Coordination of universities 2022.. We publish the expenses of engineering faculties at the university

I wrote – Rawan Sharif: The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announced the opening of the door for registration of desires for the first stage of high school students, starting from Thursday, 11/8/2022 until Monday, 15/8/2022, according to the announced minimum. Sources closely related to the Coordination Office also expected that there will … Read more

Coordination of Universities 2022.. 155 thousand students register for aptitude tests

Mr. Atta, Head of the Education Sector at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and General Supervisor of the Coordination Office, announced this morning, Saturday, that the number of applicants for aptitude tests has so far reached 155,000 students on the website. coordination The website is for the new academic year 2022-2023. … Read more

Science Olympiad in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, etc., one of the most certain factors for admission to universities

Like the well-known Math Olympiad, the Science Olympic Games are held in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Astrophysics, Mathematics and Computer subjects. Admissions officers classify them into tiers I, II, III, and IV according to the type and level of extracurricular activities. At this time, this Olympiad competition, which corresponds to Tier I, which is evaluated at … Read more

Before the result of high school .. Learn about the expenses of private universities

Preparing public universities Especially and eligibility To start the first phase of coordinationwhich is scheduled to go off about 72 hours after Announcement of high school result 2022, not announced Supreme Council of Universities On the minimum limits for coordinating private universities for the year 2022. In the following lines, Al-Masry Al-Youm reviews the expenses … Read more

Hvzdn Kaprizov in safety thanks to universities. The dog Turkey escaped from Russia

<!—-> The information was confirmed to him by a number of independent sources from the power circle. Kaprizov was supposed to leave Russia at the end of last week. On the weekend, he flew to New York, from where he was supposed to move to Minnesota during the weekend, where he works. According to the … Read more

In the last three years, the number of those who want to study has applied to universities

Application for studies closed at 4 p.m. Data from “” show that 10,296 applicants’ applications were received for the 2020/2021 academic year, and 10,182 applications for the 2021/2022 academic year. Application for studies at the University of Latvia on July 13, 2022 +21 Watch more As of 5 p.m., 9,289 applicants have been approved for … Read more

University women to an important global participation

Today, Saturday, is the start date. In the evening, the university women’s futsal team will head to Portugal to participate in a world championship, which begins on July 19. The tournament will witness the participation of nine teams, divided into three groups, where Lebanon plays in the first group, accompanied by the host Portugal and … Read more

A series of explosions in Mykolaiv. Russia has hit local universities

“Today, Russian terrorists attacked two universities in Mykolaiv. They are already attacking our education system. I ask the universities of all democratic countries to declare Russia for what it really is – terrorists,” Kim said. Mykolaiv became the target of a Russian attack on Thursday as well, when rockets hit the city center. According to … Read more

Ranking of Italian universities: Sapienza in third place

Sapienza University ranks third in the Censis ranking on the best Italian universities, with a number of students exceeding 40 thousand students. The ranking, published by the Centro Studi Investimenti Sociali, collects state and non-state universities, dividing Italian universities into categories: large, medium, mega, small and polytechnic. There are two Romans in the ‘great universities’ … Read more