She shows serious models on the screens, but on vacation? Look! The newest Slovak news presenter showed up in a swimsuit

The popular presenter from Markíza is enjoying her vacation in Greece and showed off a photo in a swimsuit on Instagram. She was successful! From Telerán to Televízne Novín Becoming a presenter of the evening news is a dream come true for many presenters, and Zuzana Čimová managed to do it extremely quickly. She quickly … Read more

N.Bunkė and E.Eideus enjoy romance in Cyprus: the vacation coincided with an important occasion | Names

Natalija Bunkė and Edgaras Eideus have been basking under the Cypriot sun for some time now. On her social networks, she shared shots by the pool and the Mediterranean Sea. True, from one post it was clear that they were staying with chef Roka Galvonas, who recently bought real estate in this country. In that … Read more

Crypková doesn’t delay! With 10-day-old Dion and 17 kilos lighter, she went on her first vacation after giving birth!

Zuzana Strausz Plačková is anything but a conservative or conventional woman. She does things her way, and is so content, not caring at all what anyone thinks. And he does it well, as proven not only by his business success, but also by his huge fan base and, last but not least, by his personal … Read more

He leaves the dog to die on the balcony without food or water and goes on vacation: puppy rescued by the neighbors

The neighbors fed the animal by lowering the food onto the balcony with a basket. When the man returned they attacked him: the carabinieri had to save him from lynching. He had been alone on a balcony for days, abandoned to itself and without the ability to feed. It happened in Rome: a man went … Read more

We will fly from Radom to vacation. Itaka reveals where it will fly from us. This is Turkey, Egypt, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, Spain

Turkey, Egypt, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, Spain – these are the countries we recommend for a holiday in Radom. The Itaka travel agency has decided to choose 8 destinations from Radom, and there will be as many as three flights a week to the Turkish city of Antalya. We know from an unofficial source that negotiations … Read more

Zeina’s bikini view from her vacation in the North Coast

The Egyptian actress enjoysdecorationHer summer vacation on the North Coast accompanied by her family, and she shared with her followers moments of her vacation on her personal page on the social networking site, by posting pictures of her on the beach. Princess Diana was betrayed by Prince Charles and dated two Muslim men after her … Read more

honorary citizenship and vacation in Castro

LECCE – The discolorations on the face have made him a well-known icon even in the eyes of those who have not lived through those years. Now, on the day of his death, the great cobweb of collective memory is thickening in every remote corner of the world. And he gets here. The memory of … Read more

How long is summer vacation in European countries? / Script

How long is summer vacation in European countries? The summer holidays in other European countries are shorter than in Latvia, according to statistics compiled by the European Executive Agency for Education and Culture. In Latvia, children study approximately 172 days per school year. First-graders study less, but in the 9th and 12th grades they have … Read more

Isabelle Maréchal and her seriously ill spouse returning from vacation

Isabelle Maréchal and her husband, Thierry Houillon, recently granted themselves a three-week vacation in France, and they came back sick. • Read also: Isabelle Maréchal turns the page on 17 years of radio for exciting new projects “We caught covid there and not nearly. It was terrible for me, but even more so for my … Read more

Zina enjoys her summer vacation at the sea with photos and videos

The star, Zina, shared with the audience and her followers many photos and a video clip from the North Coast while she was enjoying her summer vacation, where the beach was behind her.Zina published the photos and video that she took on her official Instagram page, where she only added the siblings and love emoji, … Read more