UK Government: There will be no mandatory COVID-19 testing on arrival in England

The government is currently requiring fully vaccinated British and foreign nationals coming to England from most parts of the world to take a second-day antigen test for COVID-19. Unvaccinated travelers must isolate themselves on arrival and undergo several COVID-19 tests before and after arrival. Johnson, who announced last week that a reduction in the number … Read more

Media: The British plan to send additional troops to the Baltic states and Poland

Plans under discussion at the Ministry of Defense include expanding UK missions to send hundreds more troops ready to take part in hostilities to deter Russia, the article said. According to The Times, NATO asked the Allies whether it would be possible to expand the Alliance’s missions in the Baltics. “Countries are currently thinking about … Read more

The 8 Greatest Kingdoms in World History, Their Territories Sprawled Across Continents Page all – Based on the area he managed to master, there are several the largest kingdom in the world which has been formed since the beginning of human history. Some of these kingdoms managed to rule over territories that spanned two or more continents. However, over time, the empire gradually became a thing of the … Read more

“Faster and more violent”, what we’re dealing with – Libero Quotidiano

When we are still waiting for the peak of infections due to Omicron, which may have arrived, we begin to talk more and more consistently of Omicron 2. This is the latest Covid mutation, which would have started to circulate, obviously triggering the debate. Among those who extinguish alarmism, here it is Massimo Ciccozzi, head … Read more

An attacker who took four people hostage in a Texas synagogue is a UK citizen

“There is currently no information that other people are involved,” the FBI’s Dallas report said. A hostage drama in the small Texas town of Coleville took place Saturday when an assailant took hostages in one of the synagogues in Texas. Four people held hostage for more than 10 hours were released unharmed, while an assailant … Read more

UK Labor leader: Prime Minister ‘broke the law’

The latest report is related to a publication on the front page of The Sunday Telegraph with a photo of Johnson’s wife Carrie. The photo is said to have been taken at a party in September 2020 in violation of the rules on social distance in effect at the time. At least six lawmakers from … Read more

British government apologizes to Queen Elizabeth II for binge drinking at Prince Philip’s funeral

LONDON, – The British government on Friday (14/1/2022) apologized to Queen Elizabeth II, after it was revealed that the Prime Minister’s staff Boris Johnson breaking corona virus restrictions by partying at night Prince Philip’s funeral. “It is regrettable that this happened during a day of national mourning and Number 10 (Downing Street) has apologized … Read more

Covid, how dangerous is the Omicron variant? Data from Italy and the UK

In the UK, one of the countries where the new variant arrived first, the hospitalization curve has been changing shape for a few days: it continues to rise, but it is flexing. Omicron seems more contagious but, especially for those vaccinated with boosters, less serious: in our country, as of January 12, the positives with … Read more

Is the party on Downing Street over? Boris Johnson is urged to retire

Due to a party on Downing Street in May 2020, Johnson confronted the House of Commons with extremely fierce MPs this week. These did not hide their anger when it became clear that the Prime Minister himself had taken part in the famous rally of the ruling Tories. Although Johnson apologized and tried to explain, … Read more

Spain and the United Kingdom are preparing to go from pandemic to endemic: we must live with Covid

In Europe it will never be as in China and therefore the chances of eliminating Covid from our society are zero (and even in China it does not seem possible it can be kept out of the nation forever). This is why the United Kingdom and Spain, but probably also other countries, are already preparing … Read more