The situation is out of control: They intubate patients without anesthesia

In Brazil, there are frightening developments regarding corona virus patients. It was reported that the patients were intubated without anesthesia due to the difficulty in the supply of anesthesia and sedative drugs in the country. The corona virus outbreak continues to push the limits of healthcare systems around the world. In Brazil, where the corona … Read more

Mourinho attacks Solshire to criticize Son

LONDON – Tottenham Hotspur coach Jose Mourinho attacked his counterpart Ole Gunnar Solskjaer after he accused striker Son Heung-min of cheating the referee during United’s 3-1 Premier League win on Sunday. The South Korean striker fell to the ground and grabbed his face after Scott McTominay’s hand collided in the face spontaneously during the making … Read more

Super Smash Bros. RPG? A pirate game for mobile phones makes it happen

The franchise of Super Smash Bros. is currently one of the most important in the video game industry. The idea of ​​bringing together the most popular characters from different games was a total success for Nintendo more than 20 years ago. In 1999, we first saw how Mario fought against Link O Pikachu in a … Read more

Scandalous images in the hospital! They stole the medicine

gave | Saturday, March 27, 2021 – 13:41 | Last Updated: 27 03 2021 – 13:45 Images of İsmail E. and Veli T., two members of the network, which allegedly damaged the state by 12 million 523 thousand liras, were trying to buy drugs used by cancer patients and sell them to other countries by … Read more

The number is increasing rapidly, experts warn: As harmful as smoking!

The rapid increase of diabetes, known as diabetes among the people, in recent years scares the experts. According to the statements of the Turkish Diabetes Association; The number of diabetes patients, which is 415 million, is predicted to reach 640 million by 2040. Information about the damage to the body of the transfer of diabetes … Read more

Walrus hitchhiked to Ireland for the first time

Photo: Walrus fell asleep and ended up in Ireland Scientists promise to return the animal to its homeland as soon as it recovers. While they are urging not to disturb him. For the first time in history, a walrus was discovered in Ireland. The unique find on the island of Valentia was discovered by … Read more

852 out of 1 million 300 thousand people with two doses of vaccine caught coronavirus

Go upstairs Social Sciences Board member Prof. Dr. Mustafa Necmi İlhan announced that 852 of 1 million 300 thousand people with two doses of coronavirus vaccine were infected, and 53 of them were hospitalized. Ministry of Health Social Sciences Board member Prof. Dr. Mustafa Necmi İlhan said that 852 of 1 million 300 thousand people … Read more

even without presenting payroll or endorsement

When thinking about financing we must always take into account what is the objective for which we need it. Depending on whether it is one or the other, the conditions will vary and with them the price and guarantees. The clearest example we have with the mortgages, due to its typology, its first safeguard (although … Read more

The Community extends advantageous loans until the end of the year

The Community has extended its Finance-Agro Line until December 31, 2021, which, through the Institute of Credit and Finance of the Region of Murcia (Icref), injects liquidity under advantageous conditions to the agricultural, livestock, fishing and agri-food. Thus, this means of financing will continue to provide loans of up to 300,000 euros with which to … Read more

The slaves that make iPhones sweat us out

A decade ago my old friend and colleague Joel Johnson told me “I’m going to China.” Not to become a Buddhist, but to go around Shenzhen, have some ‘he fen’ in good conditions and see with your own eyes how you work at Foxconn, the mega-corporation that makes iPhones and other Apple products. The thing … Read more