Center for Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy: “It is at the service of all people, offering the best quality of treatment”

On December 16, the President of the Argentine Nation, Alberto Fernández, will visit Formosa again to, together with Governor Gildo Insfrán, inaugurate the Center for Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy “Dr. Néstor Kirchner”, a health work of excellence that was started by the Government of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and which, after being paralyzed by the … Read more

Advances and challenges in the treatment of HIV/AIDS

“ART is a lifelong treatment. You have to take medicine every day, you have to be tireless, you have to take these medicines relentlessly every day, and some patients experience drug fatigue. They end up having a certain disdain for these drugs and they also face a lot of stigma because of HIV,” says Dr … Read more

Social robots of added value in the treatment of forensic patients

Based on literature and with experts from forensic care, it was investigated what social robots can mean – now or in the future – in the treatment of forensic patients. Social robots can connect with humans through speech, facial and emotion recognition technologies and also perform certain tasks. These applications are still used on a … Read more

Common treatment for knee osteoarthritis could make it worse

THE ESSENTIAL 10 million people suffer from osteoarthritis in France, according to Inserm. When the medicinal solutions no longer allow to relieve the osteoarthritis of the knee, the installation of a knee prosthesis is considered. 3% of the population under 45 suffer from osteoarthritis in France, according to’Health Insurance. Among those over 65, this represents … Read more

Out of 12,500 children with HIV, only 7800 have received treatment, here’s Prof Zubairi’s response

Report by reporter, Aisyah Nursyamsi TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Data from 2010 to September 2022, a total of around 12,500 children under the age of 14 are known to have HIV. However, only around 7800 children have started treatment. This was disclosed by the Director of Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Ministry of Health … Read more

World AIDS Day.. Shocking numbers in Arab countries and an emphasis on the importance of awareness before treatment

People living with HIV/AIDS fear “stigma and ostracism” in the Middle East, according to experts, while the World Health Organization estimates in a recent report that the number of infected people is about 430,000 people in the region, and these numbers remain subject to increase due to a shortage. Medical examinations prevent some from detecting … Read more

The symptom collapsed! Pele is not responding to chemo, is receiving ‘palliative’ treatment.

Brazil legend Pele was moved into palliative treatment. after the body stops responding to chemotherapy (chemo), according to local media reports The 82-year-old former superstar was hospitalized last week. cause concern to football fans around the world Although Pele’s Instagram account posted the news that there was nothing to worry about. The Albert Einstein Hospital … Read more

Colon Cancer Begins with Polyps, Know the Symptoms and Treatment The large intestine is an organ in the digestive system that functions to excrete digested food residue. When the colon is attacked by cancer or colorectal cancer a number of symptoms begin to appear. In the education by the Indonesian Cancer Foundation together with PT Merck Tbk, Corporate Secretary of PT Merck Tbk, Melisa … Read more