Viktor Pavlik’s wife highlighted a rounded tummy with a swimsuit – photo – Glamor

The wife of a Ukrainian singer Victor Pavlik, its concert director Ekaterina Repyakhova, who declassified her pregnancypreparing to go to the pool. The other day, the expectant mother visited one of the shopping centers to pick up a one-piece swimsuit. With subscribers of her Instagram page, Repyakhova shared several options that she liked. As a … Read more

Court orders a tummy tuck to a woman who underwent a bypass – Cortes – Justicia

After obtaining a guardianship that a judge ordered the defunct Caprecom to perform bariatric bypass surgery in 2016, a woman who was morbidly obese managed to lose 51 kilos after this procedure. However, after losing all that weight the citizen was left with flaccidity and excess skin, Therefore, as part of his comprehensive treatment and … Read more