First, Pangandaran Tourism Becomes a Favorite Destination of Local Tourists

Local visits while enjoying the atmosphere of Pangandaran beach with family. Photo: Entang / HR Pangandaran News, (, – Towards the month of Ramadan, Pangandaran tourism area is a favorite destination for local tourists to travel with family. Mimin, one of the visitors from Banjarsari, said that he and his family had come to Pangandaran … Read more

A celebration of life .. Bocelli presents an unprecedented party at the Al-Hajar historical site in Saudi Arabia

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The famous Italian opera singer, Andrea Bocelli, on Thursday evening, revived an unprecedented concert at the historic Al-Hajar site in the Al-Ula province, Saudi Arabia. Bocelli greets the ceremony opposite the Al-Khuraymat Mountain at the Al-Hajar archaeological site, and the Al-Khuraymat Mountain contains 20 tombs that archaeologists prepare are … Read more

Sri Mulyani Asks Sandiaga to Be Proudly Designing Indonesian Tourism, Why?

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati advised the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno to be careful in designing the Proud program made in Indonesia and Proud Travel Indonesia. “Indeed, in this case the design must be very, very careful and thorough because we want to encourage community activity, but … Read more

Coronavirus-free Italian islands hope for tourism

The daily Il Messaggero announced on Thursday that the Aeolian Islands and Pantelleria near Sicily are also to be included in the project to revive tourism. The operation on the smaller Italian islands, which is currently under preparation, is to follow the Greek model, which is much more advanced there. The details are worked out … Read more

Banten Governor Protests Prohibition of Homecoming, but Tourism is Opened

Serang, CNN Indonesia – Governor Banten, Wahidin Halim, criticized the central government’s policy regarding the ban homecoming until the opening of tourism. According to Wahidin, the two policies of the central government have actually made regional governments dizzy in controlling their territories in relation to preventing the transmission of Covid-19. “So this is Covid-19 and … Read more

The ordinance on travel abroad for tourism has been extended: rules

1 / 5 – Travel abroad for tourism between quarantine and tampons: where to go and the rules for returning I are allowed travel abroad, including for tourism. In principle, this is nothing new. It is possible to embark on some foreign destinations as early as June 2020, when, after months of hard lockdown, i … Read more

Lava erupted from the volcano in Iceland again. Authorities evacuated locals and tourists – ČT24 – Czech Television

The new fissure, first observed by the helicopter crew, is about 500 meters long and is located about a kilometer from the site of the original eruption in the Geldingadalur valley. The Icelandic Crisis Management Authority has ordered the immediate evacuation of the area. However, according to him, no people were immediately endangered in life, … Read more

April 20, Rp. 400 Billion Stimulus for MSMEs is Launched

JAKARTA, – Government still continue to pour out various stimulus to accelerate economic recovery. This April, government will provide a stimulus for micro, small and medium enterprises (UMKM) amounting to IDR 400 billion. “The report I got demand continues to rise, also later the Rp. 400 billion stimulus (for MSMEs) on the 20th of … Read more

“History bows out of respect for Egypt” … Magda Al-Roumi from the Qasr al-Dome ceremony

The Lebanese singer Magda Al-Roumi performed the first concerts in the archaeological palace of the Dome garden, after its use was restricted for decades to official events and receiving Egypt’s top guests, according to Reuters news agency.Egypt intends to convert the palace, which was built between 1867 and 1872 during the reign of Khedive Ismail, … Read more

Russia is quietly starting tourism with the Sputnik V vaccine

The Norwegian travel agency World Visitor offers a 2-4 day trip to Moscow to see the capital’s famous sites and get vaccinated with the Russian vaccine against the Sputnik V coronavirus. Such a trip costs 1.2–3 thousand. euros. Some citizens of Germany, where there is growing dissatisfaction with the slow pace of vaccination, are already … Read more