Index – Culture – Scenario for one billion Jodorowsky’s unfinished Dune film

Instead of the expected 25-35 thousand euros, one of the most famous never-filmed films, the Chilean cult film, was sold at auction in Paris for 2.66 million euros (985 million forints). Alejandro Jodorowsky Scenario for his planned production entitled Dune, MTI announced. Following Frank Herbert’s classic science fiction novel of 1965, Jodorowsky wanted to shoot … Read more

GTA Trilogy San Andreas finds an unfinished VR mode!?

Wednesday, November 24, B.E. 2021 0:06 minutes 21 seconds, Indochina time Since the release of GTA Trilogy that makes the game fans feel beautiful Because of the quality of graphics and the game itself, I almost want to put a hundred sniffs on my nose. It can be said that news about this game comes … Read more

Square Enix is ​​showing video footage of Tomb Raider Ascension, an unfinished horror game starring Lara Croft

As a rule, it seldom happens that developer studios or publishers speak openly about crushed projects. The Japanese publisher Square Enix is ​​currently an exception and spoke on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Tomb Raider series about a discontinued offshoot of the popular series, with which they wanted to break new ground … Read more

The carmaker will lose trillions of crowns due to the lack of chips. Unfinished cars stand out, used cars become more expensive – ČT24 – Czech Television

The parking lot at Chrast near Chrudim fills one car after another – and there is not much space left. Cars have been coming here for almost a month, there are up to seven trucks a day. On Friday, there are around a thousand cars and the area for others is already being prepared. Skoda … Read more

Mihoyo, Action RPG Collapse 3rd Unfinished Paradise Update

MiHoYo Limited (miHoYo Limited) announced on the 17th that it has updated version 5.1 flawless paradise from the 3rd that it develops and services. In this update, a new S-class Valkyrie Pink Elf was revealed, and four new characters were introduced in the past paradise content. Miss Pink Elf is the first S-class character to … Read more

Who is to blame for unfinished repairs in Kaunas?

An important artery, the Castle Ring, has been open in Kaunas since September. However, work continues. Congestive drivers curse not only road users. In the Kauno diena studio, a conversation with Aloyzas Pakalniškis, the head of the City Management Department of Kaunas City Municipality, about the remaining works, their completion dates and further planned changes … Read more

Chinese space conquest. She sent three astronauts to an unfinished station

This is the launch of China’s first manned spacecraft in five years. The 2F Long March rocket carries a spacecraft into low orbit, where it joins Shenzhou to a basic station module called Tianje (Heavenly Harmony). China launched it into orbit around the Earth at the end of April this year, in May a Chinese … Read more

Vincent van Gogh’s final unfinished canvas lifts the veil on the circumstances of his death

While quietly filing documents at home during confinement in April, Wouter van der Veen, a Van Gogh specialist, made a discovery lifting the mystery around the painter’s final hours. “My eye was caught by a detail on a postcard, a detail that appeared on Van Gogh’s last painting,” he revealed on Tuesday, during the inauguration … Read more

The advance of the state and the unfinished season of privatizations

An e-book of “economic stories” written by Filippo Cavazzuti, the Bolognese professor first undersecretary with Ciampi, then Commissioner Consob and which in some way embodies the attempt of the Italian left to reconcile the State and the market, has circulated in recent days. The intriguing title: Italian financial capitalism a Phoenician Arab? and it takes … Read more