private| Ashraf Zaki reveals the truth about preventing Menna Shalaby from traveling and banishing her from the “

04:26 PM Monday 05 December 2022 Books-Mustafa Hamza: What is the truth about the exclusion of the artist, Menna Shalaby, from starring in the play “Hour of Fortune”, because she is prohibited from traveling, due to the case of her arrest at Cairo International Airport, returning from abroad, and in possession of substances suspected of … Read more

The chosen ones. A necessary truth: Documentary about an unpunished crime rescued from oblivion | arts and culture

On October 22, 1973, Isidoro Carrillo, Danilo González, Vladimir Araneda and Bernabé Cabrera were shot in Concepción. Four Lotinos, communist leaders, assassinated to give a sign… of the criminal nature of the dictatorship that was beginning. Background Lota, ever since Matías Cousiño settled with mining in the mid-19th century, has always been a place of … Read more

The moment of truth

Last September, theG” had not been under any illusions for long when the first chase was open to them. Gangster you Wallon had taken a distant (good, however) fourth place in this Prix des Élites, while Bourbon Arrow had dominated Feeling Cash et Exotic of Retz. They will be able, this time, to perform on … Read more

5 Natural Phenomena Proof of the Truth of the Qur’an in Science, There is Fire at the Bottom of the Sea – Nature phenomenon proof of the truth of the Qur’an in Science you can see in this article. The earth with all its contents contains many natural phenomena that are difficult for human reason to explain. However, the natural phenomena that occurred were explained in the holy book of the Koran before the advent … Read more

The truth about cold sores

The number : 90% of us have already been infected with the herpes labialis virus. Cold sores only appear on the lips. Faux : The virus penetrates the skin at different places: classically, it occurs on the lips, but can also bloom at the level of the nose, the cheeks, inside the mouth, and even … Read more

“Affair with another woman”…the reason for Goo Hye-sun and Ahn Jae-hyun’s divorce, the creepy truth revealed in 3 years

online community Reporter-turned-YouTuber Lee Jin-ho, who was sued by actor Goo Hye-sun, is being ‘acquitted’ and his past marriage is becoming a hot topic. On November 30, 2022, Jinho Lee posted a video on his YouTube channel titled, ‘Returning privately.. The result of Goo Hye-sun’s complaint is out’. On this day, Lee Jin-ho said, “The … Read more

The TRUTH of the ANTI Clara Chía clause, which Shakira imposed on Gerard Piqué to AWAY his children

the meeting they had Shakira y Gerard Piqué in the courts of Barcelona to sign the separation agreement, has been the topic of conversation in the media and social networks. The celebrities saw each other for the last time to formalize the agreement for the custody of their sons However, what stole the attention of … Read more

Vondráčková without sons! Šafářová went out with the truth

While she gave interviews and devoted herself to the daughter of Leontyne, Plekanec like a model father, he looked after little Oliver in the carrier. It can be seen that the husband and wife get along well and are perfectly matched. Of course, their family also includes Pleky’s sons from his first marriage with Lucia … Read more

Jason David Frank’s wife reveals the truth about the actor’s death

Jason David Frank. (Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images for Amazing Comic Conventions) A few weeks ago the fans of Power Rangers They took the sad news that Jason David Frank, one of the veteran actors of the franchise, who played Tommy in several seasons of the show, had died. Reports indicated that Frank suffered from … Read more

The whole truth about the wedding of Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía | Critical Voices – Salta

Wednesday, November 30, 2022 Surely, in the last hours, you have read the news that indicates that Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía already have a date for their marriage. A very noisy news, in terms of the internet that has gone viral but how unfortunate it is a lie. If you wonder what is behind … Read more