Facebook Will Trial to Show Ads on Oculus Quest

Merdeka.com – Facebook will soon be piloting ads on the company’s Oculus Quest virtual reality (VR) system. Citing The Verge, Friday (18/6), Facebook will begin the process of testing this ad within the next few weeks. While in the pilot phase, the ad will appear in the game titled Blaston by Resolution Game, and two … Read more

Want a Slim Body? Try Drinking Honey Mixed Garlic Juice

Nusantaratv.com – Have you ever tried breakfast of garlic juice mixed with honey? Breakfast with garlic juice mixed with honey is believed to be slimming. Especially consuming it on an empty stomach. Garlic juice mixed with honey turns out to be effective in killing deadly diseases. From the timesnownews page, consuming garlic either raw or … Read more

Protesters began to disperse from the center of Minsk :: Society :: RBC

In Minsk, the wave of mass protests has subsided, grenade explosions and car horns have practically died down. This was reported by the correspondent of RBC. The situation stabilized by 3:00 Moscow time. As specifies RIA Novosti with reference to his correspondent, there are no large groups of protesters left in the city center, and … Read more

Why the world faces a possible second wave of coronavirus – Europe – International

From quarantines to beach closings and the obligation to wear a mask even outdoors, Governments around the world impose new restrictions to try to stop a second wave of the new coronavirus, which begins to isolate Spain again. (In context: The 281 covid-19 outbreaks that make us fear a second wave in Spain) Germany, initially … Read more

A man tries to crush his neighbor during an argument in Soumagne

It all started during an argument between two neighbors who were then joined by other residents of the street. The tone between the two men quickly rose. One of the two neighbors then tried to run over the other with his car. Without success. The police then arrived on the scene to calm everyone down, … Read more

The number of cases COVID-19 in the United States exceeded 2 million people :: Society :: RBC

The US accounts for over a quarter of all detected cases of infection in the world. The number of cases is increasing amid protests after the death of the African-American George Floyd. The US authorities argue that they do not see growth since the beginning of the stock Photo: Mario Anzuoni / Reuters The number … Read more

Coronavirus: Los Angeles prison inmates try to become infected with covid-19 believing that this will achieve freedom | Global World Blog

Inmates of Pitchess prison (Los Angeles) have a glass of water, supposedly to try to catch covid-19. Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department “We are going to talk about the situation in prisons. Here we have something very worrying. ” The Sheriff Los Angeles’s Alex Villanueva started his press conference on Monday and then put on a … Read more

Court refuses to deal with Cristina’s request for remote sessions but winks

Carlos Rosenkrantz, president of the court, opted for a partial dissent based on an “in limmine” rejection of the issue, in line with the opinion presented last Tuesday by the interim attorney, Eduardo Casal. The other four votes –by Elena Highton de Nolasco, Juan Carlos Maqueda, Horacio Rosatti and Ricardo Lorenzetti- They were coinciding in … Read more

Diary of a doctor in Ehpad: “In the night, unexpected death is hard”

On the front line with the elderly, Jean-Paul Duplan, 69, is the coordinating doctor of two accommodation establishments for dependent elderly people (Ehpad) in the department of Essonne. For request of Release, he keeps a logbook of his daily work in the face of the coronavirus. The fight is tough. This article is the updated … Read more

Shortages extend to drugs

Faced with the unprecedented scale of the crisis and the influx of patients, stocks are running out. First those of protective masks. Then the reagents used in the Covid-19 diagnostic tests. And respirators, whose production is struggling to keep up with demand. Little by little, everything necessary for hospitalization and treatment of patients is running … Read more