Trump’s disregard for the norms of democracy will haunt the US for years

The predictions most people make about what will come of these elections are probably correct. President Trump’s refusal to concede victory to Joe Biden will not change reality. Their legal claims appear to be going nowhere, with one judge even describing the Trump campaign team’s legal allegations as “inadmissible rumors. [a juicio] about inadmissible rumors. … Read more

Coronavirus in the world, Trump: “Positive about Covid White House staff person not close to me”

Over 29.6 million infections have been diagnosed worldwide. After the United States. the countries that suffered the most are Brazil (134,106), India (82,066), Mexico (71,678) and the United Kingdom (41,664). The United States reached 6,626,242 cases of coronavirus with 195,661 deaths. The data was provided by Johns Hopkins University, according to which in the last … Read more

The new Middle East emerging from the Israel-Emirates-Bahrain agreement

Jerusalem – The speech of the minisof Foreign Affairs Emirati Abdullah bin Zayed during the historical ceremony at the White House for the establishment of diplomatic relations between your country and Israel, was interrupted in Israeli homes by the “red alert” siren. Hamas ha made to feel live your own dissent, throwing different missiles on … Read more

“Idiots and losers”: controversy over Trump’s sentence about soldiers who died during the war. Biden: “Disgusting”

NEW YORK – The soldiers who died during the world war? “Idiots” and “losers”. Donald Trump would have used precisely these terms when, during a visit to France in November 2018 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, he avoided going to the American cemetery of Aisne-Marne hiding behind … Read more

Trump defends the boy who killed 2 people in Kenosha. And prepare a visit to the city

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, defended the actions of Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old from Illinois accused of killing two people last Tuesday during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and justified the right-wing groups that participated in the clashes in Portland, Oregon on Saturday. “We are evaluating his actions – he answered a question … Read more

Wisocnsin, a man who died in unrest after Jacob Blake was injured The sister: “I’m not sad. I’m angry”

KENOSHA (Wisconsin) – The toll of the clashes between demonstrators and police in Kenosha in Wisconsin after the wounding of an African American boy by the police is one dead and three injured, Jacob Blake, hit in the back from police bullets and remained paralyzed as reported by the family. now playing …. From New … Read more

Navalnyj, United States in Moscow: “If he was poisoned unprecedented measures”

MOSCOW – The US Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Pole he told the Russian foreign minister Serghei Lavrov that Washington could take serious action against Russia if it proves that opposition activist Alexei Navalny was poisoned. This was announced by the Russian Foreign Ministry. “” Having classified the incident as an ‘accident’, the US side … Read more

Republicans attack Biden’s “socialist and radical left”. Haley: “We are not racist”

Trump surprisingly opens the republican convention: “We will win if there is no fraud” CHARLOTTE – Abraham Lincoln, the fallen Americans, the workers, the challenge in space. The narrative voice of Jon Voight. On the evening that opened the republican convention, one of the most anticipated speeches was that of Nikki Haley, 48, for nineteen … Read more

Coronavirus in the world, outbreak in a French nudist resort: 100 cases. India exceeds three million infections

There are 23.5 million coronavirus cases in the world according to data from Johns Hopkins University, the victims over 809 thousand. The most affected are still the United States, which are close to reaching 6 million infections, with 177 thousand deaths. Brazil follows with 3.6 million cases almost reached by India where three million cases … Read more

Two children die in three weeks: the pain of TV journalist Larry King. “I have a broken heart”

NEW YORK – Annus horribilis for the legendary American journalist Larry King, 86: After suffering a stroke in May and some time after divorcing his wife Shawn after 22 years, the historic CNN face lost two children in just over three weeks. “It is with great sadness and the broken heart of a father that … Read more