BWF World Tour India 2022 Terrible Tragedy: Victims Fall, 2 Forced to Return Home Until They Failed To Win

HALOYOUTH– Catastrophe occurred in the second tournament BWF World Tour second in 2022, Syed Modi India International 2022. Two badminton players were sent home before the final was held. The tournament in 2022 began to be held with the event BWF World Tour India Open 2022, on January 11-16 last. And then continued with the … Read more

Tragedy in Lorica: overwhelmed by the cabin, the director of the plant Alessandro Marcelli dies. Six people recovered

The scream, the impact, the death. Alessandro Marcelli, 58, operating manager of the plant of Lorica, in Sila, he was run over by a cabin and died despite immediate help. The causes of the tragedy that occurred this morning, shortly after the opening of the plant, which was then closed to allow the police to … Read more

The tragedy of the policewoman who died on the ski slopes, the police: “Rossana leaves a great void”

Mourning and emotion in the police station in Cuneo for the death of the policewoman Rossana Vizio: an illness crushed her yesterday (Tuesday 18 January) on the ski slopes in Limone. She was 56 years old, had joined the police in 1988 and worked in the Cabinet office: she was one of the closest collaborators … Read more

Rigopiano, five years ago the avalanche of the hotel: the story in images

Five years have passed since the tragedy of Rigopiano, from the avalanche that on January 18, 2017 on the Abruzzo mountains swept away the resort of Farindola (Pescara), leaving 29 people lifeless under the rubble. There are 11 survivors. And 2022 could be the year of the sentence in the trial of the 30 defendants … Read more

Family values: why not only the father is to blame for the tragedy of Britney Spears

Younger sister Jamie Lynn followed in the footsteps of Meghan Markle’s relatives and decided to please the press with meaningful memoirs – the publication seems to be dedicated to her life, but episodes constantly pop up in it when Britney locked herself with her sister and a knife, and also insulted her in front of … Read more

Celine Dion afflicted by a tragedy in Las Vegas, Carla Bruni and Line Renaud as reinforcements

Struggling with a big health problem, causing the cancellation of her series of concerts in Las Vegas, Celine Dion is supported not only by Carla Bruni and Line Renaud. Discreet in recent weeks, the Quebec diva has taken to her Instagram feed to share a vibrant message to her late husband, René-Angélil, who was taken … Read more

Costa Concordia: The captain’s failure and the drug mafia have made the tragedy a national shame

Soviet Titanic. Another blow came after Chernobyl, the giant ship silenced hundreds of people The horror of the whole event was exacerbated by various controversies. It soon became clear that the misfortune was due to the risky actions of the conceited Captain Francesco Schettin, who also escaped from the ship among the first. He earned … Read more

Tragedy in Turkey. The football team died while going to the wedding

The hockey players of Vítkovice won in the only match of the 41st round of the extra league in Brno 6: 3 today and defeated the Moravian rival for the third time of the season. They decided the victory with two goals in a minute and a half in the third period. Lukáš Krenželok, who … Read more