Her partner’s daughter teases her. “It is demanding”

38-year-old Monika, an IT systems architect from Krakow, dislikes the most when 12-year-old Wiktoria, her husband’s daughter from a previous relationship, stays at their home longer than over the weekend. – It’s not just that we have a small apartment, only two rooms, 50 meters, where the four of us live – apart from us, … Read more

Teachers will get raises. The unions want more than what the Ministry of Education and Science proposes

From September 1, new minimum basic salary rates for teachers are to apply – from PLN 3,329 to PLN 4,224. However, trade unions want more money. Today it remains to be seen whether teachers of all levels of promotion can count on salary increases with the start of the new school year. How will MEPs … Read more

Ita, Lufthansa intervenes after Meloni’s words: “Patience is not infinite. The unions with us”. The Lega is also asking for the sale

The words of Giorgia Meloni they also arrived loud and clear in Germany, sparking a earthquake in the negotiation for the sale of Ita Airways a Lufthansa. So much so that the German company, after a silence, decided to intervene with a warning at Palazzo Chigi: “We wrote a letter to Draghi on the fact … Read more

“He was furious that I found out.” Her partner was still friends with his ex

“I understand he wants to help her, but carrying her everywhere, running her errands, makes me anxious. I am simply afraid that their feeling has not faded away, that they still both feel something for each other, especially since they have been together for seven years. Their relationship broke up because they reportedly kept arguing. … Read more

Tim, agreement on 2,200 voluntary departures and 550 hires. The trade unions: “Defense the occupation”

The agreement between Tim and the trade unions (Slc Cgil, Fistel Cisl and Uilcom Uil) was signed yesterday evening, after two days of negotiations, which provides for 2,200 voluntary exits in the two-year period 2022-23 to be accompanied 5-6 years earlier to retirement with the use of the instruments of the expansion contract and isopension. … Read more

Draghi-trade unions Summit, the government plan on Dl Aid: cut the tax wedge for incomes up to 35 thousand euros

Less than two months before the elections, Mario Draghi keep working on the next one Aid decree. After listening to the requests of farmers and artisans, on the morning of July 27 it was the turn of the labor unions. «The meeting produced some initial responses. I believe that the way is right», Said the … Read more

European unions want maximum temperature for outdoor work

AFP NOS News•yesterday, 03:45 The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) wants a maximum temperature to be agreed in a European context for safe working in the open air. The umbrella organization, to which 92 trade unions from 39 European countries are affiliated, will approach the European Commission with this request. The call comes a week … Read more

Ewa Kuklińska was in a relationship with a married man. “I paid dearly for it”

She was not lucky with men. One of the partners almost caused a misfortune Ewa Kuklińska once recalled a tragic story from her youth. The only 20-year-old actress met a then-married architect from Paris, with whom she fell madly in love. The fact that a man already has one sweetheart, she found out only after … Read more

Taxi: trade unions, strike lifted 20-21 July – Economy

The national assembly of taxi drivers’ unions, which met today, decided to cancel the strike scheduled for 20 and 21 July due to the government crisis. “The overt government crisis in progress, with which the works of Parliament and in particular of the Industry Commission of the Chamber of Deputies are interrupted, where the question … Read more

Wärtsilä, all political forces join the march on Thursday with the unions to stop the closure of the San Dorligo della Valle site

Without any division of part, the Friuli Venezia Giulia stands alongside the company’s workers Wärtsiläafter closure announced by the Finnish property. This was reiterated by a meeting that was held at the headquarters of the Region, meanwhile all the political forces have given their adhesion to the manifestation proclaimed for Thursday afternoon in piazza Unità … Read more