One of the best pilots of the Ukrainian Air Force was killed

About of Ukraine the death of air force pilot A. Listopad was announced by the physics and technical lyceum of the Ivan Frankivsk region, where he studied. “Anton became a top-class military pilot. On the 30th anniversary of independence, millions of Ukrainians watched with admiration and pride the flight of the military parade aviation column … Read more

“Go away with that flag.” A Ukrainian fan in Cincinnati was kicked out of the Russian match

She just quietly watched the match wrapped in a flag, yet her presence caused a commotion. A Ukrainian fan named Lola showed up in the stands during the qualifying finals of the tennis event in Cincinnati. That in itself wouldn’t bother the organizers if two Russians weren’t playing against each other. A close first set … Read more

A Russian company attacked Ukrainian refugees in Switzerland: they told them to go home and die

“A Russian company that has been living in Zurich for more than a year attacked refugees from Ukraine with accusations of oppressing the Russian language. The Russian-speaking man, who introduced himself as Belarusian, first pinned a 20-year-old student from Ukraine against the wall. He later punched her when he heard she was from Ukraine. We … Read more

V. Zelenskis: “We must move from negotiations and calls to new strict sanctions against Russia”

Putin seeks to encourage the export of battlefield-tested Russian weapons Russian President Vladimir Putin touted Russian weapons to foreign allies on Monday, saying most of them are battle-tested. “We are ready to offer our allies and partners the most modern types of weapons, from small arms to armored vehicles and artillery, combat aircraft and drones,” … Read more

Rows of Russian War Officers Killing Ukrainian Civilians

Monday, 15 August 2022 – 05:05 WIB VIVA – Directorate of Intelligence Ukraine released the names of four officers military Russia, who was confirmed to have committed war crimes. The four Russian officers killed Ukrainian civilians, using cruise missiles to hit a number of areas. In the quoted report VIVA Military from PravdaUkraine’s Directorate of … Read more

The war in Ukraine. The Russians are advancing towards Bakhmut. “Partial Success”

Earlier, the deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, Piotr Wawrzyk, informed the Polish Press Agency that Poland was working on developing a concept that would allow for the non-issuance of visas to Russian citizens. The deputy minister recalled that Poland has not been issuing tourist visas to the … Read more

An attraction that made the Russians bitter. At the Finnish waterfalls, the Ukrainian anthem welcomes them

At the same time every day, for the pleasure of tourists, water is released there through an old river bed with cascades, and the view of the wild water is accompanied by the music of the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. The attraction was particularly popular with Russian tourists, and in 1772 even Empress Catherine the … Read more

A popular European attraction plays the Ukrainian national anthem for Russians

The city of Imatra plays the Ukrainian national anthem at the beginning of every show, in protest against the Russian invasion, the AFP agency wrote. Finland, which shares a 1,300-kilometer eastern border with Russia, is also one of the countries that plans to limit the issuance of tourist visas to Russian citizens. “It’s bad news … Read more

The Ukrainian national anthem plays for the Russians at the Finnish waterfalls. We all do not support Putin, the tourist defends himself — ČT24 — Czech Television

Also, in the nearby town of Lappeenranta, the Ukrainian national anthem is played every evening at the town hall building, not far from shopping centers popular with Russian tourists. “The goal is to express strong support for Ukraine and to condemn aggression and war,” local mayor Kimmo Jarva told AFP. Many Russians visit Lappeenranta to … Read more

the Russian slow pace, the Ukrainian response –

from Andrea Marinelli and Guido Olimpio Kiev tries to cut communication routes, Moscow presses on the East. Gaps in the ranks grow due to losses Very intense phase of fighting as Westerners continue their assistance program to Ukraine by dedicating resources to training. A long-term commitment. The duel South Ukrainian long-range systems have damaged or … Read more