Recommendation for CPR on patients with suspected or confirmed upper respiratory tract infection

The CPR Council receives many questions about how CPR should be performed on a patient with a suspected or confirmed upper respiratory tract infection, e.g. RS, influenza A, covid, TB. The pandemic has probably brought the issue to the fore and the subject is receiving more attention than before. Due to this, the CPR Council’s … Read more

Electrifying rhythm: Cumbia singers receive an electric shock in full concert in Arequipa [VIDEO] | Camaná | strong electric current | human settlement Upper Huarangal | Arequipa | electric shock | The International Taz and the Sweet Illusion | | PERU

Two of his vocalists from the musical group ‘El Internacional Taz y la Dulce Ilusión’ almost died when they were electrocuted, one of the musicians ended up injured after falling off the stage due to the strong electric current. During a concert commemorating the 48th anniversary of the Alto Huarangal human settlement, in the province … Read more

The increase in the upper limit of the fee for municipal waste was not passed in the House of Representatives

The draft will now go to the Senate and then the President of the Republic will sign it. The amendment from the pen of coalition MPs was voted on more than once. For the first time, the draft did not pass by a single vote, but the Minister for Science and Research Helena Langšádlová (TOP … Read more

Raiffeisenlandesbank draws a positive balance – Upper Austria today from April 27th, 2023 at 7:00 p.m. – ORF-TVthek

Regional | Upper Austria today Raiffeisenlandesbank draws a positive balance Raiffeisenlandesbank had a successful year in 2022 despite the difficult framework conditions. The bottom line was a profit before taxes of almost 430 million euros. In the previous year, the annual surplus was more than half a billion euros.

Gaimin Gladiators, OG And More Secure Upper Bracket Spots At ESL One Berlin ‘Dota 2’ Tournament

stand-ins. Credit: ESL / Stephanie Lindgren There is still a full day of matches to be played in the ESL One Berlin Dota 2 Major group stage, but already one of the two groups has confirmed the four teams that will compete in the upper bracket, and in the other group one team is also … Read more

Incredible mess in the upper town of Charleroi for the modification of traffic as part of the works

The astonishment was great at the start of the week in the streets of the upper town. Information taken from the City of Charleroi, poor workmanship has been observed on the recently renovated Boulevard Janson. These require several new interventions by the company in charge of the works. A diversion had therefore been put in … Read more

Observers reveal who is the “upper hand” in the conflict between the army and the Rapid Support Forces • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Reuters quoted witnesses as saying that the Sudanese army appeared to have the upper hand, on Sunday, in the conflict, after the army targeted the “quick support” bases with air strikes. Witnesses and residents told Reuters that the army launched air strikes on barracks and bases belonging to the forces, some of them … Read more

The former professor fined in the Upper Town becomes a national case. And Bergamo makes a fool of us

He was explaining the history of the Duomo to the “comrades” of the University for all ages. And the cops fined her. But the case is turning out to be a boomerang by Andrea Rossetti It had already happened in mid-February, again in the Upper Town. The local police fined a man who was cicerone … Read more

Ice particles raining from Saturn’s rings heat the planet’s upper atmosphere – Sciencetimes

It has been confirmed that particles from the giant rings surrounding Saturn fall like icy rain on Saturn, heating the upper atmosphere. This is the first time that a phenomenon that has not been clearly revealed despite various observations over the past 40 years has been identified. According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration … Read more

Eiker, Upper Eiker | Inserts dogs and drones in the search for Simen (25)

VESTFOSSEN: On Wednesday morning, a number of patrols and officials gathered a short distance from the home that Grindstrand rents along Kongsbergveien in Vestfossen. There they will take up the search for the 25-year-old who has been missing since 28 February. The police also carried out a large search on Tuesday, then in a wooded … Read more