Who is Dagmara Kaźmierska’s friend? The celebrity revealed some details

Another celebrity candidate was Dagmara’s next friend. This time the feelings exploded for good. Adam and Edyta sealed the relationship with a wedding, which took place at the end of the seventh edition of the program. The couple chose Venice as the venue for the ceremony. Soon after this great event, it turned out that … Read more

Škoda Auto cancels further shifts due to a lack of chips

According to the unions, the cancellation of night shifts in car production in Mladá Boleslav will continue this week and next. Both assemblies, welding shops and paint shops will not run in Mladá Boleslav for both weeks in night shifts. In some operations, Saturday shifts are canceled. In Kvasiny, on the other hand, no shifts … Read more

The trade unions, two million workers still in the Covid – Economy crisis

micron burns consumption-work. Appeal for Cig Covid Gentiloni fears a brake on recovery. Trade unions, 2 million at risk ROMA (by Massimo Ricci) (ANSA) – ROME, DEC 29 – It is still early to quantify the damage, but Omicron is already doing a lot of harm to the economy. And the first alarms come from … Read more

Tim, the unions aren’t letting go. But for the first time the united front is broken

The unions are not letting go of Tim. But for the first time since the start of the yearRed alarm following the expression of interest by the American fund Kkr – intending to take over the majority of the company – which resulted in a chain the resignation of Luigi Gubitosi, the unitary front is … Read more

Telefónica agrees with the unions its plan of 2,982 voluntary departures in Spain

27/12/2021 – 13:13 Updated: 12/27/2021 – 16:30 The UGT and CCOO unions have endorsed the Telefónica’s final proposal on the Individual Suspension Plan (PSI) of employment, to which 2,982 workers will be able to join in Spain, union sources informed EFE this Monday. The company had conveyed its proposal to the unions during the last … Read more

FIFA has promised unions an additional $ 4.4 billion every two years at the World Cup

The international federation referred to the Nielsen market research report when quantifying profits. FIFA said it would spend $ 3.5 billion on development football projects in the first four years after the two-year cycle. During this period, each national federation should pay an additional $ 16 million. “In the end, everyone will benefit: small and … Read more

Here comes Omikron, and with it, the Union’s unity on travel rules collapses

With the Omikron attack, the first signs appear that European unity on travel rules is breaking Italy has unannounced a mandatory test that must be negative for all travelers from EU countries to complement their COVID-19 passes This additional piece of epidemiological control undermines confidence in COVID-19 certifications and triggered harsh reactions from airlines obstructed … Read more

French trade unions want to expel NSZZ “Solidarity” from the European organization

“We are outraged that the name” Solidarity “is used in France as an alibi for the far right. It is a betrayal of the struggle that our union waged with you 40 years ago. We do not understand what happened to Solidarity. in the past, it united in the past, against authoritarianism and the freedom … Read more

Consequences of electromobility in Škoda: Fear of 10,000 seats and the end of cheap engines

Disputes in the parent Volkswagen, a hard transition to electromobility, uncompromising emission standards and ongoing production downtime due to a lack of chips. Because of this, Škoda employees are experiencing uncertain times. According to trade unionists, up to 10,000 jobs are at risk. “We can say with certainty that we are in crisis,” the Škoda … Read more

Electric cars are in danger of losing 10,000 jobs, claims the Škoda Auto unions

“Uncertainty for the Škoda brand after 2026, especially until 2031, there is a risk of a decrease in occupancy and employment. If the EU7 ‘hard’ standard is adopted, the risk of losing up to 10,000 jobs increases, ”said Jaroslav Povšík, Chairman of the Works Council. Volkswagen raised the issue of European and World Works Council … Read more