A call from around twenty elected members of Liège in favor of the regularization of undocumented migrants

Sunday was the day of the refugees… In Liège, around 200 people took part in a rally on the Esplanade Saint-Léonard, in the afternoon, in favor of the regularization of undocumented migrants. A musical event also in support of the hunger strikers of the Church of the Beguinage, the ULB and the VUB in Brussels. … Read more

RS virus ravages toddlers and preschoolers: ‘Twenty beds occupied in one day in Bravis’ | Bergen op Zoom

The latter does not mean that the Child and Youth Department only houses patients with a cold with shortness of breath. ,,But there are certainly more than usual at this time of year. We mainly see toddlers and preschoolers,” says Van Bodegom.

Disaster for newcomers, there are sixteen infected players! And twenty positives in the Jihlava puppy

Hockey players of České Budějovice during the cup match with Pilsen Vaclav Pancer, ČTK “Monday’s testing of players revealed that there are sixteen positive cases of covid-19 in the Motor team. The club is still in contact with hygiene and will communicate with it about every next step, “said the South Bohemians on their official … Read more

Boeing has its first order for 737 MAX after twenty months, it is bought by a Polish carrier

Enter Air has agreed with Boeing on compensation for grounded aircraft. The carrier thinks the 737 MAX will be the best aircraft in the world. In a flood of unfavorable news about the cancellation of orders and production restrictions, Boeing announced an unexpected newspaper today. The Polish airline Enter Air received an order for the … Read more

Population growth, Norway | We will be so many in ten, twenty and thirty years: Check your municipality here

Young people are fleeing the districts, cities and surrounding areas. Here you can see how things are going in your own municipality. Overall, the population will grow by 11 percent until 2050, the regional projections’ main alternative shows, according to Statistics Norway. The figures were presented on Tuesday. Growth is very unevenly distributed geographically. The … Read more

Twenty corona deaths in two days: ‘Perhaps heat plays a role …

At the beginning of this week, the number of deaths from the new corona virus suddenly increased. The heat wave may play a role, says epidemiologist Brecht Devleesschauwer of the Sciensano health institute. According to provisional figures, 9 deaths were counted on Monday, and on Tuesday 11. In recent weeks, that number has always fluctuated … Read more

Alzheimer’s, a simple blood test can diagnose the disease twenty years earlier

A‘blood analysis to locate theAlzheimer before it shows its effects. Scientists have discovered that small fragments of a protein that appears in the brains of people who suffer from it also begin to circulate in the blood at the beginning of the disease. Read also> Coronavirus, WHO: «No seasonal epidemic but only wave» The finding … Read more

Trouble! Three members of the Czech national team under the age of 20 had a positive test for coronavirus

Three members of the Hockey Twenty had a positive test for coronavirus (illustrative photo) [email protected] “Three members of the team that played the triple in Brno informed us today that the results of the covid-19 tests they submitted to after returning to the clubs were positive,” Zikmund said. “We will not name exactly who it … Read more

“Bonuses” of twenty million and an annual check: separation made between Berlusconi and Pascale

Very far, of course, from the financial recognition guaranteed to the ex-wife Veronica, almost one and a half million a month. But more solid than the “incentives” to silence from 5 million one-off attributed to the patrons of the genus Ruby Rubacuori. Francesca Pascale, the longest-serving ex-first lady among Berlusconi’s girlfriends, randomly led to a … Read more