The young actor Cristian Felipe Mosquera of the series La Mamá del 10 dies

The young actor Cristian Felipe Mosquera of the series La Mamá del 10 dies The young 14-year-old Colombian actor, Cristian Felipe Mosquera died this Monday, November 16 in the city of Bogotá. By: Mai Editor 17 Nov 2020 By: Mai Editor 17 Nov 2020 Mosquera became famous in 2018 after playing in ‘La mama del … Read more

Dramaturgy and art in the life of Susana Uribe, director of the V International Theater Festival of Cali

A career and a lifetime in the midst of the arts and theater is what has marked Susana Uribe, the director of the fifth version of the Cali International Theater Festival (FITCali 2020), an event that runs until October 29 and whose offer of works and spaces is aimed at all audiences with the support … Read more

Government urgently convenes a security table in La Uribe, Meta, after the murder of exFarc

With that of Jorge Iván Ramos, 225 former FARC combatants have already been assassinated since the signing of the peace agreement, according to figures from the ex-guerrilla. EFE / Juan Páez / Archive The Presidential Advisor for Stabilization and Consolidation Emilio Archila, revealed this Saturday that the Special Unit of the Attorney General’s Office, has … Read more

Semana pulls Uribe, Barreras and Lara’s ears

That post wrote an editorial in which he details the purposes of the 3 referendums promoted by the former president Alvaro Uribe, Senator Roy Barreras and also Senator Rodrigo Lara. There, the magazine explains that the referendum announced by Uribe to repeal the JEP and those of Barreras and Lara to revoke Duque are nothing … Read more

Álvaro Uribe denounces Iván Cepeda: Álvaro Uribe withdraws from a complaint for slander against Iván Cepeda | Judicial

The slander complaint was made in 2019 before the Supreme Court of Justice when Ivan Cepeda He published a trill in which he pointed out the former president and former senator Álvaro Uribe of ordering and covering up false positives. Read also: At the time the Court ordered investigate Uribe and today a notification came … Read more

They threaten the judge who released Álvaro Uribe

Once the judicial official reported on the attacks against her, it was necessary that the National Protection Unit (UNP) and the National Police they will assign a security scheme, reported week. The threats and intimidating messages came through social media after he was release the former senator in a hearing that took place in the … Read more

▷ Juan Manuel Santos says he would sit down to talk with Álvaro Uribe Vélez and Iván Duque

In an interview with Noticias Caracol, the Nobel Peace Prize winner Juan Manuel Santos told President Iván Duque that the time had come to make an agreement for the benefit of the country. Caracol News: Juan Manuel Santos has a new book: ‘An optimistic message for a world in crisis’. Who is this message for? … Read more

OAS in the case of Alvaro Uribe – USA and Canada – International

In a letter to OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro, US Congressman Frank Rooney, the highest-ranking Republican on the Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere in the House of Representatives, He asks you to monitor the judicial process against former President Álvaro Uribe from now on and guarantee that all due process guarantees are granted. “Failure to … Read more

Álvaro Uribe Case | Wednesday, September 16, his freedom is decided – Investigation – Justice

The defense of former President Álvaro Uribe Vélez has already requested his release, for which a hearing has already been called for next Wednesday at 9:00 am in which a judge will have to decide whether the former senator investigated for crimes of bribery of witnesses and procedural fraud will continue his free process or … Read more

Álvaro Uribe Vélez: judge orders his freedom – Investigation – Justice

Judge 30 of control of guarantees of Bogotá, granted the immediate freedom of former president Álvaro Uribe Vélez. He assured that there can be no deprivation of liberty without indictment of charges. Judge Clara Ximena Salcedo released Uribe, who spent two months in preventive detention imposed by the Supreme Court of Justice for a case … Read more