“In 2 years we will also be able to tackle the most difficult to treat tumours”: will flash therapy be the major breakthrough in cancer treatment? And how does it work? | My Guide: Health

Is flash therapy, irradiation at a very short time with a high dose, the key to more successful tumor treatment? The first research is already promising. “Not only is the impact on the tumor at least as great as with normal radiation, there is less damage to surrounding organs and it is cheaper, because one … Read more

7 Causes of External Hemorrhoids and How to Treat Them Without Fear of Recurrence

One of the causes of external hemorrhoids is constipation. GridHEALTH.id – Knowing the type hemorrhoid experienced will greatly help the effectiveness of the treatment undertaken. This disease, which occurs when the blood vessels around the anus enlarge, consists of two types which are categorized based on the area affected, external and internal. This time, will … Read more

Delve into 5 ways to treat melasma by ‘Dr. Benz-Dr. Nattaphat Minchainan’

“translucent” It is a common skin problem. Regardless of age, there is a chance to encounter this problem. Today, HELLO! Beauty and Health would like to bring a specialist in laser and melasma, ‘Dr. Benz – Dr. Natthapat Meenchainan, M.D.’ (Dr. Natthapat Minchaiynunt) of Alpha Medical Clinic Let’s sit and talk in depth about the … Read more

Problems with diesel? Treat him to decarbonization! – Auto-moto – Commercial news

There are moments that do not please the owners of a car with a diesel engine: Black smoke pours from the exhaust. The engine loses power. The revolutions fluctuate when idling. The car suddenly “eats” more, or even fails the emission control. PR service 27.01.2023 00:00 The causes of these problems can be different. However, … Read more

How to treat shingles? – Treatments, care

uploaded on: 26/01/2023 09:00 Shingles affects nearly 300,000 people each year in France. This illness caused by the varicella virus can be very painful. What are the treatments ? <img width="498" height="281" class="img-responsive articleHeadingImage wp-post-image jetpack-lazy-image" alt="Le zona" decoding="async" data-attachment-id="60429" data-permalink="https://www.essentiel-sante-magazine.fr/sante/traitements-soins/comment-soigner-un-zona/attachment/doctor-pointing-to-herpes-zoster" data-orig-file="https://www.essentiel-sante-magazine.fr/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/zona-e1674466529225.jpg" data-orig-size="936,528" data-comments-opened="1" data-image-meta="{"aperture":"5.6","credit":"Getty Images/iStockphoto","camera":"ILCE-7M4","caption":"doctor pointing to Herpes zoster","created_timestamp":"1644192000","copyright":"","focal_length":"70","iso":"400","shutter_speed":"0.01","title":"doctor pointing to Herpes zoster","orientation":"1"}" data-image-title="" … Read more

Salta: they will investigate the doctors of the hospital that did not treat a woman in labor | The woman gave birth to a baby on the street

The Government of Salta launched an investigation and filed an administrative summary in the case of a woman in labor who on Thursday arrived with her husband at the Papa Fancisco Hospital in the capital city and did not receive medical assistance to give birthfor which she had to do it alone in the street, … Read more

Study: The probiotic that can treat the dangerous MRSA bacteria (hospital sickness & antibiotic resistance)

Antibiotic resistance Antibiotic resistance is one of the future’s absolute greatest threats to human health has, among other things, WHO established. Antibiotic resistance is sometimes called the silent pandemic – an infection that spreads without us really having any idea of ​​the extent or seriousness. The spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria is increasing explosively (healthy people … Read more

Can cough medicine Ambroxol help treat Parkinson’s disease?

A study has found that the cough medicine Ambroxol can help treat Parkinson’s disease. (Photo = DB) [메디컬투데이=최재백 기자] Research has shown that the cough medicine Ambroxol may help treat Parkinson’s disease. Research results suggesting that the cough medicine ambroxol can help treat Parkinson’s disease have been published in ‘2020 JAMA Neurology’. Ambroxol is a … Read more