Erdoğan’s sharpest critic warns against underestimating the Turkish president – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

– Erdoğan should not be underestimated because he knows the political game to the tips of his fingers. And he have a plan, a long-term plan. Can Dündar has felt the president’s wrath. In 2015, the independent newspaper Cumhuriyet, of which he was editor, revealed that the NATO country Turkey smuggled weapons into the jihadists … Read more

Turkish celebrity Yozcan Deniz married for the third time, his mother

The famous Turkish actor, singer and composer Yozcan Deniz surprisingly married his beloved designer Samar Dadgar. The couple has been dating for a year and a half, but on January 20 they made their relationship official and shared photos from the celebration on the social network. Yozcan and Samar did not waste precious time from … Read more

He got himself “Turkish teeth”. I can’t believe how much he spent on them – o2

The man reported everything on his TikTok account @cheffydee0. He performed the procedure in Turkey, which has recently become very popular, especially among users of this platform. Getting teeth in this country is cheaper than in other places. However, doctors warn that the quality of the materials used leaves much to be desired. These types … Read more

It turned into a mass of flame.. A missile targets a Turkish ship in a port in Ukraine (video)

– Advertisement – Country- On Tuesday, a missile of unknown origin hit a Turkish ship in the Ukrainian port of “Kherson”, which had been stuck in the port since February 2022, and is managed by the Turkish “Gayli Shipping” company, which led to a fire, according to video clips from the accident site and shipping … Read more

Swedish Professor Rejects Turkish Student Internship Application, Reasons are Political

Jakarta – Professor at Sweden’s Stockholm University rejected applications for internships from Turkish students. The reason is considered political. What’s that? Fatma Zehra S, a third-year student at the Faculty of Psychology at Ibn Haldun University, Istanbul, Turkey, has been accepted for the 2023 Erasmus+ summer internship program. This program facilitates student applicants to choose … Read more

FC Barcelona awards the works of the new Camp Nou to the Turkish company Limak

The board of directors of FC Barcelona has chosen the Turkish construction company Limak for the renovation of the Camp Nou. The Barça team selected the Ottoman firm, which was presented by the Spanish engineering Ghesa and the Barcelona construction company Vopi4 for a reform that will begin next June, when the sports competition ends. … Read more

The Turkish Pinocchio who blackmailed NATO in favor of Putin

What was supposed to be a health walk turned into an obstacle course. When they decided to give up their neutrality to join NATO, just after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Sweden and Finland thought it would be just a formality, so open were the arms of the Alliance members to them, so yes can protect … Read more

Groundbreaking discovery from Turkish scientists in the fight against cancer

Continuing his studies at the USA Canary Cancer Early Diagnosis Center, Prof. Dr. Utkan Demirci and Assoc. Dr. Gözde Durmuş has made it a goal to diagnose and treat cancer at an early stage with the different technologies they have developed. Durmuş noted that by using two magnets in technology with magnetic levitation, they were … Read more

Turkish scientists offer hope for early diagnosis of cancer with the technologies they have developed

The achievements of two Turkish scientists are noteworthy in the studies carried out at the Canary Cancer Early Diagnosis Center on early detection of cancer and prediction strategies. Turkish scientists are also working to become the “canary” of cancer at the center, which takes its name from the canaries that were taken to the mines … Read more