FBI raid on Trump property: Prosecutors oppose release of more specific information

ASV The Ministry of Justice has said that the release of details of the warrant used to search Donald Trump’s Florida home last week could cause “irreparable damage” to its investigation, writes the BBC. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The ministry wants to withhold the release of the affidavit, or court document, that … Read more

Donald Trump, USA | Makes sensational claim about who could be the Trump mole

NEW YORK (Nettavisen): After the FBI raided Donald Trump’s home Mar-a-Lago in Florida, there has been speculation as to whether the FBI had a person inside the Trump organization, a so-called informant or mole. Sources have informed both The Wall Street Journal and Newsweek that someone told the FBI what documents Donald Trump was holding … Read more

Biden’s Plan B for the Mediterranean: after Trump, Greece and Cyprus become the new outposts for gas and geopolitics

Beyond the war in Ukraine, the United States, after theTrumpian approach of a lightening of policies towards the Mediterranean, they have begun to weave the web in the mare nostrum with the aim of keeping up with historical enemies: Chinese e Russia. The Russian invasion in February has only accelerated a trend already planned in … Read more

Despite all the tumult, Trump still has a firm grip on the Republican Party

AFP After Donald Trump lost the 2020 election and stormed the Capitol, the question was whether Trump’s leadership within the Republican Party was over. With the midterm election campaigns about to begin, one thing is clear: Trump’s grip on the party is greater than ever, purging any remaining Republican resistance. Again it was a tumultuous … Read more

Iranians wanted to “clean out” Trump adviser. Stacks of dollars would lure hitmen.

Foto: IRAQI PRIME MINISTER’S PRESS OFFICE / NYT Photo: Nasser Nasser, AP/NTB Photo: Susan Walsh, AP/NTB Photo: Image from the FBI’s indictment Baghdad January 2020: The US kills Iranian general Qasem Soleimani. The killing caused enormous anger. The revenge they planned: the assassination of former Trump adviser John Bolton. The assassin was lured with a … Read more

Why Trump is still so strong – Corriere.it

from Massimo Gaggi The reasons why the former president, whom many consider a danger to democracy, can count on such a broad consensus PWhile avoiding phrasing them in public, Rupert Murdoch, an ultra-conservative 90-year-old publisher, often makes contemptuous judgments about Donald Trump. But his Fox Newsthe right-wing information battleship, also continues to support the former … Read more

New information about the Trump house search. It was about documents related to nuclear weapons

The newspaper’s informants did not say whether the documents concerned weapons owned by the United States or other countries. The prosecutor general, Merrick Garland, had not previously disclosed details about the investigation in his first speech about the search, but announced that his department had taken an extraordinary step and asked for the search warrant … Read more

Trump is silent during 6 hours of investigation by the New York Attorney General

MANHATTAN, KOMPAS.com – Ex president United States of America (AS) Donald Trump on Wednesday (10/8/2022) refused to answer questions under oath about alleged fraud at his family business. Trump said he had no choice but to implement the Fifth Amendment, which allows individuals to remain silent during interrogation. Trump was questioned for six hours at … Read more

FBI raid on Trump villa creates political firestorm

Photo: AFP/Scanpix/LETA Valdis Bērziņš, “Latvijas Avīze”, JSC “Latvijas Mediji” Most read Today, a heat wave begins in Latvia. Predict how many days it will last Dota green light for support in the energy price crisis: partial compensation for heating, pension supplements, wider housing benefit “That is the most terrible weapon currently used by Russia.” Slide … Read more