Traffic in Barcelona is overloaded on Thursday afternoons after the perimeter closure

The last rmobility restrictions imposed to slow the spread of Covid-19 have disrupted traffic on the main entry and exit routes from Barcelona. The prohibition to leave the municipality in which you reside from six in the morning on Fridays until the same time on Mondays -except for force majeure, such as going to work-, … Read more

With more than 100,000 deaths from COVID-19 in Mexico, Chiapas joins Campeche at the green traffic light

Campeche and Chiapas are the only states that will be on a green traffic light for the new day that will begin next Monday, November 23 (Photo: REUTERS / Carlos Jasso)The Ministry of Health (SSa), reported that in the new coronavirus epidemiological alert traffic light (COVID-19), which will enter into force as of next Monday, … Read more

Six states are close to passing a red epidemiological traffic light

When updating the epidemiological traffic light, the Ministry of Health reported that 6 entities are “very close” to the Red light; Mexico City, Coahuila, Nuevo León, Aguascalientes and Querétaro, in contrast, Campeche and Chiapas will remain green. At a press conference, Ricardo Cortés Alcala, Director of Health Promotion, announced that nationwide, 2 states will be … Read more

Diagonal collector and Ronda Litoral

Barcelona live a few days of intensity plays on public roads, which implies alterations in the circulation of vehicles. The works of the new bike lane in Aragó street are now joined by the works of the collector of Avenida Diagonal, which will last 14 months, until January 2022, and, the works, are limited to … Read more

When the garage car is parked outside at night

Don’t forget to leave the car in the garage overnight, if you have agreed with your insurance company. Photo: Florian Schuh / dpa-tmn. (Source: dpa) Magdeburg (dpa / tmn) – Anyone who says to the insurance company that they park their car in a garage at night should really always do so. Because if it … Read more

COVID-19 Epidemiological Traffic Light: CDMX in orange with alert and two states in red

Two states of the Republic are in red, 18 in orange, 11 in yellow and one in green (Photo: Reuters / Gustavo Graf) The Health Secretary (SSa) updated this Friday the Epidemiological Traffic Light for COVID-19, which will be in force from November 16 to 22. For said period, the entities that are in Red … Read more

‘The Times’ puts Barcelona as an example of what cities should do with traffic restrictions

The British newspaper ‘The Times’ has indicated in its editorial that Barcelona is an example of what other cities should do about traffic restrictions, in reference to the new plan of the City Council to turn the city into a single superblock. “Other mayors should look at the ambitious example of Barcelona in the battle … Read more

Bavaria’s basic supply of electricity, traffic, education and the Internet is so good

Only one thing can help against this: continue to expand – and continue to promote and support the expansion in the municipalities, both in terms of fiber optics and mobile communications. And there please in the new, super-fast 5G standard! Conclusion: stay tuned … Gut: The numerous Bavarian funding programs are working: The digital network … Read more