Panic in Croatia nightclub: unknown shoots tear gas, Dutch people also enter | Abroad

An unknown person fired tear gas at a packed nightclub in the Croatian city of Split yesterday. At least 90 people were injured or slightly injured. In the club, where the Dutch were also present at that time, great panic broke out. The incident happened at the Club Central around 1:25 am, Croatian media reported. … Read more

The woodpecker defeated Freescoot, Filip Grznar was attacked by an unknown forward –

The second Clash of the Stars tournament did not disappoint and offered a ton of bizarre. A number of pseudo-celebrities from social networks shared it in the cage, and even though it had nothing to do with sports, with a few exceptions, there will be talk about individual matches for a long time to come. … Read more

Sicily, the limit of the two mandates and the unknown Cancelleri: only the M5s candidate is missing from the primary for the regional

The deadline for submitting the application is approaching and on M5s is the only one who has not yet expressed a name for the primaries of center left. On the table is the seat as candidate for governor in the Sicilian regional teams next autumn. “There is time until June 30,” he remembers Giancarlo Cancelleri, … Read more

Cesare Bocci and his daughter Mia lead unknown Imperfects

Friday 24 June the new program that compares the boomers and Generation Z debuts in the second evening on the third network of state TV Source: Instagram @cesarebocci Air of news in the summer schedule of Rai 3where it debuts on June 24 Imperfects unknown, a new program broadcast in the late evening with six … Read more

Lili Ivanova reveals unknown facts about Georgi Parcalev ᐉ News from – Curious

The primate of the Bulgarian stage Lili Ivanova talks about our great actor Georgi Parcalev in an enriched version of his biographical book “Hamlet from the town of Levski”, by Georgi Toshev. The edition contains many interviews of the favorite actor, as well as his undisplayed photos, as well as the stories of Lili Ivanova. … Read more

Gaia observes unknown stars in our galaxy

The Gaia mission of the European Space Agency (ESA) has just presented its latest data, offering new and improved information on almost 2,000 million stars in the Milky Way. The results also make it possible to describe with greater precision unusual “stellar earthquakes”, the chemical composition or stellar ‘DNA’ or the movements of these stars, … Read more

The historical turn-based strategy game “The Unknown History of ARA” debuts on XGP, and there will be a technical test this summer | 4Gamers

Oxide Games’ new work “ARA: History Untold” (Ara: History Untold) in the just held Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, showed the latest game screen and previewed the first day of release to play on Xbox Game Pass. “ARA Unknown History” is a turn-based strategy game with history as the theme. The trailer uses a … Read more

A major spill of unknown material has been detected in the Baltic Sea

The 77-square-kilometer spill in Swedish and Finnish waters was spotted in the Gulf of Bothnia on Wednesday. “It is not yet clear what the spill is made up of, but it is not a mineral oil and there is no immediate threat of it reaching shore at the moment,” the Coast Guard said in a … Read more

The horror action game “FORT SOLIS” first exposed the unfortunate engineer facing the unknown fear on Mars – Bahamut

Developed by Fallen Leaf, Black Drakkar Games, PC stand-alone horror action game “solisburg(FORT SOLIS)” The online video game celebration “2022 Summer Game Fest (2022 SGF)” was first exposed early this morning, and the latest game videos were released simultaneously. 《solisburg“The story takes place on a long night far away on Mars, when engineer Jack Leary … Read more