Pfizer invests US$470 million in facilities to continue researching a covid vaccine

Financial Newspaper – Santiago Pfizer is investing $470 million to expand its vaccine research facility 25 miles northwest of New York City, where the company hopes to maintain its lead in the burgeoning field of messenger RNA, the technology behind its blockbuster COVID vaccine. -19. The Pearl River expansion will bring additional lab space to … Read more

Ukrainian army confirms destruction of last bridge in Kherson region: Russian units use remains of transport roads to evacuate

Photo: AFP/ SCANPIX/ LETA The Ukrainian army has confirmed that after its attack, the Antonivsk car bridge in the Kherson region is no longer usable, and the command of the Russian units is using all the remaining roads to evacuate from the right bank of the Dnieper. The press representative of the operational command of … Read more

New railways could transform the Middle East

12 August 2022 09:36 Land transportation from the Saudi hinterland hadn’t seemed so simple since adventurer and scholar TE Lawrence, during World War I, had traveled by land between Damascus and the holy city of Medina. On March 31, the first passenger train left Riyadh, the Saudi capital, accelerating north across 1,215 kilometers of sand … Read more

Drought, Great Britain declares a state of emergency, London rationed water. Stop transport along the Rhine

Britain has officially declared a state of emergency for drought in several areas of the country, including the capital London, after months of low rainfall and record temperatures. According to the press release issued by National Drought Groupthe body that monitors the water reserves, are affected by the emergency condition that requires new ones forms … Read more

Latam Airlines projects 81% passenger operation in August with more than 870 daily flights | Economy

The projection is a sign of the recovery of the company, which had to file last year for Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Law. With the health crisis, the company reduced its operation by up to 95%. The airline Latamthe largest in South America, projected that its level of operations this month will … Read more

Index – Economy – The Hungarian government introduced another extraordinary measure

“Due to the energy crisis caused by the war and Brussels sanctions, the government orders an export ban on energy carriers, including firewood. The government keeps the export of firewood abroad, which is of strategic importance from the point of view of energy supply security, under control, can limit it if necessary, and can use … Read more

Index – Belföld – There was a fatal accident near Érd, a motorcyclist collided with a car

A fatal accident occurred on Wednesday morning in Érd, on road 6, the police. According to the information, a motorcyclist moving towards Százhalombatta crossed into the opposite lane, where he collided with a car, after which the engine caught fire. In the latter sat a 60-year-old man from Tárnók, who died of his injuries on … Read more

Heavy transport experts call for focus: it’s time to prepare for electrification

Neither in the world, nor in our region, there are no big ideas on how to change the climate in the transport sector and try to deal with the effects of global slowdown: both decision-makers and market participants agree that the future belongs to electric transport. It is the most realistic alternative to replace internal … Read more

German trains fuller due to cheap public transport ticket, but car use is not decreasing | NOW

The cheap monthly public transport ticket that Germany introduced this summer has not resulted in fewer cars on the road. 3 percent of car users would leave the car more often because of the ticket. This is apparent from preliminary figures from the German city of Munich, where, among other things, daily News writes about. … Read more