BMW has updated the luxury sporty 8 Series models

“The BMW 8 Series is for those who want to enjoy extremely dynamic driving and a luxurious yet elegant design. Improved solutions by engineers and designers – from exterior design elements to richer and more technically advanced configurations – will better meet this need for drivers. In Lithuania, new models should take to the streets … Read more

WhatsApp is updated for iPhone, know all the changes and how to get them from the App Store

WhatsApp logo. (photo: Addictions) A few months have passed since the official release of iOS 15, but WhatsApp it has finally been updated to include some of its most important new features. The latest update to WhatsApp for iOS, now available, includes support for the application with Focus Mode (or Concentration Mode for its translation … Read more

WhatsApp: how to know if I have the updated version of the application installed

Meta It constantly updates its applications. This allows you fix errors, introduce new features and -above all- optimize usage to improve the user experience. Without going any further, the latest update of the service provided the possibility of multi-device, audio acceleration and making archived chats don’t unarchive themselves. In this sense, and beyond the innovative … Read more

Dying Light 2 Stay Human will be updated for free on the PS5 and Xbox series, offering new dynamics features.

Techland has also taken the opportunity to expand the information in collaboration mode. If you look at the list of the most anticipated games in 2022, you can find it there Dying Light 2 Stay Human Occupies a comfortable position. From Decland, Has achieved Raise expectations Each new public information during the final development ensures … Read more

Vacuum cleaners are updated with these technologies

File photo. | Credit: Samsung Since their invention in 1901, vacuum cleaners have been one of the most requested items for household chores, which has made brands come out every year with new designs and functions that could be considered novel. Today robot vacuum cleaners dominate a large part of the market, since they perform … Read more

[US stocks close]Bank stocks are weak, the Dow fell 201 points, and the Nasdaq index is stable (continuously updated) – Hong Kong Economic Times – Instant News Channel – Instant Finance – Stock Market

U.S. stocks ushered in a performance period for bank stocks, and the profits of major banks in the last quarter generally beat expectations, but stock prices were under pressure on Friday. At the same time, the market’s concerns about raising interest rates have increased. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and other Fed officials have become … Read more