Emirates News Agency – The Emirates Space Agency and Amazon Web Services (AWS) sign an agreement to enhance cooperation and support the growth and sustainability of the space sector

Wednesday, December 7, 2022 – 12:37 PM – During the activities of the second day of the Abu Dhabi Space Dialogue.Ibrahim Al-Qasim: We seek through the agreement to support our national cadres and the private sector with the required skills and educational programs and to enable companies operating in the sector with advanced applications. Wojcic … Read more

Emirates News Agency – Leaders of space agencies from the UAE, Bahrain, Norway, Portugal, the Philippines and Poland discuss strengthening partnerships in the space industry

Tuesday, December 6, 2022 – 6:40 PM – In a session entitled “Multiplying the Impact of the International Space Agencies”. Leaders of space agencies from the UAE, Bahrain, Norway, Portugal, the Philippines and Poland discuss strengthening partnerships in the space industry. Salem Al Qubaisi: We must maintain the spirit of cooperation and avoid competition in … Read more

Mubadala announces changes in the senior leadership of the investment sector in the UAE

Abu Dhabi (WAM) Mubadala Investment Company “Mubadala”, the sovereign investment company in Abu Dhabi, announced yesterday the transfer of Musabbeh Al Kaabi from his current position in Mubadala as CEO of the investment sector in the Emirates, to assume the position of CEO of the Low Carbon Solutions Sector and the new international growth at … Read more

Unprecedented offer from UAE and Saudi Arabia: Let’s give 3.7 billion dollars and buy it to us

The Saudi Arabian and Qatari joint investment fund was the largest bidder for Liverpool, which was put up for sale. The most serious offer to Fenway Sports Group, which put Liverpool up for sale, came from the Saudi Arabian-Qatar joint consortium. According to the news of David Lynch from Sporting News; The Saudi Arabian-Qatar joint … Read more

Strong jobs data disappoint US stocks

Sherif Adel (Washington) The data of the Ministry of Labor, issued yesterday morning in Washington, showed that 263,000 new jobs were added in the month ending November, so stock and bond prices fell, for fear of the Federal Reserve continuing to tighten monetary policy, against the background of the continued strength of the labor market, … Read more

Chip production companies resort to cutting costs

Hassouna Al Tayeb (Abu Dhabi) With inventory levels soaring, and following sharp growth during the COVID-19 outbreak, chipmakers have postponed hiring and cut costs. Recently, these companies have laid off some workers and reduced production, in order to adapt to the new situation, which affected all industrial sectors around the world. Qualcomm, one of the … Read more

The dollar is near its lowest level in 16 weeks

London (Reuters) The dollar settled near its lowest level in 16 weeks against a basket of major currencies yesterday, before key data related to the labor market in the United States, while the yuan is heading to record the largest weekly gain since China revalued its currency in 2005.The dollar index, which measures the performance … Read more

“Calendar 2023” after canceling the “China Prize”

Paris (AFP) The amended calendar for the 2023 season of the “Formula-1” World Championship was revealed, after the cancellation of the China Prize due to the outbreak of the Corona virus.The International Automobile Federation is studying alternative options for the China award.The China race, which continues to be absent from 2019 due to the outbreak … Read more

“Stock Market Madness” in the “Fifth Group”!

Ali Maali (Dubai) The third round of Group E competitions came as “crazy” like the gold or stock exchange, because the four teams clung to the hope of qualifying until the last moments, which are Japan, Spain, Germany and Costa Rica, and with every goal the ranking index oscillated up and down, and ended up … Read more