The health card doesn’t work on Tuesday either: It’s been blocked for 24 hours (Video)

The computer system of the national health card does not work even on Tuesday morning, after the service was blocked on Monday and, apparently, the problem was not fixed. Therefore, the system has been malfunctioning for 24 hours. The National Health Insurance House (CNAS) has shown that, until the situation is remedied, doctors will have … Read more

Ambulance and SMURD tablets – how the intervention crews will help

Ambulance and SMURD vehicles will be equipped with tablets to collect, store and electronically transmit patients’ medical data, the Emergency Department said. The introduction of tablets aims both to facilitate the activity of doctors, nurses and paramedics, as well as to improve the entire emergency system. “Simple, intuitive and fast. These are just some of … Read more

a TV channel uses clichés to represent countries

Posted on Saturday, July 24, 2021 at 5:26 p.m. The images were controversial on the web after their broadcast during the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics was watched by millions of viewers around the world. Broadcast on multiple channels, it was in South Korea that a controversy arose. Indeed, the television … Read more

Paramount Plus vs. HBO Max vs. Disney Plus: grandes diferencias —

In the fight for streaming services, more and more players are joining with their own platforms and the last three to reach Latin America have huge differences that are worth comparing. Here we do a review of Paramount Plus vs. HBO Max vs. Disney Plus. Which is better? Paramount Plus arrived in Latin America on … Read more

How dangerous it is to take medication by ear and what foods not to combine with the pills

Whether we have a headache or a cold, many of us have preferred to take medication at least once in our lives without going to the doctor. But self-medication is very dangerous for us, explained Dr. Ana Stemate (Metropolitan Hospital) in a given interview The doctor also highlighted the danger of associating alcohol with … Read more

Venezuela: Maduro, ‘ready to negotiate with opposition’ – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – CARACAS, JUL 23 – Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced that the government delegation “is ready” to participate in negotiations with the opposition forces led by Juan Guaidó, which will be held in Mexico accompanied by Norway . “We are ready to go to Mexico – he declared during a ministerial meeting broadcast on … Read more

A BOLA – Frederico Morais said he was going to miss the Olympic Games (Surf)

Last minute drop in the Portuguese delegation for the Olympic Games, which officially kick off this Friday in Tokyo. Surfer Frederico Morais said Covid-19 was positive. “The last 24 hours have been very complicated. Managing the possibility of not being able to attend the Olympic Games was perhaps more difficult than being sure. It’s a … Read more

Can the electronic cigarette be a real chance to quit smoking?

Definitely yes, the electronic cigarette can smooth the way you quit smoking, without experiencing the discomfort created by the lack of nicotine. Electronic cigarette it was created exactly for this purpose, enhancing the harmful effects of tobacco burning. The device that produces steam this time that carries a certain aroma and a perfectly controlled amount … Read more

Service housing for all doctors or 300 euros as rent – bill

Doctors could benefit from housing or money for rent if an independent senator’s bill is adopted. Alfred Laurentiu Mihai he is the one who elaborated this draft normative act. “This week I submitted to the Senate a bill that aims to reduce the migration of doctors from the Romanian health system. A phenomenon that has … Read more

Harvard researchers have genetically modified pigs to make their organs compatible with humans

An international scientific team has succeeded in genetically modifying pigs so that their organs are compatible with human transplants. This progress could revolutionize the transplantation of organs (heart, liver or lungs), allowing them to be taken from pigs, instead of human donors who are very few, according to an article published in the American journal … Read more