Schnapps distillers from Sachsenkam: Hartmannseggers turn their hobby into a second mainstay

Updated: 24.11.202010:46 fromFelicitas Bogner conclude After the meal, a small sip of fruity fruit brandy. This has a long tradition in Bavaria. That is why there are also many small private distilleries in the Isarwinkel. One of them hasn’t been too long. Sachsenkam – In Sachsenkam, Georg and Thomas Hartmannsegger have only been making their … Read more

THUNDER present their video clip, dedicated to the Brexit crisis, LAST ONE OUT TURN OFF THE LIGHT

Here is the long awaited first music video of the stars of the Hard Rock British Thunder, ”Last One Out Turn Off The Lights”, preview of his new album ‘All The Right Noises’ what BMG will edit the March 12, 2021, all over the world. The volcanic first single from the album, “Last One Out … Read more

I’m Venezuelan and glad to turn Trump’s page

We Venezuelans attend the spectacle of the United States elections as fans without voice or vote who believe we are playing, firsthand, the possibility of heaven or the continuity of hell. The tense expectation, exacerbated by playing a passive role in a momentous event, has grown more disconcerting as the ending becomes as unimaginable as … Read more

Tropical wave in the Caribbean could turn into a storm in the coming days

| 12/11/2020 – 7:55am (GMT-4) The Miami-based National Hurricane Center (NHC) is monitoring a tropical wave in the Caribbean Sea that has a high probability of turning into a tropical cyclone in the next two to three days. According to the information provided by the satellite, the phenomenon could produce a large area of ​​showers … Read more

San Diego’s cool weather will turn warm over the weekend

High daytime temperatures throughout San Diego County will remain at or below average through Sunday, when the region warms up from light Santa Ana winds. Originally it looked like a low pressure system would pass late Thursday and Friday and bring some rain west of the mountains. “But that system has dried up, for now … Read more

Brittany Murphy, the sad story of another broken Hollywood doll that would turn 43 today

At the age of five I already knew that I wanted to succeed in Hollywood If there is no doubt about something, it is that Hollywood is a machine of dreams and … broken dolls. Perhaps the most famous is Marilyn, but we add Natalie Wood, Judy Garland, Verónica Lake … The list goes on … Read more

The first cruise ship that was going to pick up travelers to the Canary Islands had to turn around

photo_cameraCosta Cruises. The tourism the flight does not finish, given the restrictions on travelers imposed across Europe by the coronavirus. An unsustainable situation in some sectors such as cruise ships, which has also caused the occasional last minute change. This is the case of the cruise ship Naviera Cruise bound for Las Palmas, the first … Read more