CNE expects new shipment of COVID-19 vaccines to arrive this week

<p class="caption-text-slider simple" ng-if="slides0.length 0″>{{slide.text | html}} 1 && slides0.length {{slide.text | html}} 13″>{{slide.text | html}} 1″ class=”flecha-galeria flecha-izq”> 1″ class=”flecha-galeria flecha-der”> ( La Comisión Nacional de Emergencias (CNE) y el Ministerio de Salud, anunciaron que para esta semana se espera el ingreso de nuevas vacunas bivalentes para adultos y pediátricas con el fin de … Read more

Castilla-La Mancha incorporates a new vaccine for people aged 65 and 80

The Governing Council of Castilla-La Mancha has approved this Wednesday an expenditure of eight million euros for the acquisition of 65,000 doses of the shingles vaccineincluded in the new calendar and recommended for people between 65 and 80 years of age. This has been advanced at a press conference by the Minister of Equality and … Read more

It is false that a Pfizer document acknowledges that vaccines against COVID-19 have graphene oxide

If you only have a few seconds, read these lines: A document from the US laboratory is used to affirm that the pharmaceutical company recognizes that the vaccines against COVID-19 contain graphene oxide. The document mentions “graphene oxide”, but refers to a slide, a sheet that is coated with this material and used to observe … Read more

Mexico lost its sovereignty to create its own vaccines, specialist sentence

Archive. Photography: Jalisco Ministry of Health. 🔊 Listen to the note Guadalajara Jalisco. Mexico must recover the sovereignty it had before the pandemic for the creation of vaccinesexplains the infectologist, Alejandro Macias: “Mexico, the problem is that Mexico abandoned, abdicated the production of vaccines, perhaps young people now do not realize that Mexico was a … Read more

VACCINATION: A breath of fresh air to deliver vaccines

The active ingredient, pushed by a slight air pressure, is thus delivered through the skin. According to these scientists, this use of the MOF-Jet could very soon be a reality. Provided that the galenic forms of the pharmacological products concerned are reviewed. Thus vaccines could be administered by this system in the form of powder … Read more

The shingles vaccine is already available in Argentina | There was a resurgence of the disease during the pandemic

After that during the pandemic the circulation of Herpes zosterpopularly known as shinglesbegan to circulate with greater speed throughout the world, the Government announced the availability of preventive vaccines against this disease. As announced this week at the Buenos Aires Convention Center (CEC), it is a two-dose schedule with indication for 50 year old people … Read more

“COVID-19 hasn’t disappeared”: Demand for vaccines in Austin falls, authorities say

Austin, TEXAS – The Austin Public Health agency (APH) recently revealed that in recent months they have observed a drop in demand for COVID-19 vaccines, especially for the first and second doses. ” It is important for everyone to remember that we are still in a pandemic; COVID-19 has not disappearedtheir presence is felt every … Read more

an official report reveals how vaccine management impacted excess deaths

On the night of March 19, 2020, when the covid pandemic revolver his first scythes, President Alberto Fernández announced on a national channel the entry of Argentina into the Preventive and Mandatory Social Isolation (ASPO), quarantine which would eventually become one of the largest in the world. were times of consensus. Both Fernández and the … Read more

Theft Vaccines Valencia | Arrested for stealing vials and reselling them

Arrested for stealing vaccines and reselling them to pharmacies in Valencia Related National Police agents have arrested in Burjassot three peoplea woman and two men aged 30, 27 and 41 respectively, for steal three vaccines valued at 1,536 euros and sell at least one of them to a pharmacy of paternal. The investigations began on … Read more

Reactions to COVID vaccines and free access to shingles

You are browsing the Radio-Canada website Skip to main contentGo to footerHelp with navigationStart of main content Start of content COVID vaccine reactions and free access to shingles 10 minute duration10 min The Legault government is multiplying initiatives aimed at encouraging the population to get vaccinated against COVID-19.PHOTO : Associated Press / Christophe Gateau Unsurprisingly, the … Read more