List of 43 Countries Condemn China for Uighur Muslims, No Indonesia

loading… WASHINGTON – A total of 43 UN member states submitted a joint statement condemning the treatment China against minority groups in Xinjiang, including communities Muslim Uighur . Of the 43 countries, Indonesia is not in it. The 43-nation joint statement was made by French Ambassador to the United Nations Nicolas De Riviere at a … Read more

Former Chinese Police Reveals Torture of Uighur Detainees in Xinjiang, His Confession Makes Goosebumps

Re-education camps in Xinjiang. (Source: AP Photo) BEIJING, KOMPAS.TV – A former Chinese police officer reveals his brutal torture of detainees in Xinjiang Province. The former officer, known only as Jiang, revealed he was part of the “Xinjiang Development” policy three years ago. He also worked in a re-education camp where the Muslim minority Uighurs … Read more

Violent, Uighur Muslim Prisoners Beaten, Tortured and Rape

loading… WASHINGTON – A former detective reveals the extreme torture tactics used by the authorities China to home from the minority Muslim Uighur . This he revealed in a surprising interview from his place of exile in Europe to CNN. In the interview with the US-based media, the former officer identified as Jiang revealed that … Read more

US Muslims Boycott Hilton over Uighur Mosque Becoming a Chinese Hotel

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A number of Muslim organizations in United States of America calls for a boycott of Hilton for planning to build a hotel on the mosque site Uighur in Xinjiang which was destroyed by the Chinese government. “Today, we are announcing a global boycott campaign against Hilton,” said Nihad Awad, executive director … Read more

Chinese Foreign Minister Meets Taliban, Asks For Help Against Uighur Extremists

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Minister of Foreign Affairs China, Wang Yi, met with delegates Taliban on Wednesday (28/7) in Tianjin and asked for help against extremist groups Uighur di Xinjiang, East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM). As reported Reuters, Wang said he hoped the Taliban could help fight ETIM which is a “direct threat to China’s … Read more

China has accepted the Taliban and demanded their help against Uighur extremists – World

© Associated Press Photo from the Taliban’s latest peace talks with the Afghan government in Doha. A delegation of the Afghan Taliban talks in China with the Chinese Foreign Minister and high-ranking diplomats from the country at their invitation. The meeting they tell about and the speaker Mohammad Naim, and Chinese authorities, signal that Beijing … Read more

Uighur Muslims Must Be Equal to Chinese Citizens

loading… ANKARA – President Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan told his colleagues from China , President Xi Jinping , it is important for Turkey that Muslim Uighur living in peace as a citizen on par with China. Even so, he said, Turkey still respects China’s sovereignty. Erdogan made the remarks during a phone call with Xi … Read more

Rare, Israel Condemns China’s Oppression of Uighur Muslims

loading… TEL AVIV – Government Israel for the first time condemned what they called China’s suppression of the community Muslim Uighur . This rare step by the Zionist government comes after pressure from the United States (US) government. Israel signed a joint statement submitted to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR) urging China to … Read more

Rarely, Israel Condemns China’s Treatment of Uighur Muslims

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Israel also criticized China on allegations of human rights violations against Muslim Uighurs and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang. Israel also supports calls to urge China to allow unrestricted access to the Xinjiang region to investigate alleged human rights abuses there. The Zionist country signed a joint statement delivered at the … Read more

Outrageous! After Uighur Muslims, Buddhists in Tibet and Christians, China Vatican Uprooted Allegedly Part of Communism Plans – All Pages

Sosok.ID – China, as if not tired of elbowing the countries of the world. This time, the country led by Xi Jinping involved cyber espionage or online espionage. But not as usual, not the US or Chinese enemies who were targeted. In fact, this small country led by Pope Francis Benedict was the target. Right, … Read more