Utrecht parties are afraid of corona outbreak among homeless people now that emergency shelters have to be closed

The Utrecht departments of D66 and ChristenUnie are concerned about a group of homeless people in the city. The shelter for Eastern European homeless refugees is closing and the parties are concerned about the consequences for the health of the homeless and public health. The homeless group is normally not entitled to shelter, but temporary … Read more

Watch out for ticks in Utrecht forests: ‘It’s already choking’

Tuesday 20 April 2021, 10.54 am PROVINCE OF UTRECHT – It is spring weather and especially in Corona time that means that we often go back to nature. That is generally healthy too, but you have to watch out for the tick, which is on the rise. You can get Lyme disease because of the … Read more

Aldi and SoLow open doors in House Modernes in the heart of Utrecht

Aldi and SoLow will open their doors in House Modernes in the center of Utrecht. The building on the corner of Oudegracht and Lange Viestraat is currently being completely transformed. Supermarket chain Aldi leases over 500 square meters on the ground floor of House Modernes on the corner. SoLow, a shop for consumer goods and … Read more

Four raids on drug research in the province of Utrecht

This morning dozens of police raided homes and business premises in Montfoort, Ameide, Lopikerkapel and Haastrecht. Six suspects were arrested, five men and one woman. The action is part of an investigation into a group of criminals who allegedly trade in drugs on a large scale. During the raids several weapons were found and houses, … Read more

Babies with muscle disease SMA can soon be treated at UMC Utrecht – Radar

The UMC Utrecht will soon be able to treat a few babies with the very serious muscle disease SMA with the new gene therapy Znamenma. There is no reimbursement yet for the very expensive drug, but the center has made agreements with the manufacturer. There is now a so-called Early Access Program (EAP), intended as … Read more

UMC Utrecht can treat babies with SMA with new gene therapy

There is now a so-called Early Access Program (EAP), intended as a bridge until there is clarity about the compensation in the Netherlands. The babies to be treated must meet various criteria, especially in terms of age, condition and weight. The new drug costs about 1.9 million euros per treatment. The Zorginstituut has to test … Read more

Utrecht brings in nature. ‘We have to get rid of our tile addiction. Living space above traffic space ‘

A rooster is walking on Tractieweg, in the middle of the Werkspoorkwartier in Utrecht. Oh, says alderman Lot van Hooijdonk, who comes from the Juliana Park. “People are releasing chickens there, usually roosters, which they no longer want at home. We will soon do something about that. The males are by far in the majority, … Read more

Full parks, but not because they don’t care about corona, say the students | Corona in Utrecht

The student who says so is on Thursday with three other girls and a pack of wine in Lepelenburg park. No, they don’t have to put their name in it ADbecause the sorority they know of doesn’t encourage meeting. “You are forced to give up some of your student days, but you don’t want it … Read more

No corona infections during first corona test event in Utrecht | NOW

A week after the business conference in the Beatrix Theater in Utrecht, the first so-called Back to Life corona test event of Fieldlab Events, no corona infections took place. One employee is known to have been infected after taking the mandatory PCR test on Saturday and before the event on Monday 15 February People who … Read more