Unemployed, the Meuse reveals a shell to Dave, a mortar to Godinne

– ©Vincent Bordignon Read also | Unemployment of the Meuse, the earth rises from the waters (Photos and video) The device was removed two hours later by the Service for the Removal and Destruction of Explosive Devices (SEDEE, a unit of the Land component of the Belgian army). With caution because nothing said that it … Read more

Going to Slavia or Pilsen? That’s not possible, says a well-known coach, even though he is currently unemployed

There are coaches who claim to be connected to one of the domestic clubs slowly by an umbilical cord. But when an offer comes from the biggest competitor, they calmly nod at it and claim that it is after all a job offer and they just always have to think about it. Earlier statements, when … Read more

Bonus 150 euros for the unemployed, the requirements to be met

The contribution, envisaged by the Aid ter decree, will also affect those who are unemployed: however, it will be important to respect the Isee limit, set at 20 thousand euros per year. Among the beneficiaries there are also those who receive the citizenship income and the social allowance or pensioners for civil invalids, blind and … Read more

A good game in the LKL does not guarantee anything: a group of players who played in Lithuania last year are still unemployed

The basketball off-season has already reached the finish line, with teams playing friendly games and official battles starting in a week or two. Despite this, the entire squad of players who played in the Lithuanian Basketball League (Betsafe-LKL) last season still hasn’t found a new club. Krepsinis.net invites you to familiarize yourself with 11 such. … Read more

Russian Prime Minister: 200,000 people may be unemployed in the next three months. people

“However, we also have invisible unemployment. It was about 200 thousand. or how many more people are likely to lose their jobs in the next quarter. We need to think about each of them,” M. Mishustinas was quoted as saying by TASS. According to him, the government must create a strategy in case of mass … Read more

40 seconds of terror in Omrania.. an unemployed man stabs a father and his son, and the people are crying

09:28 PM Wednesday 27 July 2022 Books – Mohamed El-Sawy Pandemonium, screaming and wailing in the Omrania Police Department after the residents saw a person carrying a white weapon and his clothes covered in blood; After she attacked the owner of a store and his son with knives, the people succeeded in apprehending the accused, … Read more

A young unemployed driver goes straight in a roundabout, Justice demands 16,000 € from him before… canceling the fine

The Hainaut police court, Mons division, has just canceled a record fine that the prosecution wanted to impose on a young driver prosecuted for alcohol intoxication. A recent law allows the public prosecutor to set an amount between 1,600 and 16,000 euros. The Hainaut prosecution had hit the highest: 16,000 euros. In this judgment that … Read more

unemployed Dubovitskaya was stabbed in the back

Regina Dubovitskaya “flew” a serious claim. The Full House star was accused of destroying all Russian humor and lowering it to the very bottom with her show. This opinion was publicly expressed by Galina Konshina. Famous actress in the show “Secret in a Million” on NTV she expressed her “fi” to her colleague. Konshina, in … Read more

If they opt for a trade in shortage, the long-term unemployed will combine their salary and 25% of their allowance for 3 months: many sectors concerned

To compensate for the lack of personnel in the sectors in shortage and to motivate the candidates, a measure has been decided by the government. From September, a long-term unemployed person will be able to keep part of their allowance for 3 months if they are in a shortage job. Same thing, if he changes … Read more

A bonus of 2,500 euros for unemployed young people: what it consists of and who can access it

New bonus of 2,500 euros from July for young people. This is a contribution without Isee that extends a hand to those looking for work in the transport sector. He will cover the expenses incurred for obtaining a driving license to pursue a career as a hauler. From July 2022 all young people interested in … Read more