Bivalent: who has to get vaccinated this week

The Ministry of Health (Minsal), announced the calendar of the vaccination process against Covid-19. Since January 16, the second stage of inoculationin which the target population is expanded. Bivalent vaccine Initially it was received by health officials, immunosuppressed, and people with chronic diseases, however, after the figures provided by the Department of Health Statistics and … Read more

Chen Shizhong did not forget to remind the public to get vaccinated before his trip to Japan

Chen Shizhong, the former Minister of Health and Welfare, took a plane to Japan to visit friends this afternoon. He believed that the domestic epidemic situation is becoming more and more stable and there is no need to worry too much, but he reminded the public that “the vaccine must be vaccinated.” Before Chen Shizhong … Read more

No! This study does not claim that 41% of those vaccinated with the fourth dose of Covid have died

Circle one screenshot taken from one studio of the University of Bologna with which it is claimed that “41% of the vaccinated” against the new Coronavirus «with the fourth dose he died». As shown inanalyses of colleagues from Donethe source was a item of The Journal of Italy of January 18, then correct from the … Read more

They train Latino adolescents to influence people not vaccinated against COVID

Alma Gallegos is often stopped by classmates in the bustling halls of Theodore Roosevelt High School in southeast Fresno. The 17-year-old student is asked about testing for COVID -19, the safety of vaccines, and the value of booster shots. Alma earned her reputation as a reliable source of information through her internship as a community … Read more

Dozens of livestock in Madina were vaccinated with SE

Panyabungan (ANTARA) – Dozens of cattle and buffalo in Mandailing Natal District have received the Septicaemia Epizootia (SE) vaccine from the local Agriculture Service. Administering vaccines, vitamins and antibiotics to livestock is carried out as an effort to prevent the spread of Septicaemia Epizootia (SE) or snoring disease that attacks cattle and buffalo in the … Read more

More than 90% of the Chihuahuan population is vaccinated against Covid-19 – El Sol de Parral

In 2022 in Chihuahua were applied almost 7.5 million doses, the Secretariat of Wellness indicated that just over 90 percent of the community eligible adult They already have their dose and little more than 80 percent of minors are already immunized, the state delegation of Welfare Programs pointed out that this is thanks to the … Read more

More than 83 percent of people aged 65 or over vaccinated against the flu – Society – RTP Madeira

According to the final data, to which Lusa had access, like last year, Portugal exceeded the target of 75% flu vaccination rate proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO). According to the vaccinometer, 83.2% of people aged 65 or over have been vaccinated – 3.8 percentage points more compared to the results of the 3rd … Read more

If you have been vaccinated after having Kovid-19, beware! The facts have just emerged: It turns out that this vaccine… – Health

Scientists conducted an important study on people who had the Kovid-19 vaccine some time after they caught the coronavirus and recovered. The World Health Organization report looked at the studies carried out between January 2020 and June 2022. Scientists have found that people vaccinated against Kovid-19 after contracting the coronavirus develop very long-lasting immunity to … Read more

“Get vaccinated? The right choice» – Gazzetta di Parma

The appeal of doctors and experts The Local Health Authority and the Parma university hospital are launching the 2023 vaccination campaign. A new, important, solicitation to citizens for seasonal flu and a “booster” dose against Covid, but also for the anti-pneumococcal vaccination… This article is reserved for readers with Gweb+ access then €1.99 per month … Read more

Why people don’t get vaccinated in this country Health City Berlin

Wednesday January 18, 2023 – Author: bab Since Corona, the topic of vaccination has been discussed more intensively again. We asked Prof. Heidrun Thaiss why the vaccination rate is higher in some EU countries than in others. And the reasons why people in this country do not get vaccinated. Since Corona, the topic has been … Read more