A drug used to treat cancer can also help fight HIV

HIV’s ability to “hide” in cells, even in people on antiretroviral therapy who have undetectable amounts of the virus in their blood, is one of the significant obstacles to finding a cure for the disease. Although HIV patients receiving antiretroviral therapy have no chance of transmitting the virus and can live a normal and healthy … Read more

Spanish elderly stir: ‘Banks should not treat us like children’

Spanish seniors are outraged that banks no longer have counter staff. Many refuse to conduct their money business with ATMs and no longer want to be treated like children. A petition has been signed hundreds of thousands of times in recent days. The appeal by a retired surgeon in Valencia has already received nearly 400,000 … Read more

A team of scientists develops video games that diagnose and treat depression

“Right now the existing health care system is flawed in many ways, GPs don’t have time, the current tools at their disposal are incredibly biased subjective questionnaires, and there’s no follow-up between appointments,” she said. Emilia Molimpakis, CEO and co-founder of the software. “Thymia is the first system that offers objectivity and uses different types … Read more

Already 12 million euros for cancer treatment with heat: “Especially impact on tumors that are difficult to treat”

© BELGAIMAGE The medtech company ElmediX, a spin-off of the University of Antwerp, has raised an additional 4 million euros to further develop its thermal therapy in the fight against cancer. The body temperature is heated to 41.5 degrees so that chemotherapy and radiotherapy are more effective. The technology is still far from being approved, … Read more

[Serie A] 40 million for Resilience to reinvent the way to treat cancer

We have been presenting to you for several months Resilience, an eHealth startup created by Céline Lazorthes (Leetchi) and Jonathan Benhamou (PeopleDoc) Resilience seeks to make the patient an actor in their care journey and allow them to benefit from a more adapted, personalized and above all more human follow-up. Resilience comes at a time … Read more

So we will treat the virus like a flu

From March in the UK, self-isolation for Covid positives could be suspended. According to the British Minister of Health, Sajid Javid, “we are leading Europe in the transition from pandemic to endemic and we are showing the world how we can live with Covid”. Turn on notifications to receive updates on After the announcement of … Read more

HOW TO Treat Itchy Throat and Cough That Can Be Tried at Home

TRIBUN-BALI.COM – HOW TO TREAT Itchy Throat and Cough which can be tried at home. Itchy throat health problems are usually accompanied by symptoms of a dry cough. When the throat is itchy, the body naturally tries to clear foreign substances or sources of irritation in the respiratory tract by coughing. Before listening to some … Read more

Omicron: We must start to treat again and bring back the staff despite the risks, says the FMSQ

The current load shedding in hospitals, including the postponement of major surgeries, is prompting the Federation of Medical Specialists (FMSQ) to sound the alarm calling for a change of approach in the fight against COVID. • Read also: Omicron: Montreal would have reached the peak of cases and hospitalizations • Read also: Quebec adds 45 … Read more

Coronavirus – WHO approves two new drugs to treat corona patients – Belgium

(Belga) The World Health Organization WHO has approved two new drugs for the treatment of corona patients. These are baricitinib and sotrovimab. The drug baricitinib, which has been used to treat rheumatism patients, is strongly recommended in combination with corticosteroids for patients with severe COVID-19, a WHO publication in the medical journal The BMJ said. … Read more

The most effective food to treat constipation

Constipation is not an incurable disease and allows you to return to a completely normal life with a proper nutrition system. What is the main cause of constipation? The most common causes of constipation include lack of adequate fluid intake, a diet poor in fiber foods, and a sedentary lifestyle. Foods rich in fiber are … Read more