End of Germany. How Putin lured the Germans into a trap

From the first day of the war Focus never stopped working. Our team considers it its duty to inform the reader about what is happening, to collect and analyze facts, to resist enemy propaganda. Focus needs your support today, to continue your mission. Thank you for being with us. Support One of the most interesting … Read more

Putin’s desperation: looking for a way out, he fell into Erdogan’s trap

What does RT Erdogan really want after meeting with Putin? As Russia desperately mobilizes troops in the occupied territories of Ukraine territories and fearing the worst nightmare of a counterattack, V. Putin is looking for ways to reach an agreement on a cease-fire. It is known that President of Ukraine Volodymyras Zelenskis will certainly not … Read more

A famous anchor, who is beautiful, tore her clothes during the live broadcast? …and fall into the trap in front of all spectators.!! (Watch a very embarrassing video)

British broadcaster Josie Gibson was embarrassed after her clothes were torn from the bottom, revealing the underwear she tried to hide in front of viewers. The video, as it appears, was from last year, but it made quite a stir yesterday, as Josie was on a trip to the woods to shoot a report and … Read more

4 axes for a safe exit before falling into the stagnation trap

Chief Economic Adviser at Allianz, Mohamed El-Erian, stressed that the US economy has not yet fallen into recession, Despite negative GDP growth in the last two quartersespecially since the data on the labor market and consumer spending are still very strong, and the balance sheets of the business sector are in good shape as well, … Read more

Warns against falling into a trap

The Swedish border has now been open for a while, and most things are back to normal. Despite the fact that prices are increasing in Norway, new figures from DNB show a perhaps somewhat surprising decline in the harry trade. Over 20 percent decrease In the first half of 2022, Norwegians have drawn the card … Read more

Bigfoot in photos: A camera trap allegedly captured the mythical wild man

The shots are typically not very sharp, mainly due to the position of the sun at the time they were taken, and rather show the silhouette of “something” looking like a large upright monkey. In the first image, a furry bipedal figure emerges in the left part of the image. In the center of the … Read more

Threat is a card that fell to the ground… What about the social assistance “trap”?

“Lebanon Debyte” Today, employees of the Exchange and Treasury Departments in the Ministry of Finance have returned to “temporary work” with the aim of paying social assistance to the military and retirees, provided that the course of the decree related to compensation for public administration employees is followed, and thus the strike of Ministry of … Read more

The sources of post-Covid inflation and the trap of restrictive monetary policies

Several central banks have fallen into the trap of reacting to post-Covid inflationary pressures by adopting, or announcing to adopt in the future, restrictive monetary policies, in particular by increasing their key rates, with the aim of making more constraining the financing costs of households and companies and thus lowering aggregate demand, and then curbing … Read more