Home appliance industry welcomes favorable policies to promote green upgrade of home appliance consumption_China Economic Net – National Economic Portal

Recently, the home appliance industry has welcomed favorable policies again, and a series of support measures have been introduced one after another, which further stimulates the release of user demand and promotes the upgrading of home appliance consumption. The State Council executive meeting pointed out that it is necessary to accelerate the release of the … Read more

3 new features to upgrade Apple Watch watchOS 9 beta version for free download and install tutorial #installation description file (180830)

On Apple’s official website, in addition to the beta version of iOS 16, the beta version of watchOS 9 is also open for download and installation. As long as you open the webpage “Enroll Your Devices” through your iPhone, you can enter the download and installation process, but it is recommended to install it. Back … Read more

Garmin latest software upgrade enhance ability More health, safety, and activity profiles tracking.

Garmin latest software upgrade enhance ability More health, safety, and activity profiles tracking. Garmin latest software upgrade Garmin has upgraded the latest Smart Watch software to provide enhanced health tracking capabilities with more detailed data display such as enhanced sleep stages, graph display, safety features. and adding a variety of activity profiles to cover more … Read more

Short video content upgrade and iteration “Hutong Er” to watch short dramas in the market vane-Jingchu Net-Hubei Daily Net

Watching the market vane of short dramas in “Hutong’er”[Film and television students have ended up with short video content upgrades and iterations] The recent Kuaishou short drama summer event “A Summer of Chasing Dramas” is underway. The Kuaishou Xingmang short play “Hutong Er” starring Wang Yuzheng and directed by Lu Tian is launched on the … Read more

Microsoft finally allows consumers to directly purchase Windows 11 licenses, no longer need to upgrade through other versions

fromOfficially launched in October last yearSince then, Microsoft has never provided a Windows 11 licensing scheme for separate sales, and users can only upgrade from a newly purchased PC or from a legally authorized Windows operating system in the past. And Microsoft has finally opened up consumers to directly purchase legally authorized Windows 11, so … Read more

How to upgrade from Windows 11 Home to 11 Pro… with a Windows 7 Pro license and without reinstallation

Switch from your version of Windows 11 Home to a professional version in seconds, without going through the reinstallation box. Your computer is running Windows 11 Home and you would like to upgrade to a Professional version? The process of switching from one version to another is not nearly as complex as you might imagine. … Read more

Telkomsel “Upgrade” 3G to 4G Services in 143 Regencies All

KOMPAS.com – On schedule, mobile operator Telkomsel officially shut down the network 3G in 143 cities in Indonesia on Wednesday (20/7/2022), and upload it to the network 4G. Until now, upgrading the 3G signal to 4G Telkomsel has covered 52 cities in Sumatra, 49 cities in Java, 7 cities in Kalimantan, 16 cities in Sulawesi, … Read more

SPILL | Fully upgrade the Acoustune HS1700 mid-range headphones from the inside out, and replace them with new units and new casings

Follow the signature module design In addition to the Myrinx dynamic unit, another signature selling point of Acoustune is the module design. Like the previous HS series, the cavity and skeleton of the earphones are made of different metal materials to reduce the noise between acoustic and mechanical components. Mutual interference and distortion. Drawing on … Read more

Performance is light red, Team Group Tiforce DDR5-6400 CL40 Delta RGB White Package

People who want the best gaming PCs look for three things in common. A high-performance CPU, graphics card, and memory. Among them, DDR5, the latest standard, is gaining popularity because it is superior to the existing DDR4 in terms of clock and capacity. DDR5 memory was difficult to reach for general consumers because its price … Read more

PS Plus upgrade in July, new games in premium files include “Lang Cat”, “FF7RI”, “Marvel’s Avengers”, etc.

BlueTwelve Studio previously determinedFour free games for PlayStation Plus members in JulyOn this basis, Sony has now announced a new lineup of games that were upgraded and advanced in the same month. This time, the works will be put into the library on July 19. Among them, the new cyberpunk-style adventure “Stray” with Cats as … Read more