They turned off Anne Heish’s life support after finding a recipient for her organs

Anne Hesch’s life support has been turned off after a viable recipient was found for her organs, People magazine reports. It is not yet clear which of hers will be donated to the unidentified recipient. The “Another World” and “Six Days, Seven Nights” star was pronounced dead, according to California law, after the loss of … Read more

The thief who stole the ATM machine in Lubuk Linggau turned out to be a police officer

Lubuk Linggau, South Sumatra – Not even 1 x 24 hours the theft incident machine ATM owned by Bank BRI which is located on Jalan Yos Sudarso, to be precise next to the office of the City Religious Court Linggausuccessfully revealed the ranks of the Tiger Criminal Investigation Team of the Lubuk Linggau Police, South … Read more

how Milos Bikovich was turned into a famous singer

On the First channel starts the series “Magomaev”, dedicated to the legendary singer Muslim Magomayev. The performers of the main roles in it were chosen by the widow of the People’s Artist of the USSR, an opera singer Tamara Sinyavskaya. What is the series “Magomaev” about The action of the series takes place in the … Read more

Experience story: the used car that came into the possession turned out to be damaged, but the seller can no longer be reached – Motors – Lifestyle – Klik

On April 2 of this year, Jaaks bought a “Mazda CX5” car in Tallinn, paying 13,000 euros for it. The car recovered from Germany looked in perfect condition. Ják was worried by the fact that the seller did not give him any information about the last technical inspection of the car. Soon the problems with … Read more

The bitter return of RAF pilots: Communists turned heroes into traitors and criminals

“I hope my parents are here too. I can imagine how they must feel – their only son is coming back to them after six years. They must be proud of me. I am returning home at the head of the first and most famous Czechoslovak fighter squadron. My heart is bursting with pride. Now … Read more

R. Giedraitis’s path through the eyes of his father: how a stubborn average player turned into a EuroLeague star

Šiauliai–Mažeikia–Šiauliai–Vilnius–Berlin–Vitoria. This is the path of 29-year-old Roko Giedraitis in basketball. His father, Robertas Giedraitis, spent his entire professional career in the Šiauliai team, where he now works as an assistant to coach Antanas Sireikas. In the annals of the LKL, R. Giedraitis is sixth in terms of time played: he spent 11,290 minutes on … Read more

Norway considers euthanasia for walrus Freya who also turned up in the Netherlands | animals

12 aug 2022 om 08:50Update: 2 dagen geleden Norwegian authorities say they are considering euthanizing walrus Freya. The animal that appeared at the end of last year in Harlingen, Den Helder and Schiermonnikoog, among others, is now swimming near Oslo. There she attracts so much attention that it threatens to become dangerous for both humans … Read more

It turned out that SMT technology in Ryzen and EPYC processors allows you to steal confidential data

Research group published information about a new vulnerability that affects all AMD processors with Zen, Zen 2 and Zen 3 architectures. The vulnerability is called SQUIP (Scheduler Queue Usage via Interference Probing – using the scheduler queue through interference analysis), the exploitation of which allows attackers to gain access to sensitive data. Image Source: AMD … Read more