Expectations are the strangest on the face of the earth.. This is what will happen in the Gulf states after several days?.. You will not believe the predictions of astronomer Michel Hayek, who made his head turn gray?

2022/01/15 It’s 04:00 a.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite The pioneers of the communication sites republished and shared predictions for the Lebanese astronomer Michel Hayek during a broadcast broadcast by the Lebanese channel MTV about the predictions for the year 2022 and what will happen in a few days. Hayek saw “a retreat and retreat … Read more

WhatsApp: How to turn off the app without disconnecting the Internet on the cell phone?

WhatsApp being the most used messaging application by users because it is essential to be connected all the time, whether for work or family issues where the number of calls, text messages and voice messages is constant; but surely this situation can exhaust you and not give you that peace of mind you are looking … Read more

How to turn off WhatsApp without disconnecting the internet on your phone?

Do you want to avoid WhatsApp calls or messages from reaching you? Then you must know the trick that will help you to do it without having to uninstall the app. Thousands of WhatsApp users have been surprised by a simple trick that has gone viral on social networks. Although it is the favorite app … Read more

“Films from Africa are just waiting to be widely exhibited in turn”

The Franco-Senegalese director, co-programmer of the “Tigritudes” cycle at the Forum des Images, devoted to pan-African cinema from 1956 to 2021, talks about the discovery of this continent often overlooked by film buffs and the importance it had in her career. Your films testify to your love for American cinema and musical comedy. When and … Read more

Lebanon may enter total darkness… The owners of generators set a time to turn them off!

A warning statement was issued by the Private Generators Owners Association, which stated: Confusion, followed by confusion for more than 7 months, especially between the hammer and the anvil, on the one hand, the insane rise of the dollar, and on the other hand, the rise in the price of the fuel oil plate to … Read more

The film adaptation of “Reflections of Eterna” may turn out to be a failure

An epic domestic saga with many noble houses and battle scenes has been compared to Game of Thrones. The Russian project “Eterna” will be released on January 20 on the Internet service KinoPoisk HD, and its first season will consist of ten episodes. Fans of the fantasy genre are looking forward to this premiere, especially … Read more

Oldest fossil remains of our ancestors turn out to be much older than thought

The fossils of Homo sapiens discovered in East Africa turn out to be not 200,000, but at least 230,000 years old. In the 1960s, hoping to learn more about our own ancestors, expedition members traveled to a remote place in southern Ethiopia to search for human remains. And with success. In the town of Omo … Read more

New rising star, chic, preparing to turn from YouTuber to a career as a singer Don’t have high hopes, just ask for 100 views!

before Sprite SPD No.1 has a dream of retreating. Lamborghini surprises a 75-year-old grandfather at a price of 25 million baht. At the end of the car, the names of all the team members have been put on it. with the name of chic slider to appear In this work, Sprite gave an impressive reason … Read more

The famous astronomer Michel Hayek..detonates horrific events that will cause her hair to turn gray..and expectations are the strongest of their kind for this Arab country?

2022/01/10 It’s 08:00 a.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite In new predictions for the famous fortune-teller, Michel Hayek, a head about what is happening in an Arab country, the pioneers of the communication sites re-published and shared predictions for the Lebanese astronomer Michel Hayek during a broadcast carried by the Lebanese channel MTV about predictions … Read more

Juventus flashed with an unprecedented turn, Inter returning to lead the Serie A

Updated 23:00, 9 January 2022 9. 1. 2022, 18:45 The second time of the week was played in the Italian Serie A. The AC Milan team started the whole program on the Venice field, where they won clearly 3: 0, and temporarily got to the first spot in front of the city rival. But he … Read more