A Turkish lawyer went on a hunger strike for a fair trial. She died after 238 days – ČT24 – Czech Television

Ebro Timtikova was buried under police supervision. According to Bianet, her sister Barkin, who is also a lawyer and in prison, was not allowed to attend. The prosecutor’s office rejected her request “due to coronavirus measures”. Among other things, the European Commission reacted to Timtikova’s death. “Ebro Timtik’s hunger strike for a fair trial and … Read more

Kutepov can go to the Turkish “Sivasspor”. Tedesco doesn’t see him in Spartak (Maxim Allanazarov) – Football

Defender Ilya Kutepovis likely to leave Spartak. Head coach of the red and white Domenico Tedesco does not see the 27-year-old player in the team, according to journalist Maxim Allanazarov. According to the source, Kutepov has a proposal from the Turkish Sivasspora… The fight for the defender can also include “Ruby”. Kutepov himself does not … Read more

Turkish currency, the lira, is again falling through the bottom due to the corona crisis

Corona may well be the “trigger”, but the fact is that the dire financial situation has not changed structurally in the past two years. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan continues to swear by very low interest rates to keep the population sweet. He has not forgotten that in local elections last year his party had … Read more

Crisis: Turkish lira has never been so low – holidays are getting cheaper

keystone-sda.ch 1/10 There is not much left of the savings: keystone-sda.ch 2/10 A man in an exchange office in Istanbul is calculating how much the value of the lira has fallen again. keystone-sda.ch 3/10 The Turkish currency also fell to new lows on Friday. The result: prices rise. Screenshot Finanzen.ch 9/10 Florence Hartmann (29), currency … Read more

Turkish and Greek Warship Mini Collision in the Mediterranean Sea

loading… ATHENA – One warship Turkey and one warship Greece engaged in a “mini collision” as tensions in the eastern Mediterranean continued to escalate. A Greek defense source called the incident an accident. Tensions have risen this week after Turkey sent a survey vessel to the region, escorted by warships, to map sea areas for … Read more

Faced with the Turkish threat, Macron strengthens the French military presence in the Eastern Mediterranean

Auring a telephone interview with the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the French Head of State once again expressed “his concern about the tensions caused by Turkey’s unilateral decisions on oil exploration, which must end to allow a peaceful dialogue between neighboring countries and allies within NATO”, Indicates the French presidency in a press release … Read more

Tails Attack Nirawak, Iraqi Anger and Cancel Turkish Minister’s Visit Page all

BAGHDAD, KOMPAS.com – Iraq cancel ministerial visits and summon the Ambassador ( Ambassador) Turkey on attack random aircraft on the Iraq-Turkey boundary. The attack that occurred on Tuesday (11/8/2020) caused two Commissioned Officer high Iraqi killed. Iraqi officials have described the attack as “a blatant Turkish airstrikes” in autonomous regions Kurdish in northern Iraq, For … Read more

Turmoil in Turkey causes Turkish lira exchange rate to fall | Financial

Less and less euros for your money. Ⓒ ANP / HH ISTANBUL – The exchange rate of the Turkish lira is again falling sharply amid financial turmoil in Turkey. The country’s central bank last week promised new measures to bolster the value of the currency, but chose to leave interest rates untouched. The situation already … Read more

Turks seek refuge in hard currency after loss of Turkish currency | NOW

The share of foreign currency in savings in Turkey has risen to 49.4 percent, the central bank of the country. Turkish savers are thus responding to the erratic rate of the Turkish lira over the past week. The currency hit a new low against both the dollar and the euro on Friday. The lira took … Read more

Turkish women take to the streets to preserve Istanbul Convention, ‘treaty saves lives’

Mehmet Ali Güldemir, affiliated with Diyanet, the influential government agency for religious affairs in Turkey, believes that Turkey should withdraw from the treaty as soon as possible. “This treaty has already destroyed our traditional family structure. It has created unnecessary divorces.” He believes that domestic violence within the family should be resolved. “The man, the … Read more