouds Into Space

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory watches as a tornado appears over the sun’s north pole. Image: NASA/SDO/composite by Steve Spaleta SPACE — NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory took this image of a major event identified as the ‘highest tornado’ in the solar system. Early plasma swirled across the sun’s north pole during the event. Twisting filaments of … Read more

Argentinians appreciated the first tango of David Laukis: it is a tornado of beauty

First date – that’s exactly what the first dance theme of the participants of the new TV3 and Go3 project “Tangomanai” sounded like. After getting to know their partners from Argentina, the 8 Lithuanian stars appeared for the first time in front of a huge audience in Buenos Aires, and giving all their strength, they … Read more

amazing snow tornado! VIDEO « 3B Weather

reading time57 seconds The ‘snow tornado’ filmed in Scotland SNOW TORNADO IN SCOTLAND – A rare and fascinating meteorological phenomenon was filmed by the farmer Michael Peterson in the snowy Scottish fields of the Shetland Islands, while he was grazing his sheep: a whirlwind that sucked up large quantities of snow, a real ‘snowy tornado’. … Read more

Comparison of the Russian Tornado-s Rocket System vs. the United States Himars, Which Is Superior?

It was recently discovered that Russia has launched a Tornado-s multi-target rocket system at the IDEX 2023 International arms exhibition in Abu Dhabi. DOC ist’s photo JAKARTA – Recently it became known Russia has launched the system rocket multi-target Tornado-s at the IDEX 2023 International arms show in Abu Dhabi. The rocket system is said … Read more