As soon as assumed, Biden will overturn Trump policies on immigration, climate and coronavirus

In his first hours as president of the United States, Joe Biden will point to the heart of Donald Trump’s political legacy, signing several decrees to reverse those of his predecessor on immigration, climate and coronavirus management. Biden will put an end to the construction of the wall on the border between the United States … Read more

Joe Biden assumed the US presidency but the memes said present to fire Donald Trump

Joe Biden became president of the United States after having sworn before the Superior Court. The same happened with Kamala Harris, who is now the country’s first female vice president. During his inauguration speech, the 78-year-old Democrat remarked: “All my soul is in unifying our nation”. And he added that “without unity, there is no … Read more

Elections in the United States: Trump and unforgettable scenes of US presidents in the cinema – Film and TV – Culture

Like a cartoon, evoking scandal, or inspired by epic deeds and biographical dramas: Hollywood cinema has portrayed its presidents in many ways.The outgoing US president Donald Trump is one of those who have ‘wet the screen’ the most. A fame only comparable to that of John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. Trump had his own … Read more

NBA: Trump orders 250 statues for the ‘Garden of Heroes’ and one for Kobe

NBA It is one of his last decisions as president of the United States Kobe Bryant is about to crush in a Lakers game. Uone of the last decisions you have made Donald Trump Before leaving the White House and leaving the presidency of the United States, he had built 250 statues of representative people … Read more

Cinema in the Donald Trump era

The cinema will forever be the witness of the four years that Donald Trump ruled the United States. Here’s a list of the essential movies of this troubled era and on which streaming service you can find them. <div id="slideshow-anchor" class="slideshow-anchor-inpage" data-slides="[{"img":{"src_thumb":"","src_filename":"/newsv7/21/01/19/21/46/43608960.jpg","width":"","height":"","copyright":null},"page":1,"title":"Fahrenheit 11/9 (2018)","text":"Michael Mooreu00a0retrata una creciente violencia armada y lo que sucederu00eda si un … Read more

10 inexplicable and confusing moments from the Trump era

After four years of leading one of the most powerful nations in the world, officially today Donald Trump ceased to be president of the United States and in these four years there were moments funny, inexplicable and confusing that caused laughter to thousands, if not millions of people. That is why we list 10 of … Read more

London Museum acquires “Baby Trump” for its collection | U.S

LONDON (AP) – The huge inflatable Baby Trump will live beyond the president’s presidency. The Museum of London said on Monday it acquired the giant balloon depicting Donald Trump as a crying baby as an illustration of the protests that greeted the US president when he visited the English capital in 2018. “By collecting the … Read more

Andrés Manuel López Obrador already misses Donald Trump, whom he once criticized

MEXICO CITY – US President Donald Trump called Mexican rapists, threatened the country with a trade war, expelled tens of thousands of asylum seekers, had Mexico house them in camps, built the border wall and told him to Mexico to pay it. The president of Mexico is a great admirer. So deep is his appreciation … Read more