Curse Eduardo Palomo: The tragedy that haunts his soap opera companions

With the actor’s sudden passing nearly two decades ago, the public has called his case “the curse Edward Palomo“, by the tragedy that haunts her telenovela companions. After his death, three actresses who starred with him have also lost their lives. This year Eduardo Palomo would be celebrating his 60th birthday, however, unfortunately the actor … Read more

Ukraine, firing on Vinnitsa. The mother of 4-year-old Liza wrote about the tragedy for the first time. “I think Liza is waiting”

The mother of 4-year-old Liza – a girl who died during the Russian rocket attack on Vinnitsa – told about the tragedy for the first time. Iryna Dmytrijewa wrote on Instagram that “she still does not believe what happened”. Vineyard, located far from the front, was shelled on July 14. Liza is one of the … Read more

The walk of a Liégeoise turns to tragedy: her dog has its throat cut by two Amstaff on the loose

Lut Cuypers, from Liège, turned 70 last weekend. But the time was not really for joy. On the contrary. It is rather a terrible drama that replaced the festivities, with the violent loss of her dog, Pilou, a six-year-old toy poodle. ******** ******** ***** ********* ****** ** ********* ** *** ****** ******** ******** ********* ********** … Read more

Abbott holds proselytizing event on the day of the tragedy

The Texas governorGreg Abbotthas said he showed up at a campaign fundraiser hours after the Uvalde elementary school massacre and “let people know” he couldn’t stay, but one newspaper reported he was there for almost three hours. The newspaper Dallas Morning News published Thursday that campaign finance reports and flight tracking records show that Abbott … Read more

VIDEO: Chaotic fireworks at pop star Dua Lipa’s concert almost turn into tragedy

“I am very sorry for anyone who was scared, felt unsafe or whose enjoyment of the concert was somehow spoiled,” the singer wrote on Instagram. Several videos posted on social media show how, around the middle of the concert, pyrotechnics are suddenly set off chaotically near the stage at the Scotiabank Arena. Pyrotechnics were illegally … Read more

It is a sporting tragedy for Czech football. In Sparta, it started to make sense after a long time, I believed that they would advance, Ščasný said

Source: AC Sparta Prague It will be the final duel of the opening round of the Fortuna League. Sparta Praha will host Slovan Liberec at its stadium, and the Prague team will want to enter the new league season victorious. And he will also want to make up for the recent game against Viking Stavanger. … Read more

Tragedy in the family of famous skiers. Their father died after falling from the balcony

The sad news came from the family of famous skiers Matt. Their father Hubert tragically died after falling from the balcony of his own home while renovating the property. The accident happened on Thursday evening in the Austrian village of Flirsch in Tyrol. Hubert Matt, father of the famous sons Mario, Michael and Andreas, died … Read more