Leila Kora source: A Turkish show for Afsha

Wrote: Ramadan Hassan Saturday 13 August 2022 01:36 PM A source confirmed that there is a Turkish offer to Al-Ahly club to include Mohamed Magdy “Afsha”, the team’s player, on loan, indicating that he will receive a large salary, if the team accepts the offer. A source said in exclusive statements to Laila Koura: “The … Read more

The MVP chant was not for Dončić, but the Turkish fans were silenced by Dragić

With half a minute to play before the end of the fourth quarter, the home team was still trailing by 6 points, but they were able to promptly eliminate it. Furkan Korkmaz scored the decisive two points after a difficult breakthrough. The forward of Philadelphia “76ers” was difficult to stop and in the extra 5 … Read more

K. Nacickaitė is moving to a historical Turkish club

Kamilė Nacickaitė remains in Turkey for the coming season, but moves to a much more well-known club. The Lithuanian, who left Ankara’s “Nesibe Aydin” team, joins Istanbul’s “Galatasaray” – the legendary Turkish team officially announced this. ✍️ Galatasaray’a hosh geldin Kamilė Nacickaitė 💛❤️#HereComeTheLions 🦁 @SpecialK23_ 🔗 For detailed information; https://t.co/E42MzR5QqI pic.twitter.com/cC0v14Qybv — Galatasaray Basketball (@GSBasketbol) … Read more

Hundreds of Turkish War Vehicles Enter Ukraine

Wednesday, 10 August 2022 – 09:50 WIB VIVA – Faced with the fact that many units of combat vehicles were destroyed by troops Russia, military Ukraine brought in hundreds of BMC Kirpi armored vehicles from Turkey. Reported VIVA Military from Interfax-Ukraine, the Ukrainian Armed Forces (ZSU) will receive a total of 150 units of BMC … Read more

5 Turkish Women’s Beauty Secrets That Melt Youth’s Hearts, You Can Try at Home! : Okezone Travel

5 SECRETS Turkish women’s beauty you should know. Turkish women do look charming with smooth faces and skin. Apparently, they have a secret of their own. To produce beautiful body and facial skin, they often use natural ingredients. Here are 5 beauty secrets of Turkish women that you might try at home. Turkish bath One … Read more

Turkish scientists developed it! Monkey Pox disease can be detected in 1 hour

“We are ready to meet the needs of our country and society in a possible monkeypox epidemic” Acting Rector Prof. Dr. In his assessment on the subject, Tamer Şanlıdağ said, “With the opportunities we have, our competent academic staff and the experience we have gained during the COVID-19 process, we are ready to meet the … Read more

Turkish scientists found it. It is detected in 1 hour. Great news about the monkey flower.

According to the news of İHA; Monkey pox, declared a “global emergency” by the World Health Organization, continues to cause concern.It was emphasized that necessary precautions should still be taken for the disease, which was declared to have a very low risk of creating a pandemic compared to COVID-19. One of these measures is the … Read more

The summary of the transfer window of 06/08: Barça ready to rush on Thomas Meunier, Ronaldo fails a Turkish club

The dates : France: June 10 to September 1, 11 p.m. England: June 10 to September 1, 11 p.m. Italy: July 1 to September 1, 8 p.m. Spain: July 1 to September 1. Germany: July 1 to September 1. Belgium: June 15 to September 6. THE RED DEVILS Dries Mertens will sign at Galatasaray, announced … Read more

Criticism about the Turkish series (Section Other) before it was shown on Netflix

The popular Turkish series (Zat Another) faced criticism from Turkish critics before it was shown on the global platform, Netflix, due to the performance of young actress Tuba Buyukustun. Criticism of Tuce Madyanty, one of the most famous Turkish critics, caused the series to top Google search engines, after describing the series as weak and … Read more