Travelers’ rights after Brexit

After Brexit, as a passenger, will I continue to enjoy the same rights as before in air transport? No. Starting in 2021, flights departing from the UK will be subject to the UK’s protection rules. If the company is European and the destination is European, it will have the rights of European regulations. If the … Read more

United Kingdom requires negative test of covid-19 to travelers from all over the world

More news from Bloomberg The UK said it will close its air corridors with countries around the world, which means all visitors from abroad will require a negative covid-19 test, no more than 72 hours prior to their trip, in order to enter Great Britain. Passengers could be screened when they arrive in the UK … Read more

United States Plans to Require Negative COVID Test for Arriving Travelers, According to WSJ | International | News

NY – The United States government is planning to begin requiring all international travelers to test negative for COVID-19 before flying into the country, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) announced on Tuesday. The newspaper, which cites anonymous sources with knowledge of the matter, noted that the official announcement by the Centers for Disease Control and … Read more

US requires negative COVID test for travelers

Anyone arriving by plane to the United States will soon have to present evidence that they have tested negative for COVID-19, health officials reported Tuesday. The requirement imposed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is an expansion of one that was announced late last month for passengers from the United Kingdom. COVID … Read more

The US will require a negative test of covid-19 to travelers who arrive in the country by plane | Society

An image of the Chigado (Illinois) airport, last March.KAMIL KRZACZYNSKI / AFP The United States will request a negative test for COVID-19 from all travelers arriving by plane to the country. The measure by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) expands a similar one announced last month for all passengers from the United … Read more

Cuba sets off alarms with COVID outbreak by travelers

Cuba reported a peak of 365 new coronavirus infections on Saturday and the highest number of active cases since the pandemic began. Health authorities attribute it to the arrival of travelers after the opening of airports and non-compliance with biosecurity protocols. The 2,332 active cases are a record since March when the presence of the … Read more

For new strain, lawyer insists on demanding PCR test from travelers

The Santander lawyer Alberto González Mebarak, who is behind the tutela action to demand PCR in airports, insisted on the requirement of this test for foreign travelers arriving in the country, as a strategy to avoid the entry of the new strain. It may interest you: Housing caught fire due to gunpowder explosion in Barbosa, … Read more

Turkey requires negative Covid-19 test for all travelers

From Monday December 28, Turkey requires all international travelers who want to enter the country by air that they have undergone a PCR test with no more than 72 hours before your arrival. As of today, Wednesday, the measure extends to all those who enter the nation Ottoman, also by sea and land, highlights Aero … Read more

Travelers require negative PCR test in Turkey

From this December 28, all passengers traveling to Turkey will only have boarding authorization from the airlines if they present a negative result test, type PCR, for Covid-19. Miami World / express This determination of the government of Turkey has already been confirmed by the Turkish Airlines company, recalling that it covers from December 28 … Read more