Lithuanians shocked by the suffering of Ukrainians – about the panic in their eyes and why victims of abuse are silent

The first part of the “Lietuvos ryto” investigation “The Ukrainian wounded in the battle had lost hope, but the Lithuanian surgeon created a miracle” read here. Horror and panic in the eyes Lithuanian doctors also help the wounded in Ukraine itself. Not one of them brought back from the war-torn country an experience that strongly … Read more

Russia, Alexei Navalny | Navalny is compared to Putin: – I don’t care how many Ukrainians will hate me for this

KIRKENES (Nettavisen): Navalny is accused of both racism and Russian imperialism. When Vladimir Putin ordered Russian soldiers to occupy and annex the Crimean peninsula in 2014, Putin’s popularity rose enormously at home. The news that Crimea had “come home” was wildly popular, and in an interview in 2014, Navalny was clear that Crimea would not … Read more

Ukrainians shot down a Chinese Mugin-5 drone launched by the Russians

The soldiers were supposed to shoot down the drone with an AK-47 automatic machine gun. According to Ukrainian soldiers, the drone arrived from territory under Russian control. After the drone was shot down, it left a smaller crater because it was carrying a 20-kilogram bomb that exploded when it fell, reports CNN. According to the … Read more

Poll: Ukrainians want Crimea back. Even at the cost of a longer war

This is according to a survey by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS), which researchers conducted between February 22 and March 6. The vast majority of Ukrainians consider any territorial concessions to achieve peace unacceptable. According to the latest KIIS data, 9 percent of citizens are ready for concessions, while 87 percent of Ukrainians … Read more

The Russians pulled out an “invincible weapon.” We explain what Kinžal is and why the Ukrainians cannot shoot it down

Five years ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin presented six weapons that marked for invincible. In his speech on the state of the nation, he included among them the Kinžal missiles, which the Russians used for the first time they tested in the Arctic a year later. However, they experience their real premiere only in the … Read more

Who will be the new Putin? Ukrainians are already afraid of it – WP Wiadomosci

Show… Rafal Mrowicki, 14 mark 2023 12:57 share Tweet Ukrainians fear that peace with Russia will not last even when Putin is no longer in power. He’s about destroying Ukraine. His decision to attack Ukraine was perhaps the biggest mistake for which he paid heavily. In our opinion, it is impossible to talk to him. … Read more

GB, in Bakhmut Ukrainians are ‘target shooting’ on the Wagners

(ANSA) – ROME, MARCH 11 – The difficulties encountered by the Russian Wagner militia in advancing on Bakhmut are due to the fact that the Ukrainians, after having undermined the bridges over the Bakhmutka river, from reinforced positions carry out a deadly “target practice” on the Russian mercenaries, causing very high losses: this is what … Read more

The Ukrainians overheard the Russian. A drunk soldier’s tongue loosened –

share Tweet A Russian soldier said that among those mobilized in the ranks of the “second army of the world” there are people who have serious problems with alcohol and these are not isolated cases. One soldier even had to be sent home from the front lines because he was “drunken unconscious”. One of the … Read more

Ukrainians do not want Top Gun and the Oscar Academy to have Zelensky’s speech at the Oscars — ČT24 — Czech Television

In support of Ukraine, Zelenskyy spoke via video at the film Golden Globes and Grammy music awards, and virtually even rang the bell to open the New York Stock Exchange. But the Oscars keep their distance from the actor who became a politician and, after last February, the face of Ukrainian resistance to Russian aggression. … Read more