Dangerous Cyberpunk World: Shadowrun Trilogy Review

Night. The dim light of a smartphone illuminates the gloomy face of a tired reviewer. This buzzing is annoying, but it makes the brain work. Glancing at the screen, I saw another stream of numbers and letters. This is what the review codes look like. They are given to people like me when corporations want … Read more

COWCAT launches three games in one day

Xenon Valkyrie+, Riddled Corpses EX and Demon’s Tier+. Although it may seem like they are three separate games, they have quite a few similarities. All three were published by COWCAT, all three were released today for PlayStation 5 for €9.99 each with a free update of the PS4 version and all three are included in … Read more

Hayden Christensen reveals his thoughts on the latest Star Wars trilogy

Actor Hayden Christensen was in charge of playing Anakin Skywalker in the prequel trilogy and now he talks about the latest movies of Star Wars. Hayden Christensen Has returned. Since she will come back like Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader in the series of Star Wars starring Obi-Wan Kenobi. That’s why she’s been doing a … Read more

Thrayam song | Dhyan, Sunny Wayne Neo Noir Movie ‘Trilogy’ Song Released – News18 Malayalam

The lyrical video of the first song of the Neo Noir movie Thrayam movie has arrived. Arun Muraleedharan has composed a beautiful love song titled ‘Ambale Neelambale’. Manu Manjith has written love lines. The song is sung by KS. Harishankar. The lyrical video also features Harishankar singing in the studio along with scenes from the … Read more

Digital Foundry tested the remasters of the GTA trilogy six months after the release

{“id”:1192175,”type”:”num”,”link”:”https://dtf.ru/hard/1192175-eti-igry-zasluzhivayut-bolshego-v-digital-foundry- protestirovali-remastery-trilogii-gta-cherez-polgoda-posle-reliza”,”gtm”:””,”prevCount”:null,”count”:168,”isAuthorized”:false} {“id”:1192175,”type”:1,”typeStr”:”content”,”showTitle”:false,”initialState”:{“isActive”:false},”gtm”:””} {“id”:1192175,”gtm”:null} 13 267 views Reviewers of the technical division of the publication Eurogamer tested Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, six months after release. They compared games with release versions, evaluated their performance, and also found out if Rockstar Games managed to fix most of the bugs and visual glitches. … Read more

Tomb Raider Reboot Trilogy Sold 38 Million Copy • Jagat Play

Surprising is the right word when you see Square Enix in action a few days ago. Suddenly, they sold their famous western studios – Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal, as well as Square Enix Montreal to Embracer Group. Not only studios with an extra 1,100 workers, this deal also locks the Embracer Group’s rights to … Read more

The Shadowrun Trilogy is coming to Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation in two months

Die Shadowrun Trilogy will be released for consoles in the near future. The implementation of the fantasy cyberpunk title for Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and PS4 will be released on June 21, 2022. What you get with the trilogy The Shadowrun Trilogy includes remastered versions of the Shadowrun Returns-Games once … Read more

The Shadowrun Trilogy will be released on June 21, 2022 for consoles

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An enthusiast replaced the old Kratos from God of War with a young version from the original trilogy

Youtuber Omega Fantasy published a new video on his channel, where he showed the gameplay God of War with young Kratos. The appearance of the hero is taken from the third part of the franchise. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to download the mod just like that – you will have to pay for it … Read more