Pay in cash.. Tourism announces Umrah fees in preparation for the start of the first pilgrimage

07:30 AM Saturday 15 January 2022 Books – Youssef Afifi: The Chamber of Tourism Companies announced the fees for companies to work during the upcoming Umrah season, in preparation for the start of the first trips. This comes after the tourism companies sector received a letter from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities regarding the … Read more

Astrotourism, Astronomy Tourism Enjoying the Natural Atmosphere while Gazing at the Sky

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – the beauty of things-celestial objects at night brings up travel trends astrotourism. This tourist trend began when a tycoon from the United States named Dennis Anthony Tito traveled to the International Space Station orbiting as high as 400 kilometers above Earth, as quoted from scientific articles. Astro-Tourism as a High Potential Alternative … Read more

Etihad Airways operates its most sustainable flights between London and Abu Dhabi.. How?

With the world gradually recovering from the restrictions of the Corona virus, the skies are once again crowded with planes, and people are rushing to travel again. Many airlines aspire to adopt the concept of sustainability in their flights. Etihad Airways is one of the largest players in the industry pursuing this goal. Earlier this … Read more

They fled while heading to quarantine.. Indian police chasing after plane passengers who tested positive for corona

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)–At least 10 passengers have fled an airport in the northern Indian city of Amritsar, after they tested positive for “Covid-19”, according to Rohi Doug, a senior official in the region. Passengers on an international chartered flight from Italy arrived in India Thursday, where 125 of them tested positive, Doug told … Read more

Its duration is less than a minute.. Learn about the shortest flight in the world

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)– It is the world’s shortest programmed flight service. Passengers travel 2.7 kilometers in just 53 seconds, on a sunny day with good winds and light luggage, less time than most planes need to rise above sea level. We’re talking about two or three regular daily loganair flights between the islands … Read more

Bruno Fernandez…from a Ballon d’Or star to a player who has lost his luster

The Portuguese player was one of the few bright spots at Manchester United in the darkest and most difficult times On these days every year, with the beginning of a new year, it is customary to talk about hopes for the future and lessons learned from the past 12 months. But there are no actual … Read more

Index – Domestic – An important change is coming with the SZÉP card, many people are not happy about it

Due to epidemiological measures taken in November 2020, hotels could only receive visitors for business, economic or educational purposes. The restriction remained until the spring of 2021, when the four million vaccinated were reached, after which a visit to the hotels was tied to a security card. Finally, after 5.5 million vaccinees, this condition was … Read more

A list of the 20 safest airlines in the world for 2022 has been revealed

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — There is no doubt that the past year was a difficult year for airlines, as the decline in air travel continued throughout 2021, due to the continuing impact of the pandemic. Even now, two years after COVID-19 first appeared, there are still far fewer travelers and planes in the … Read more

Opening of the Medical Tourism Week at Expo Dubai

Expo 2020 Dubai provided an exceptional opportunity for Malaysia to promote its medical tourism in the largest global event during the time of the pandemic. The major international event witnessed the launch of the Malaysian Healthcare Week, which runs from 3 to 7 January, at the Malaysia Pavilion, with the participation of a number of … Read more

It is believed to be the deepest hole in Qatar.. What is the secret of the Misfir Cave?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)– It is located on a large chasm in the rocky desert, in the middle of the Qatari Peninsula, with a depth of about 100 meters underground. It’s an impressive sight, whether you’re looking at it from above or from inside. This ancient and huge cave is called Misfir, and it … Read more