Omicron. We did not vaccinate enough people in Africa for the virus to not mutate

Omikron is a new variant of the coronavirus detected in South Africa. That is why flight bans to African countries are introduced. New restrictions related to this variant were also announced in Poland, incl. concerning the sealing of borders. – We are banning flights to seven African countries, including Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe, which … Read more

The Vaccine Conference does not see the need to vaccinate children

The Presentation of Vaccines, the group of experts that sets the national vaccination strategy, understands that In the current context of Spain, it is not necessary to immediately administer the covid vaccine in children 5 to 11 years, given the high percentage of vaccinated adult population. “Children cannot be vaccinated for the benefit of the … Read more

In Lima, Peru, brigades vaccinate against COVID-19 at night

A brigade of nurses travels the streets of the neighborhoods of Lima Peru, to vaccinate against novel coronavirus (COVID-19) to workers, housewives, older adults and children who, for various reasons, cannot go to do it during the day. The measures have been well received by the population; these are their reactions: “I didn’t have time … Read more

An important thing was revealed about the willingness to vaccinate in Hungary: this may have influenced the decision

Hungary was the world leader in the third wave of the COVID-19 epidemic in terms of the variety of vaccines available. The domestic practice that an individual could reject a vaccine offered and wait for a more acceptable vaccine for him or her was also unique in the world in the spring of 2021. New … Read more

The Government will vaccinate those under 12 years of age as soon as the vaccine is

The Minister of Health Patricia Gómez has announced that the Government will start the vaccination of children under 12 years of age as soon as the vaccine against COVID-19 is available, even this very Christmas, if that is the case. The European Medicines Agency has given the go-ahead to Pfizer’s vaccine for this segment of … Read more

A new campaign has started in GTA. You can vaccinate your character against covid

The GTA 5 server, which allows you to play roles and pretend real life in the game, in cooperation with Pfizer, organizes virtual vaccinations for digital characters. The project aims to encourage young people to get vaccinated in the real world. Pfizer Wanting to contribute to immunization of Gen Z young people against Covid-19, he … Read more

Austrians pay for their unwillingness to vaccinate with fourth lockdown

Since today Monday, November 22, strict rules apply in Austria again lockdownmeasures, while a week ago another lockdown came into effect for only the unvaccinated. Compulsory vaccination will follow early next year. What’s going on in the Alpine country with its low vaccination rates? 1. Why does the government in Vienna consider this fourth overall … Read more

The law does not oblige employees to vaccinate

MEPs from Law and Justice announced the submission of a bill on the possibility of verifying vaccination against COVID-19 of an employee by the employer. This solution was also supported by the Minister of Health, who was a guest on Radio Zet on Monday. Vaccination Act – The act does not force to vaccinate, but … Read more

A Starbucks employee at a New Jersey location tested positive for hepatitis A and asked recipients to vaccinate

Oct 1, 2021 – 3:42 – See what’s being clicked on sweetened New Jersey the health Section prompts recipients who have gone to a specific section Starbucks A coffee shop in Gloucester on certain days this month to get it to feed for hepatitis A after an employee is infected. Anyone who went to … Read more

Community pharmacists will be able to vaccinate against …

To support the increase in the cost of co-administration of vaccines against influenza and covid 19 and following the recommendations of the Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS) in its opinion of October 21, two new decrees improve the vaccine skills of healthcare professionals. Long-term development of vaccine skills in the field of seasonal influenza for … Read more