Infections of COVID-19 and influenza increase at Christmas time

The number of deaths and hospitalizations due to the COVID-19 on the island has been steadily increasing since October and, weeks away from the Christmas holidays, health experts point out that it is urgent to take measures to protect the most vulnerable. The Health Department reported today, Tuesday, 16 new deaths from the virus, for … Read more

They recommend applying updated vaccines against COVID

Americans who got the updated COVID-19 booster vaccine have more immunity than those who didn’t, at least for now, health officials said Tuesday. Updated versions of the vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna began to be offered in September, but few citizens have gotten them. Only 13% of adults in the United States have received … Read more

Crisis help for young people, RSV vaccines, facial expressions and emotional balance – IQ – Magazin

IQ – Magazin Crisis help for young people, RSV vaccines, facial expressions and emotional balance Mental Health – How to better protect young people in crises? / RS virus in children – how far along is vaccine development? / Power of the corner of the mouth – How facial expressions influence our emotional balance.

Research seeks to improve immune system response to vaccines

Facebook Whatsapp Twitter Linkedin Mail A team of researchers led by Luis Graça is studying how to improve the immune system response of the most vulnerable people (including the oldest) to vaccines. Aging and some diseases decrease the effectiveness of the immune system’s response to external threats. One of the consequences of the loss of … Read more

Vaccines, the sensational complaint of the Japanese professor on adverse effects

We suggest, among the many testimonies of scientists, doctors and researchers who denounce the damages of these experimental drugs (that is, adopted after six months of testing, instead of the usual ten years which are the norm), that of dr. Masanori Fukushimaprofessor emeritus at Kyoto University in a session with the Ministry of Health that … Read more

Noticia Tolima: Colombia would have vaccines against monkeypox

In the case of Colombia, the management, whose result exceeds the initial offer made by another proponent for the region of the Americasincluded the participation of infectious disease doctor Carlos Álvarez, research professor at the National University of Colombia, and WHO representative for Covid studies in the country. In the same way, the accompaniment of … Read more

This is the inhalable vaccine against covid that China is already testing among its population

Almost three years after the start of the pandemic unleashed by the new coronavirus, China It has returned to the focus of media attention due to covid and citizen protests against restrictive measures to stop the spread of the disease. To quell these mobilizations, the Government of the Asian giant has relaxed some of the … Read more

They ask to apply vaccines to migrants in Valle de Toluca at the end of the year season – El Sol de Toluca

The Hermanos en el Camino shelter, located in the Pilares area in the municipality of Metepec, has requested for the cold season the application of vaccines and specifically that is considered to be minors in the days of vaccines against Covid-19. Armando Vilchis, manager of the shelter, reported that in cold season support from the … Read more

according to a study, three vaccines lose effect six months after their application

Sputnik V THAT “This study arose from the need of PAMI to monitor the adult population and make a follow-up of vaccinated people. For this, he requested the collaboration of the National Institute of Epidemiology (INE) and the Leloir Institute Foundation (FIL),” the biologist and health professional told CyTA-Leloir. CONICET, pamela rodriguezone of the main … Read more

There are 68 cases of coqueluche and they investigate why children with the vaccine get sick

embed note December 2, 2022, 4:00 AM December 2, 2022, 4:00 AM To date, 68 children have tested positive for coqueluche in Santa Cruz and the Ministry of Health is investigating the reasons that lead some of those infected to get sick despite being vaccinated. Health Minister Jeyson Auza indicated yesterday that they are investigating … Read more