‘Chapulineo’ of centennials exhausts Sputnik vaccine in the GAM – El Financiero

Thousands of centennials They went this Friday to the COVID vaccination headquarters of the Jaime Torres Bodet Cultural Center in the Gustavo A. Madero mayor’s office, which caused the Sputnik V vaccine to be exhausted in said mayor’s office. This, because a large number of these people the vaccination site did not correspond to them, … Read more

BionTech or Sinovac preference does not matter in the third dose of vaccine.

Faculty members of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology and Medical Microbiology under the coordination of Çukurova University Faculty of Medicine Balcalı Hospital Public Health Department revealed that two doses of Sinovac vaccine provided 97.8 percent antibody positivity at the end of the third month. Describing the details of the study, Çukurova University … Read more

How long do Biontech vaccine side effects last? What is the Biontech vaccine protection rate? Biontech vaccine side effects

What are the side effects of the Biontech vaccine? Who should get the Biontech vaccine? His question was the subject of curiosity by the citizens. The Sinovac vaccine developed against the coronavirus and the Biontech vaccine continue to be applied in Turkey. With the arrival of the Biontech vaccine to Turkey, citizens who will be … Read more

792 Crazy People in Cimahi City Become the Target of the COVID-19 Vaccine

loading… CIMAHI – People With Mental Disorders ( ODGJ ) in Cimahi City is one of the targets for the COVID-19 vaccine program. Secretary of the Department of Social Affairs, Population Control and Family Planning, Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (DinsosP2KBP), Cimahi City, Fitriani Manan, said 792 people would be injected. “Our target for ODGJ … Read more

Can you smoke after the Pfizer, Moderna or Janssen vaccine?

With the vaccination on the rise in Europe and available to most of the Spanish population – including the youngest – numerous doubts continue to arise about what we should or can do once we have been injected. Along with questions related to the alcohol consumption after receiving the vaccine, many doubt whether or not … Read more

Countries that will have to wait longer for the vaccine | Science | News | The sun

Saccording to a compilation of New York Times published Tuesday, “if all the doses they requested were delivered, the European Union could vaccinate its residents twice, Britain and the United States four times, and Canada six times.” This is because several countries have, in recent months, “pre-ordered” millions of doses from more than one company, … Read more

The Ministry of Health announces a new procedure for vaccinating travelers abroad with the Corona vaccine

Tomorrow, Saturday, the Ministry of Health and Population will start operating 125 centers to receive the Corona virus vaccine for travelers abroad, distributed over all governorates. She explained that the travelers’ vaccination centers will facilitate the process of travelers receiving the Corona virus vaccine, without waiting in other centers concerned with vaccinating the rest of … Read more

US Condemns China, Covid-19 Vaccine Becomes A Weapon To Force A Country To Obey Its Will

SERAMBINEWS.COM, WASHINGTON – United States of America harshly condemn the tactics China to put pressure on countries around the World who receive aid Covid-19 Vaccine. China links vaccine to lucrative treatment by Ukraine. The US administration, Joe Biden, said it was aware of reports of Beijing’s pressure tactics against countries receiving aid from the United … Read more

Oral and nasal vaccine is awaiting approval

Turkey Scientific and Technological Research Institution (TÜBİTAK) COVID-19 Turkey Platform supported 7 local vaccine from Ankara University Cancer Studies of the vaccine developed by the Research Institute started on March 17, 2020. Institute Director Prof. Dr. Under the leadership of Hakan Akbulut, a team of 8 people developed the domestic vaccine using the ‘adenovirus’ method. … Read more

Confidence in vaccine increases in Turkey

In the coronavirus vaccine perception survey, confidence in vaccines has increased by 13.9% since October 2020, while BioNTech was the vaccine that 52.7% of respondents found safe. Vaccination, which plays a major role in the fight against coronavirus, continues to be debated in the public. While some people do not find the vaccination right, the … Read more