UK wants to vaccinate ‘at risk’ gay men against monkeypox

The British health agency recommended this June 21 the vaccination against monkeypox to “at risk” gay men, such as those who have many sexual partners, a group highly affected by the recent wave of contagion. “Although anyone can get monkeypox, current data shows higher levels of transmission between (although not only) the sexual networks of … Read more

Monkey pox. UK wants to vaccinate ‘at risk’ gay men

The British health agency on Tuesday recommended the vaccination against monkeypox of gay men considered “at risk”. Included in this category are homosexuals who have multiple partners. This audience is particularly affected by the recent spread. Usually circulating in Central and West Africa, monkeypox is, outside of Europe, now present in Australia, the Middle East, … Read more

Monkey pox: UK wants to vaccinate ‘at risk’ gay men

LONDON | The British health agency on Tuesday recommended the vaccination against monkeypox of homosexual men considered “at risk”, for example because they have multiple partners, public particularly affected by the recent spread. • Read also: Monkeypox: The isolation period is long, but necessary according to Dr. Tam • Read also: Monkey pox: sufferers should … Read more

CVS and Walgreens already vaccinate children under 5

Pharmacies of the CVS and Walgreens chains are already offering the COVID vaccine for children under five years of age. CVS will offer doses for children 18 months and older at some of its locations. While at Walgreens, minors have to be at least 3 years old to be immunized. RELATED STORIES: Over the weekend, … Read more

Where to Vaccinate Children Under 5 in Los Angeles – NBC Los Angeles

Infants and children under 5 can start getting vaccinated against COVID-19 on Tuesday, and Los Angeles County health officials offer vaccinations now that federal officials have approved them for younger Americans. A panel of advisors to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) unanimously approved administering vaccines against COVID-19 to children up … Read more

Soon there will be dates to vaccinate children 5 years and older

The dates and locations to vaccinate children 5 years and older will be announced very soon, announced the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum. Remind them that they can now register for the vaccination of 5 years and older, the registry is now open, very soon Dr. Clark will be reporting where this vaccination would be … Read more

Covid vaccine: Health will vaccinate with the fourth dose by age groups

READ MORE Covid Vaccine: Darias announces that there will be a fourth dose of the vaccine “for the entire population” The Ministry of Health has confirmed this Thursday that the entire population will receive a fourth dose against covid-19. However, it will not be immediately, because first, as it happened with the previous three, it … Read more

The 5 problems that could prevent Darias’ plan to vaccinate the fourth dose with Hipra

The fourth dose of Covid-19 vaccine it’s going to wait until the ‘second generation’ doses are ready. That is the position of the majority of the members of the Vaccine Conference and of more and more autonomous communities, who have everything planned to wait for the vaccine antigen to Hipra be ready. The plan is … Read more

Sweden will vaccinate against monkey pox

This is not about a plan for a so-called general vaccination, the government writes in a press release, but about a possible vaccination of certain individuals. “Sweden must be well prepared and take the necessary measures to effectively counteract the continued spread of the monkey cup virus,” said Minister of Social Affairs Lena Hallengren (S) … Read more

‘Preferably vaccinate or booster with mRNA vaccine’

Many Dutch people have already had at least 3 vaccinations against Covid-19, in all kinds of vaccination combinations. But what is the most effective set? Hong Kong researchers conducted a network meta-analysis looking at what was known about the effectiveness of heterologous and homologous covid-19 vaccine combinations up to March 8, 2022 (BMJ. 2022;377:e069989† They … Read more