GGD Fryslân will prick ‘compassionate cases’ with corona vaccines that are left at the end of the day

Those vulnerable cases can receive a call to get an injection in the evening. Each day in Friesland it will be about twenty residual vaccines. Last week, the GGD Fryslân called on not to call their appointment line without an invitation or to come to the vaccination centers without an appointment. General practitioners may submit … Read more

J&J targets other clot vaccines: scientist contradicts them

We clarify 4 doubts about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine 4:11 (CNN) — When news broke that Johnson & Johnson’s covid-19 vaccine could be linked to blood clots, the company responded by pointing to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines: issued a statement to the media stating that A study showed that there were also reports … Read more

Atalia Praratya is Positive Corona, Expert: Vaccines Prevent Severe Symptoms, Not Covid-19 Infection – The wife of the Governor of West Java, Atalia Praratya Ridwan, conveyed the news that she was positively infected with Covid-19 through her personal Instagram account, Saturday (17/4/2021). Atalia admitted that she did not know who it was from, she asked those who felt she had close contact to immediately carry out an … Read more

Vicente Larraga: “People take drugs much more dangerous than vaccines with a relish that they lack dipping bread” | Society

Vicente Larraga (Madrid, 73 years old) is one of the leading experts in Spain in the development of vaccines. She works at the Margarita Salas Biological Research Center (CIB-CSIC), which is developing one of the Spanish vaccines against the coronavirus, which she plans to finish, if all goes well, by the end of this year. … Read more

Coronavirus Vaccines: Why SARS-CoV-2 Has It Hard to Escape Immunization

Miguel Angel Jiménez Clavero The Conversation* April 15, 2021 Image source, Shutterstock Caption, Most coronavirus mutations have no consequences on the course of the pandemic. There are worrying news about the appearance of new mutations in SARS-CoV-2 with dire consequences: greater virulence, greater transmissibility, escape from immunity, ineffectiveness of vaccines and reinfections. Most of these … Read more

Covid started a multibillion-dollar business. The battle for Europe also culminates with a plot in Bratislava

The European Union is large, populous, rich, solvent and, moreover, infected. The coronavirus pandemic has plagued the planet’s economic engines, including the old continent, for more than a year. When the first vaccines appeared last summer and autumn, farms immediately began to revolve around Brussels. No wonder. Vaccination of the Union’s 446 million people is … Read more

Why Thrombi After AstraZeneca and Janssen Vaccines Affect Women More | Science

The development of blood clots in the brain and other organs after receiving vaccines from AstraZeneca and of Janssen it seems to affect women under 60 years of age much more. Today, experts do not know exactly why this happens, although there are several factors that could explain part of the phenomenon. The six patients … Read more

The COVAX miracle, or how to deliver 38 million vaccines against COVID-19 in 42 days to six continents

More than one hundred territories* 38 million vaccines against COVID-19 have already been received on six continents through the COVAX mechanism**The parties participating in the initiative announced this Thursday in a joint statement. The milestone has been achieved forty-two days after the first delivery of the doses in Ghana, on February 24. Among the 100 … Read more

The revenge of Lombardy: now there is the “overtaking on vaccines”

From ugly duckling to swan: that’s it Lombardy that Lombardy is making a comeback in terms of health efficiency and organizational machinery. Surprisingly, in fact, in the last week he has recovered ground against Lazio and bridged the huge gap on vaccinations that was present until recently. What the report says In fact, the report … Read more

Should we talk about the side effects of vaccines?

The COVID-19 vaccine produced by the Anglo-Swedish multinational AstraZeneca is one of the most important in the European vaccination plan. However, it has been surrounded by controversy since it was in clinical trials. The latest episode in this “saga” is the appearance of rare cases of atypical thrombosis in people who have received the vaccine. … Read more