The TOGETHER unity in the Pilsen districts is beginning to crumble

In the central district, a coalition based on the Pilsen-wide model has already been agreed, i.e. ANO, Pirates, STAN. Only instead of the Pro Plzeň movement it will be supplemented by TOP 09. YES, and the top players were already in the coalition in the last election period. “It probably makes no sense to be … Read more

Rutte hammers at UN unity against Russia: ‘Choose the good side’

EPA NOS News•Friday, 18:40•Amended Friday, 18:55 Prime Minister Rutte emphasized unity within the UN against Russia during his speech at the General Assembly of the United Nations on Friday. “Now is the time to be on the right side of history,” he said in the New York conference room. According to Rutte, Russian President Putin … Read more


The bad evening in Istanbul will remain in the memory of many, including the club, team and coach. What could and should have been a first turning point of the season has turned into a very bad European defeat which, in addition to jeopardizing the progress in the Conference League, weighs down an environment already … Read more

Anies Inaugurates GBI Jelambar Timur: Unity Must Be Treated Together

Jakarta – Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan inaugurated the Indonesian Bethel Church (GBI) East Jelambar, Penjaringan, North Jakarta. Anies was present at the new GBI Jelambar Timur building. Anies was seen wearing a batik shirt at the inauguration of the East Jelambar GBI. He’s talking about the City Jakarta as a node of Indonesian … Read more

the rate of progression reaches unity in Casablanca

Synthetic reminder of the historical evolution of recent COVID-19 figures without forecasts. All data is updated daily from Ministry of Health sites[1]. Even though authoritative voices have accused them of not reflecting reality, these are the only data we have. The table below gives the weekend figures as of 28/08/2022. The two graphs below show … Read more

Bulgaria will “ignominiously” start negotiations with Gazprom on gas supplies, even though the latter cut it off in April. Sofia is thus unprecedentedly shattering the unity of the EU in relation to Russia

Bulgaria will start meeting with Russian Gazprom on ensuring direct deliveries gas. Rossen Christov, Minister for energy the current official government of the Balkan country. In his words Bulgaria he has no choice. The country is said to be at risk of a serious supply shortage gas. Negotiations are likely to be long and difficult, … Read more

Unity Component | Joint | Bottled Snow

foreword This article will describe the introduction of various joints, and explain their use effects and scope of application. Joint | joint A joint is a built-in component of Unity and must be used between two Rigidbody objects. A simple understanding is to keep the distance or force between the two objects, springs or queues, … Read more

Unity refuses $17 billion for an even better deal

Business is Business. The Unity company refuses a particularly well paid merger offer for another much more advantageous, although less generous on paper. Unity is a company that provides development tools to many studios around the world, especially on mobile where most games use the graphics engine of the house, also able to splurge on … Read more