Well-known authors write summer short stories – do you understand who they are? – NRK Culture and entertainment

21:36 Hans Petter Blom:Do you have time for a quick chat before lunch tomorrow, Gaupa? 21:43 Lynx:Call me at 10 sharp. I will make sure to have a pocket alone. The next morning, at 10 o’clock sharp. “Gaupa”, who is a well-known Norwegian author, has sneaked away from the party. – How are you? Have … Read more

Lojas Americanas stock may plummet on Monday, but that’s expected; understand – Money Times

Starting next Monday, a new stock, AMER3, will be available to investors. This Friday (16) is the last day that the action of the American stores (LAME3;LAME4) will trade on the Stock Exchange with its 62.5% stake in the B2W Digital (BTOW3). Starting next Monday, a new action, the Americanas S.A (AMER3), will be available … Read more

understand how Pronampe works for the category

The National Support Program for Microenterprises and Small Businesses (Pronampe) it was created at the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, in May 2020, as an emergency measure to help this category that was affected by the economic crisis that had started at that time. O Pronampe helps entrepreneurs to obtain lines of credit from financial … Read more

Chinese medicine contains lead and pesticides?To understand the safety and inspection mechanism of Chinese medicine-PanSci

Author / Physician Lin Youyan The lead pipe incident caused much turmoil. Yesterday (11/23), the news reported that “the initial judgment of the three people in Shuangbei who exceeded the standard for blood lead was related to occupation and taking Chinese medicine.” The title homicide method appeared again, which made the Chinese medical profession jump … Read more

Britney Spears: understand everything about the guardianship contested by the star | Consonews

It has been thirteen years since Britney Spears, the iconic singer of the 2000s, has been placed under supervision. But the star is more and more vehemently contesting this regime, which she considers abusive. In the month of a month, she expressed herself twice in court to try to put an end to it. We … Read more

Ddl Zan, I listened to the debate in the Senate and I repented. But you have to understand why

I started listening the whole discussion in the classroom on the Zan bill, noting the most sensational absurdities. Then I repented, but it seems fair to tell you why. The intervention of Marco Perosino (Forza Italia) is practically an episode of Voyager. According to him, the text in question is even harmful to the development … Read more

8 Causes of Global Climate Change, Understand its Bad Impact on Life

1. Affects Water Quality and Quantity Too much rainfall will result in a decrease in the quality of water sources. In addition, the increase in temperature also causes chlorine levels in clean water. In addition, global warming will increase the amount of water in the atmosphere, which in turn increases rainfall. Although an increase in … Read more