Index – Abroad – Prince William’s dangerous hobby worries Queen Elizabeth

The British press already he has written about it beforethat on one occasion Queen Elizabeth must have asked the prince not to fly by helicopter with his entire family on the plane. A Daily Mail now he writes that Queen Elizabeth has repeatedly asked the prince to stop helicoptering. He also specifically asked him not … Read more

12-year-old Battersbee’s life support has been turned off in the UK after a tense legal drama

Archie’s mother, Hollie Dance, said her son died just over two hours after the ventilator was switched off. “Such a beautiful little boy. He fought until the end,” the mother told reporters outside the Royal London Hospital, crying. “I’m the proudest mother in the world,” added Dance, who spent the night at Archie’s bedside with … Read more

UK oil giant BP has tripled its profit in the second quarter | Business

In the previous quarter, due to the withdrawal from the Russian market due to the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, the company suffered significant losses. The company reported $9.3 billion. USD net profit in April-June, which was three times higher than in the same three-month period last year. At that time, the losses for … Read more

In Ukraine, there is a petition to grant citizenship and prime ministership to Boris Johnson

Despite falling out of favor at home and eventually being forced to announce his resignation after dozens of ministers quit in early July, Johnson remains a cult figure in Kyiv for his vocal support for Ukraine fighting a Russian invasion. Paintings, murals and even cakes in the Ukrainian capital depict the man some Ukrainians affectionately … Read more

It’s official. The Eurovision Song Contest will be organized by Great Britain

The communiqué recalled that the United Kingdom is assuming the responsibility of hosting Eurovision for the fourth time in lieu of other countries. “Continuing this tradition of solidarity, we know that next year’s Competition will show the creativity and skills of one of the most experienced public service broadcasters in Europe, while ensuring that this … Read more

UK bill for divorce from EU appears to be billions higher again | NOW

The bill that the United Kingdom has to pay for the separation from the European Union, the so-called Brexit, seems to be higher again. This is evident from a new estimation from the UK Treasury Department. The bill is now expected to amount to 42.5 billion pounds (just under 50 billion euros). This means that … Read more

Massive arms shipment from London. They rub their hands together in Kiev

The United Kingdom announced more weapons for Kiev in June, informing that the support would include military equipment worth about $ 1.1 billion. All this to help Ukraine repel the attacks of Putin’s troops on its eastern territories. The islands show great determination in showing support.

Record temperatures in Great Britain. Chaos at airports

The highest temperature was recorded in Coningsby in Lincolnshire, where as much as 40.3 degrees Celsius was measured, which is a new record in Great Britain. In addition to the fires, the extremely high heat did a lot of damage, the asphalt was melted in many places, and around 200 schools were closed. There were … Read more

Johnson survives parliament vote and remains British prime minister for another seven weeks | NOW

Boris Johnson will remain Prime Minister of the United Kingdom for another seven weeks. He survived a confidence vote in parliament on his position on Monday night. As a result, he can remain in place until September 5, the day on which his successor must be announced. Johnson and his cabinet had requested the vote … Read more