Molotov cocktails were thrown at the house of Ukrainian influencer Sofia Stuzhuk in Bieriņi

At the weekend, the most famous Ukrainian blogger living in Riga, Sofija Stužuka, came out with alarming news – under the cover of night, the house in Bieriņi, where Stužuka lives with her fiance and three children, was attacked with fuel cocktails. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The 27-year-old Ukrainian woman moved to … Read more

The flow of gas from Germany to Poland has fallen to zero

As reported by Reuters, citing the German transmission operator Gascade, the drop was registered at 7:00 am in the Mallnow measurement point on the Polish-German border. One hour earlier, 1.305 million kWh had been delivered. The reasons for the suspension of the transfer are not known. At the same time, the transport of gas to … Read more

The Solution to End the Ukrainian War Is the Military Way!

loading… Irina Scherbakova, a Russian human rights activist who won the Nobel Peace Prize, said that the solution to ending the war in Ukraine was by military means. Photo/REUTERS BERLIN – There is no diplomatic solution to end the war in Ukraine and the solution available now is only by military means. This was conveyed … Read more

[Delfi trumpai] Ukrainian soldiers shot down a Russian helicopter (video)

This was reported by the Ukrainian Air Force. “Today, around 2:00 p.m., a unit of the Dnipro anti-aircraft missile brigade of the Vostok (East) Air Force Command shot down an enemy Ka-52 helicopter,” the statement said. The Ukrainian Air Force also shared a video that it claims captured this moment. According to Ukraine, Russia since … Read more

Hundreds of Ukrainian Soldiers’ Corpses Lying, Russia Remains Violent on the Eastern Front

Monday, 5 December 2022 – 09:50 WIB VIVA – Firefights between troops Ukraine and units military Russia ongoing for the last 24 hours. Not alone, the Red Bear fleet was supported by rebel militia forces of the People’s Republic of Luhansk People’s Militia (LPR). LPR Militia Spokesman, Ivan Filiponenko, said about 65 people tentara Ukraine … Read more

Due to Russian strikes, electricity will be cut off in all regions of Ukraine

There is no prospect of negotiating an end to the war in Ukraine, said Irina Shcherbakova, who helped found the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Russian human rights group Memorial. “I am absolutely convinced that there is no diplomatic solution with [Vladimiro] In Putin’s regime, while he is still here,” Shcherbakova said on Sunday in the German … Read more

So the Ukrainian anti-aircraft shoots down a 16 million Russian Alligator with French technology

One of the best attack helicopters of the Russian army, the notorious Ka-52, better known as the Alligator. A $16 million monster in the skies armed with 30mm cannons and 122mm S-13 rockets. And yet not infallible. This video recorded by the Ukrainian anti-aircraft forces proves it which, thanks to the French defense system called … Read more

Ukrainian officials extend a helping hand to the occupiers who want to survive: “We cannot judge the whole country”

By calling a hotline or entering data through various communication apps, Russian soldiers can agree on the best way to surrender to Ukrainian forces. They apparently increased after Russian President Vladimir Putin mobilized hundreds of thousands of Russian men and the city of Kherson was liberated. In the evenings, the Ukrainian communication center has the … Read more

T. Fury: about the fight with O. Usyk, a more serious opponent than the Ukrainian, A. Joshua who did not appear again and calls for D. Chisora ​​to retire

On Saturday, one of the best boxers of this era entered the ring in Great Britain – a 34-year-old Tysonas Fury (33-0-1, 23 knockouts). The undefeated WBC heavyweight world champion knocked out the 38-year-old countryman in the tenth round at Wembley Stadium Derek Chisora (33-13-0, 23 knockouts) and won against him already the third victory … Read more

Ukrainian soldiers disappear from the front. They are supposed to prepare a black scenario for Putin

The Ukrainians may be preparing to launch another offensive and, after Kherson, also liberate Melitopol in the Zaporozhye region. This is evidenced by the sudden disappearance of tens of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers from the front. According to experts, if successful, this would mean a major breakthrough and a black scenario for Vladimir Putin. Tens … Read more