Index – Domestic – “Vaccines can’t get off the drug” – Our Hungary held a demonstration in Budapest

Once again, our country held an anti-vaccination demonstration against the so-called “Covid dictatorship” in front of the building of the State Secretariat for Health in Budapest. According to Telex, thousands gathered for 3 p.m., from where they marched on to the building of the State Secretariat for Public Education belonging to Emmi on Szalay Street. … Read more

Too many repeated COVID 19 vaccines can be harmful

Some experts point out that administering vaccines too frequently may reduce the immune system’s ability to combat future variants. Doron Melamed, professor of immunology at the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion)He said that the 4th vaccine can make it harder for the body to respond to new variants with the same antigens. Ronit Calderon-Margalit, an … Read more

Vaccines made in Colombia: what will really happen

The local production of biologicals stopped being done 20 years ago. It will return gradually. Viruses, bacteria, cells, and fungi can be cultivated and “bred” like plants and animals. They “grow” almost daily in laboratories around the world, including Colombia, under surveillance and in optimal artificial conditions to be studied for academic and public health … Read more

COVID-19: New data on the duration of protection of vaccines

It will have been understood that the study, conducted in full emergence of the delta variant, but before the appearance of Omicron, encourages recall or 3rd dose, but maintains that the vaccines have made it possible to maintain protection against the severe forms, up to 6 to 9 months after the first injection. “The main … Read more

Vaccines, the push of the Green pass and obligation: 92,000 first doses in one day. It hadn’t happened since September

While the daily bulletins report peaks of infections never recorded so far, even on the (more encouraging) front of vaccines, Italy reaches an absolute record of administrations never counted since the beginning of the fourth wave. Second government data yesterday, January 15, almost were carried out 92 thousand first doses of anti vaccine Covid. The … Read more

China and the geopolitics of vaccines | Review of the book “Overcoming the pandemic in Latin America”

Something went unnoticed with the announcement, last year, of a loan for 1,000 million dollars that the New Development Bank made available to Brazil in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. That bank, formerly known as the BRICS Development Bank, is a development-promoting institution founded by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Headquartered in … Read more

double suspension of the Asur to the unfaithful nurse and the client doctor

ANCONA – Suspension from work and deprivation of pay. It is the measure taken byAsur Market towards Emanuele Luchetti, the 50-year-old nurse arrested Monday by the Flying Squad on charges of falsely vaccinating about sixty people in exchange for money. The decision was launched in the light of the maxi investigation that led to the … Read more

Africa rejects expiring vaccines and also asks for refrigerators and syringes

<!––> Ansa Millions of vaccine doses have been refused or destroyed by African states since mid-December to combat the coronavirus pandemic. There are those who have used bulldozers or organized bonfires to demonstrate the impossibility of using vaccines that are too close to the expiration date. However, it is also a clear message of disapproval … Read more

Covid, the lesson of Israel (which records a record of cases): starting from children to stop infections

We have become accustomed, in this first year of the planetary vaccination campaign, to considering Israel as the first in the class. He secured the right vaccine (Pfizer), and did it in the most timely manner, without the supply problems that have put European Union countries in difficulty. He noticed before all the other countries … Read more