iPhone: so you can draw perfect figures on your cell phone | trick 2022 | nnda | nnni | DEPOR-PLAY

Los iPhone They have several functions to customize the images, one of them is to create perfect figures without the need to be an art expert, since the same device transforms the drawings into well-done lines. Under this premise, you can create circles, arrows, or all kinds of shapes in your photos, notes, screenshots, PDFs, … Read more

Another Van Buren hat trick. I’ll have a couple of beers, so a lot of water, he said in response to the Innkeeper

When he scored a hat-trick in the league in August and talked about a celebration involving “a few beers”, he offended biathlete Michal Krčmář. Now the Dutch striker of Liberec Mick van Buren once again made his mark three times in the round of 16 of the cup against Olomouc. <p style="box-sizing: border-box; –tw-border-spacing-x: 0; … Read more

The trick to know who writes to you on WhatsApp just by listening to the notification – Enseñame de Ciencia

Would you like to know who has sent you a message on WhatsApp just by listening to the notification? Doing this is possible, and best of all, you only need to perform a simple customization of the notifications through a tool that the application itself has. So if you want to distinguish when you receive … Read more

The Kremlin’s Big Troubles. The interview reveals the trick of the Russians

As reported in the daily intelligence update, open source images show the wreckage of the apparently downed AS-15 Kent, an air-launched cruise missile designed in the 1980s. It was intended solely as a means of delivery for nuclear weapons. Now the warhead has probably been replaced with ballast. “Although such a passive system will still … Read more

The homemade trick to wash clothes and leave them impeccable

The ammonia (NH3) It is a colorless gas obtained from nitrogen and hydrogen atoms that occur naturally in nature (water, soil, air, and some smaller bacteria molecules). Currently, it is a chemical element increasingly used in the manufacture of many products of cleaning from home and is one of the most infallible to remove dirt … Read more

The right trick is to puree the lime leaves for the filling for the project, saving time and effort

photo: TikTok/@masakasyik1 Brilio.net – It’s common knowledge that lime leaves very useful for cooking. In addition to adding a delicious fragrant aroma, lime leaves can also make food taste more delicious and fresh. Who would have thought, lime leaves also have many health benefits, you know. Reporting from uscitrus.com, lime leaves can be a stress … Read more

One of Skyrim’s creepiest scenes is staged, but you didn’t realize Bethesda’s trick to trick you

If there is a game full of curiosities, that is it. Skyrim. The Bethesda Medieval Fantasy count with one planet made of garbage in the highest of its skyalthough we have also been able to know the mystery behind the foxes that lead us to treasures. The developers of the title have always been very … Read more

Windows too slow? Speed ​​up your computer with a one-minute trick

Obviously, simplifying the entire process of loading the operating system will reward you with a faster start-up of the entire computer, but it’s not just that – it can also relieve the Taskbar or menu bars in application windows, and at the same time free up processing power that is taken up by programs that … Read more

Fraudsters are trying a new trick. Košičan lost eight thousand euros

Nov 18, 2022 at 10:02 a.m I Paid content They impersonate bank employees. KOŠICE. Fraudsters are resourceful, they keep inventing new stories in an attempt to get money. “If you thought the scammers would settle for a well-worn song about your grandson or son being in a serious car accident that injured a young child, … Read more

NHL | Ottawa – Buffalo 4:1, Buffalo’s crisis deepens, the Sabers lost for the seventh time in a row. Moore took down Edmonton with a hat trick

After returning from a groin injury, Mrázek regularly alternates in goal with Arvid Söderblom, who covered thirty shots in the match. Both Chicago goals were scored by Andreas Athanasiou, who reduced the score to 1:2 and 2:3 in the middle. St. In both cases, Ryan O’Reilly and Tyler Pitlick restored the two-goal advantage within three … Read more