Treasury Direct: maximum fixed rate return reaches 11.6% per year and returns to levels seen a month earlier

The session this Tuesday (30) has a full agenda in the political field. After postponements and agreements, the PEC dos Precatórios was approved this afternoon by the Constitution and Justice Committee (CCJ) of the Senate, by 16 votes to 10. The text is considered a fundamental part to allow the payment of the Auxílio Brasil … Read more

IPCA Treasury: know the investment that gains from inflation – 11/25/2021

It’s not news to anyone that inflation has scared a lot of people this year. The price of items such as gasoline, food, energy, among others, has risen. But while things are getting more expensive, did you know that you can protect yourself from high prices in an investment by Tesouro Direto? Today’s column explains … Read more

Companies from the catering industry are suing the State Treasury for losses in the pandemic

For causing financial losses after the unlawful introduction of lockdowns, 279 gastronomic entrepreneurs sued the State Treasury for PLN 211 million – informed Sławomir Grzyb from the Polish Gastronomy Chamber of Commerce. He added that this was the first such lawsuit, the Chamber was working on another one. As noted by the secretary general of … Read more

Treasury postpones repayment of 947 million in debt for 2031 and 2052 – Markets

Portugal returned to throw more part of the repayment of public debt. The Treasury and Public Debt Management Agency carried out this Wednesday an exchange of Treasury bonds (OT) which allowed the extension of the maturity of a total of 947 million euros for a period that goes up to three decades. In this offer, … Read more

US Treasury Department: We need to adapt to digital currencies

The US Treasury Department has issued a review of sanctions and is proposing to the government to do more to develop infrastructure and policies related to digital assets. What’s next in an official US Treasury Department report? Ministry of Finance and Regulation of Digital Currencies A recent report from the Treasury Department said that the … Read more

Money market: An “increasingly comfortable” situation for the Treasury

Attijari Global Research (AGR) underlined “an increasingly comfortable situation of the Treasury” which continues the sustained pace of its interventions on the money market. At the end of this week, the Treasury increased by 10 billion DH the investment of its cash surpluses, indicates the subsidiary of Attijariwafa Bank in its last note “Hebdo Rate”. … Read more

Former collaborator accuses alleged deviations of a thousand million pesos from the treasury – El Financiero

The capital prosecutor’s office revealed that Miguel Angel Vazquez Reyes, who was an advisor to the former head of government of Mexico City, Miguel Angel Mancera, has already provided information that could prove a deviation of more than one billion pesos. He assured that the agency is already working on verifying the authenticity of the … Read more

Treasury: places 4.5 billion BTPs, yields up – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, SEPTEMBER 29 – Rising yields for 5 and year BTPs placed today by the Treasury for a total of 4.5 billion euros. The stock maturing in 2026 saw a gross yield of 0.11% with an increase of 0.12 points compared to the previous auction where it was -0.01%. The BTP with maturity … Read more

Without premium, interest on new treasury certificates goes up to 1.6% | Savings

The new Treasury Savings Certificates (CTPV), a new savings product that the Government approved this Friday in the Council of Ministers (CM), with “guaranteed fixed rate and characteristics that approximate the current financing conditions of the Republic”, have a return of 0.70% in the first year and finish at 1.60% in the seventh year. This, … Read more

Government withdraws money from FEES for the fifth time in the year to pay off debt | Economy

The Ministry of Finance reported, through a statement, that it carried out a withdrawal of US $ 447 million from the Economic and Social Stabilization Fund (FEES) on September 10, 2021. “This withdrawal will be used to pay off debt and adds to those made in April, June, July and August for US $ 1,750 … Read more