Humanity’s previously unknown ‘Ghost’ ancestor discovered

Anatomically, the modern human species we know today, They appeared on the African continent 300,000 years ago. It evolved from Homo heidelbergensis or a similar species, and humans who migrated out of Africa gradually replaced or interbred with local archaic human populations. The remains of a young girl who lived right during this interbreeding shocked … Read more

Photo, WhatsApp and dismissal: the unknown legal battle between Sheraton and its former general manager

Low occupancy and the recent announcement of the liquidation of the LarrainVial AGF hotel fund are not the only concerns of the workers and owners of the iconic Sheraton Santiago, one of the largest hotels in the country. In recent months, they have also had to battle in court with a delicate case of unfair … Read more

Melting glaciers are releasing hundreds of thousands of unknown microbes

collecting samples The researchers collected runoff samples from eight glaciers in North America and Europe, and two from the Greenland ice sheet. They found tens of thousands of microbes in every milliliter of water. The team estimated that the situation could result in the expulsion of more than one hundred thousand tons of bacteria into … Read more

deadly diseases of unknown causes – La Nouvelle Tribune

The word cancer designates any disease caused by the abnormal development of so-called “abnormal” cells, which proliferate in an anarchic and excessive manner. Cancers are among the leading causes of death worldwide. In 2020, 10 million cancer-related deaths were recorded worldwide according to the World Health Organization. About 300,000 to 400,000 new cases of cancer … Read more

Melting Glaciers Is Unleashing Tons Of Unknown Bacteria

As if it were a science fiction movie, the bacteria that are released from the ice after the melting of the glaciers could cause a series of problems in ecosystems and populations. These microorganisms are unknown to science and are being released faster than scientists can catalog. ten glaciers After conducting an analysis of ten … Read more

Anna Lewandowska exposes the unknown truth. Nobody knew until now

Robert Lewandowski while the World Cup can count on the invaluable support of his wife. Anna left for Qatar before the match Mexico – Polandto be able to personally support my husband and his teammates in their inaugural meeting at the World Championships, and later – during the competition with Saudi Arabia and Argentina. Shortly … Read more

Health Net “Be careful with unknown bruises!Doctor: Fear of Liver and Kidneys Calling for Help- Instant News- Free Health Network

The doctor said that the lack of vitamin C and K can easily cause inexplicable bruises, and the more serious bruises may be due to poor liver and kidney function. (The picture is taken from photoAC) [Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]Unexplained bruises suddenly appeared on the body, be careful, it may be that the body is sending … Read more

History will have to be changed. Pyramid of unknown Queen Neith found in Egypt

This is not the first unusual find at an excavation site in Egyptian Saqqara. Valuable artifacts of the legendary pharaohs have already been found here. Archaeologists often excavate in Egypt. Recently, during the study, they discovered a special pyramid. It belonged to a previously unknown queen, writes The Jerusalem Post. Inside it were sarcophagi, mummies … Read more

The unknown and millionaire theft of oil from a traditional Chilean importer

The Prosud company, one of the most traditional importers of food products for mass consumption in Chile, revealed a millionaire theft of… edible oil. This has experienced a strong rise in recent months, which has been attributed to the war in Ukraine and the economic effects of the pandemic. The company explained in a recent … Read more