Winter on vacation – in Greece and Turkey, Athens and Istanbul under the snow

Heavy snowfall in Greece. The Parthenon at the Acropolis in Winter Anturaï¿. Athens, Greece, January 24, 2022 (Fot. Thanassis Stavrakis / AP Photo) Zimna has gone on vacation. Instead of, for example, and for God’s sake, it sprinkled abundantly on the Vistula River, it sprinkled snow on the roofs and squares of cities traditionally chosen … Read more

Goda Aliyev fulfilled an old dream during her vacation in Sri Lanka: I imagined myself there every weekend

“This week has been one of the most exciting in my life. And now it’s time to load your suitcase and move on, “Goda intrigued while he was in the Maldives. Very soon, she shared another shot on instagram, where she betrayed the place of her second holiday and marked Sri Lanka. A woman on … Read more

I.Kavaliauskaitė chose Mexico for her vacation: after a rest she will go in another direction Names

The star of social networks, the leader of the project “Musical Mask” Indrė Kavaliauskaitė, set out on a trip with children on January 20. „La Familia is off duty. I slept for maybe an hour, ”she wrote on her instagram before going a long way, agreeing to share her moments with the trip. 15min readers. … Read more

Djoković on vacation. See how he reacted to the joke about Federer and Raf!

The Serbian government, in response to the deportation of Novak Djokovic from Melbourne, withdrew the Australian concern Rio Tinto’s permission to operate the Jadar lithium mine. The company’s shares are falling, and the entire procedure may cause shortages of metal necessary in connection with the electromobility program and the green order. Rio Tinto is the … Read more

Where to travel in 2022: Directions tailored to each season

Representatives of Lithuanian airports share the travel directions adapted to each season in a press release sent to Publicum – after all, it is not a well-known saying that sledges are worth preparing in summer, but wheels in winter. We pack suitcases for the winter With the onset of the winter season, many are increasingly … Read more

“Let them try to cancel my vacation”: the nurses are exhausted

Under the pressure of skyrocketing hospitalizations and calls from the government for “another effort”, employees of the health network summon Quebec to end its governance by decree allowing the cancellation of vacations or the obligation to work on time full. “That they’re trying to cancel my vacation for fun. I guarantee you that I’m leaving, … Read more

Hujers on vacation? The Italian family filled the entire plane

“How far do the Hujers go?” The class’s desperate cry when he finds out that most of the attendees of the evening school class are members of Hujer’s extended family is now legendary. As well as the role of Václav Lohniský. The central figure in the mentioned competition was Anna Donaleková. She managed to bring … Read more

Goda Aliyeva is sunbathing in the Maldives: admire the views Names

Alieva shares her breathtaking views of the island on the social network Instagram in the Maldives – the sun, almost 30 degrees, blue water, palm trees, entertainment and time for yourself. “The days are running relentlessly, emotions are spinning and I can’t seem to recover from one miracle of nature, and another is waiting around … Read more

Employer can ask you to hand in vacation days if you are in quarantine, but you can refuse that

Absenteeism at the workplace continues to rise due to the corona infections. Employers are asking quarantined employees to still work or hand in their vacation days. Can they do the latter? “Only with the employee’s consent.” The FNV union has already had eighty messages received from employers who request this from their employees. “It is … Read more

Tula Rodríguez and her daughter enjoy their cruise vacation with Víctor Hugo Dávila and his family | Farándula | SHOWS

The host of ‘En boca de todos’, Tula Rodríguez is on vacation with her daughter Valentina on a cruise. They are both having a great time getting to know new places. LOOK: Elías Montalvo is in Colán but none of the ‘warriors’ have invited him to have a drink, despite being in the same city … Read more