Show how much you know about ‘Matando Cabos’ with this trivia

In our country, good cinema is made and suddenly there is a commitment to innovative projects, we have no doubt about that. The good thing is that all kinds of stories, romantic comedies, horror, action, suspense and much more are exhibited in theaters in Mexico. Although there are some films that flatly came to refresh … Read more

A breakdown of $ 22,500 in a Tesla battery is fixed for 5,000 in an external workshop – Trivia – Hybrids and Electrical

The battery is the most expensive item in a electric car and hence, one of the most feared breakdowns in this type of vehicle. To that is added another factor: when there is a relatively serious problem with them, official technical services tend to replace the entire battery, resulting in a bill that would scare … Read more

Neckline and a cut for several dozen centimeters! Natasza Urbańska in a bold dress [FOTO] – Trivia – MAXXX News

Natasza Urbańska has dazzled in Krakow! One of the actress’s styling made quite an impression on the fans. The red, extremely feminine creation perfectly emphasizes the charms of the 44-year-old. You must see it! Natasza Urbańska captivates Natasza Urbańska knows how to emphasize her strengths. This is evidenced by the styles she chose for the … Read more

The electric Hummer accelerates absurdly fast and this video is the proof – Trivia – Hybrids and Electric

It is known that the Anglo-Saxons have a quite particular sense of humor and the last proof of this, in the automotive world, is the name that General Motors has put the engine in full throttle mode. new electric Hummer EV. Its official name is ‘Watts To Freedom’, something like ‘Unleash the watts’, but its … Read more

Colombia today: interview with Mohamed Salah by Carlos Antonio Vélez | Soccer trivia

Mohamed Salah was in a good conversation this Thursday with the Vélez, Carlos Antonio and their son Luis Carlos. The Egyptian striker spoke of the meaning of being a Premier champion, his memories of Colombia and even the elimination of Champions with Atlético. However, there was a question that they couldn’t even ask the Liverpool … Read more

James’ mother defends her daughter on social networks, supports surgeries | Soccer trivia

Pilar Rubio, mother of James Rodríguez, came to the defense of her youngest daughter, Juana Valentina, after a comment on social networks that caused annoyance. The mother of the star Real Madrid player did not remain silent before a woman who suggested that the beautiful influencer abuses cosmetic surgeries and that her lips do not … Read more