WHO urges people who have been vaccinated to still wear masks

Illustration Face mask. Photo: iStockphoto Rancah.com – Recently, World Health Organization (WHO) follow remind that people in a place with the number of transmission Covid-19 those who are tall must still wear a mask even though the vaccination has been completed. “Vaccines do save lives. However, if [vaksin] just working alone is not enough, ”said … Read more

Shock … Ronaldo’s mother urges him to go to an unexpected destination!

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother, Dolores Aveiro, has vowed to persuade her son to move to Sporting Lisbon, starting next season. Ronaldo began his football career in the youth of Sporting Lisbon until he left them in 2002 and began his global journey with Manchester United and Real Madrid and even settled in Juventus. The Portuguese international, … Read more

The Minister of Transportation Urges the Public to Avoid Backflow on Sundays

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi appealed to the public not to travel on reverse flow, Sunday (16/5) later. Because, there is a tendency travelers back to the capital on that day. The appeal is intended to break down mass concentration or buildup on the same day. “I ask the public … Read more

The Vice Regent of Blitar urges the regional head not to save money in a safe

Surabaya – Deputy Regent of Blitar Rahmat Santoso considered that there were internal irregularities OTT Regent of Nganjuk. Rahmat mentioned the case Regent Nganjuk not a category THERE because more evidence of Rp. 600 million was found inside safe. Rahmat said that he reflected on the arrest case Regent NganjukThis is also a lesson for … Read more

China Urges UN Member States Not to Attend Xinjiang Events

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – China urge member states of the United Nations (PBB) not to attend events planned by Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom as it would address the issue of persecution of Uighur Muslims and other minorities in Xinjiang. According to China’s Diplomatic Mission to the United Nations, the event held … Read more

Surabaya Orange Zone COVID-19, City Government Urges Residents to Pray Eid at Home

Surabaya – The city of Surabaya is still in existence orange zone COVID-19. So that Surabaya City Government remind residents to id prayers at home. Based on Circular No. 7/2021 concerning Guidelines for Organizing Eid Prayers in 1442 H / 2021 AD during the COVID-19 Pandemic, areas with orange and red zones continue to carry … Read more

Oriental Hospital urges not to go to the reception clinic without significant health risk

Doctors ask people with symptoms of upper respiratory diseases not to go immediately to the inpatient “Gaiļezers” Emergency Medical and Patient Admission Clinic or the inpatient Latvian Center for Infectious Diseases, hoping to check for Covid-19 disease. “Although we understand that the population is worried, there is an algorithm in place that allows hospitals to … Read more

Biden urges approval of his proposals after employment report

US jobs in April were lower than expected 5:17 (CNN) — President Joe Biden argued on Friday that the United States needs the kind of large-scale investments that his economic proposals envision after the disappointing report employment on Friday, which was very below expectations. “We cannot slow down, this employment report makes that clear. We … Read more

Nadiem Urges Face -to -Face Schools: PJJ Is No Longer Effective

Jakarta – Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Mendikbudriistek) Nadiem Makarim said that Distance Learning (PJJ) is no longer effective and causes some problems. He also encouraged school immediately do face to face. “The effectiveness of PJJ is decreasing throughout the world. There are various kinds of reports and anecdotes regarding the various kinds … Read more

Corona in India Takes Many Lives, Even Industrial Agency Urges Economic Restrictions Page all

NEW DELHI, KOMPAS.com – A leading industry body in India urged authorities to limit economic activity to curb the spread Covid-19. President of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Uday Kotak said the highest response was needed to cut off the spread Covid-19 in India which is massive. Launch Reuters, Sunday (2/4/2021), India reported 392,488 … Read more