Trump repeated allegations of cheating in the 2020 election, but silent about 2024 – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

Donald Trump had actually planned to hold a press conference the anniversary of the storming of the US Congress. It was canceled following pressure from advisers, who thought it would be an unwise act. Instead, the ex-president chose to take the trip to Florence out in the Arizona desert, well an hour south of the … Read more

rally – That’s why they believe in Trump

FLORENCE (Dagbladet): Many thousands of Trump supporters gathered on Saturday night in the desert between Phoenix and Tuscon in Arizona. This was the former president’s big comeback before the midterm elections in November. Those present did not appear to have lost the enthusiasm of the big election rallies before the 2020 election. The former president … Read more

US Weekly News, Biden “tired of staying calm” on voting rights, Trump ignites Arizona

17/24 Hillary in 2024? – With Joe Biden collapsing in consensus and deputy Kamala Harris, not yet “blossomed” as leader, the return to the scene of an old acquaintance of the Democrats: Hillary Clinton. Candidate defeated by Donald Trump in 2016, the progressive leader could try again in 2024. The hypothesis, considered “plausible”, is … Read more

USA: Accused of Conspiracy Against Government. The investigation is getting closer to Trump

The indictment contains the charge of an armed “conspiracy to oppose by force the legal transfer of presidential power in 2020.” and “Take Control of the Capitol” on Jan.6 Congress then voted to approve the election of Joe Biden as president, which spelled the defeat of Trump’s lies that he was “stolen from his victory” … Read more

Donald Trump, USA | Thousands gathered for Trump meeting in Arizona

Some of them arrived several days in advance, from places as far away as Florida and Texas. Flags with the inscriptions “Trump 2020” and “Trump 2024” waved in the desert wind, while one could hear party-minded attendees shouting “Let’s go, Brandon”. It’s an expression that has become a popular insult to President Joe Biden among … Read more

Viktor Orbán: “We have an trump card”

Vaccination alone is the only effective weapon against coronavirus variants, Viktor Orbán confirmed on state radio on Friday morning. He said there were currently 2,611 people in hospital and 243 people on ventilators, according to the operative tribe. In addition, a total of more than two million doses of Pfizer and more than 700,000 Moderna … Read more

Republicans stand up to Trump – says he lost the election – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

During an interview on ABC’s “This Week” last Sunday, Rounds said that the presidential election in 2020 was “as fair as anything we have seen”. Read the full interview with Rounds her. Rounds said they had looked at over 60 different allegations of electoral fraud in several states, writes CNN. “Even though there were some … Read more