Losses of $ 7.4 trillion .. American technology companies are in trouble

28 – November – 2022 Last update: November 28, 2022 9:28 PM A big loss for global technology companies with the interest rate hike in America The Nasdaq Composite Index peaked at this time last year, benefiting from the upward trajectory of the technology sector since the pandemic, but twelve months later the situation is … Read more

Tax havens are a black hole in the global economy, a cache of $32 trillion

The British Tax Authority has announced plans to publish its estimates of the amount of tax evasion by UK residents who keep their money abroad. This decision comes after preliminary information revealed that UK residents have £850 billion in offshore financial accounts, of which £570 billion are in safe tax havens, according to 2019 estimates. … Read more

The Germans approved a budget with a deficit of over a trillion

“With the new budget, we are finally returning to the debt brake and ending the fiscal emergency,” said Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner before the vote. We will continue to be bold After the vote, he wrote on Twitter that he was already preparing to draw up the budget for the next year. “The federal … Read more

NISA expansion, doubling to 56 trillion yen in 5 years “Both are permanent”, Prime Minister Kishida | Reuters

On November 25th, the government announced the “asset income doubling plan,” which aims to double the total number of accounts under the tax exemption system for small investments (NISA) to 34 million and the investment amount to 56 trillion yen over five years. summarized. Photo courtesy of Prime Minister Kishida. Photographed in Tokyo in October … Read more

Russia has already spent almost two trillion on the war, a quarter of the annual budget

At the same time, Moscow’s income from the sale of raw materials is falling due to sanctions, and the war is becoming more expensive for the Kremlin, writes Forbes. According to his calculations, Russia’s war expenditures doubled this fall. The fights cost Moscow at least ten billion dollars (234 billion crowns) a month. Expenditure has … Read more

Formerly poor, this man is now the boss of Nippon Paint, worth Rp. 200 trillion

Jakarta – Nippon Paint is the fourth largest paint manufacturer in the world from Japan which has expanded to other countries including Indonesia. Do you know who the boss is? He was Goh Cheng Liang, a child born to a poor family. This man from Singapore had to undergo a hard beating because when he … Read more

Musk lost 2.4 trillion – News

According to its index of billionaires, during Monday, the value of Musk’s property decreased by 8.6 billion to 169.8 billion USD (roughly four trillion CZK). Compared to the beginning of the year, it was 100.5 billion dollars lower. However, Musk remains the richest person in the world. Tesla shares make up the bulk of Musk’s … Read more

Get to know RI’s New Rich Man, Eddy Sugianto, a Coal Entrepreneur with a Worth of IDR 18.8 Trillion: Okezone Economy

JAKARTA – Eddy Sugianto succeeded in holding the title the richest man only in Indonesia at this time. Quoted by Forbes in Jakarta, Tuesday (22/11/2022) Eddy won the title thanks to the share price in coal company PT Prima Andalan Mandiri Tbk (MCOL) which more than doubled in the last year to IDR 7,125 on … Read more

List of the 5 Most Expensive Telescopes in the World, The Last Number Worth IDR 153 Trillion

loading… There are five of the most expensive telescopes in the world that can be known. DOC ist’s photo JAKARTA – There are five telescope most mahal from world which can be known. One of them has a price of USD 9.5 billion or the equivalent of IDR 153 trillion which was just launched in … Read more

Record, Russia Spends IDR 212.7 Trillion a Day on War

loading… Russia spends IDR 212.7 trillion a day on the war with Ukraine. Photo/Illustration/Sindonews LONDON – Russia has recorded spending of more than USD 13 billion or around IDR 203 trillion in just one day due to the cost of the Presidential war Vladimir Putin with Ukraine continues to increase. Britain’s Ministry of Defense said … Read more