5 Countries of the Soviet Union with Muslim Majority

loading… A number of countries that were part of the Soviet Union are known to have a majority Muslim population. Photo/Illustration JAKARTA – Soviet Union or formerly known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) is a country that existed between 1922 and 1991. But now the country has to split after the financial … Read more

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko Predicts Riots in Uzbekistan

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, TASKHKENT – Last weekend Uzbekistan declared a state of national emergency following deadly unrest in the country, The policy was taken by the government of Uzbekistan in response to the violence that occurred when the government revoked the special autonomy of Karakalpakstan. The decision was taken by the President of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev. Political … Read more

Protests in Uzbekistan left dead and hundreds injured over the weekend

“During the mass riots in Nukus on July 1 and 2, 18 people were killed, 243 citizens suffered various serious injuries, including 38 members of the security forces,” Prosecutor General’s Office spokesman Abror Mamatov told Uzbek news television. Nukus is the administrative center of the autonomous republic. Among the dead are 14 civilians and four … Read more

Uzbekistan fears Crimean scenario and crushes separatism

Reuters NOS News•Monday, 22:54 Justus Boesschen Hospers editor Online Justus Boesschen Hospers editor Online Since the Uzbek authorities recently cracked down on protests in the Karakalpakstan Autonomous Republic, there has been little news from that region. A state of emergency has been declared, extra police have been deployed and the internet is down. Journalists on … Read more

At least 18 dead and ‘hospitals full of injured’ in Uzbekistan protests

Uzbek enforcers in Nukus, the capital of Karakalpakstan.Image Reuters Protests erupted last week after the Uzbek government announced plans to revoke the autonomous status of Karakalpakstan, a sparsely populated region that occupies all of western Uzbekistan. Residents of the region, who have their own language and culture, took to the streets en masse. There is … Read more

Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan fear becoming Russia’s next target / Article

Although some countries have expressed criticism towards Russia, they publicly do not want to side with one of the sides and get between the West and Russia, admits Paul Stronsky, a senior associate in the Russia and Eurasia program of the “Carnegie” think tank. Some countries also fear that they may become Putin’s next target. … Read more

Wide protests against changes in the constitution in Uzbekistan / Article

However, in the coming months, it is planned to hold a referendum on the new version of the constitution, which would no longer mention the sovereignty of the autonomous region. In opposition to these changes, residents have organized large-scale protests. A government statement said the protesters tried to occupy government buildings. The police intervened and … Read more

Sales of Nexia from Uzbekistan stopped in Russia :: Autonews

Deliveries of budget Chevrolet Nexia, Cobalt and Spark models, which are assembled in Uzbekistan at the UzAuto Motors plant, have been stopped in Russia.Autoreview“. According to the publication, the supply of cars from Uzbekistan was stopped on March 9, 2022, but car dealerships were selling off the rest all this time (to date, dealers have … Read more

U23 Asian Cup: Saudi Arabia wins without conceding, silences Vietnam to host page all

KOMPAS.com – Saudi Arabia U23 National Team carve out impressive achievements by winning Asian Cup U23 2022 without conceding from the group stage to the final. On the way to winning the title AFC U23 2022the Saudi Arabian national team was also able to subvert a number of formidable opponents such as Southeast Asian giants … Read more

U23 Asian Cup Results: Saudi Arabia to Final, Vietnam and Australia Become Victims

KOMPAS.com – Saudi Arabia U23 National Team made it to the final Asian Cup U23 2022. Next, they will play host Uzbekistan in the final. On his way to the final Asian Cup U23 2022, Saudi Arabia has taken a heavy toll. Some of them are Vietnam and Australia. Vietnam U23 National Team is the … Read more